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So there's not a lot of action in this chapter, per say, but there are some developments in the Bellamy and Clarke relationship! Hope you like it! Please leave me some feedback x. Raven was smirking at Clarke across the breakfast bar. She'd been with the Griffins and Bellamy and the rest of the crew for almost two days now, and unluckily this was the only time Raven had managed to corner Clarke alone to interrogate her about the thoroughly what-the-fuck plan her best friend had going on.

Bellamy rushed over to her as quickly as he could, given the slippery space between them. He reached her, completely concerned. He helped her to her feet. He was cut off when Clarke smashed a handful of snow into his face. It slid off when she took her hand away, and Bellamy opened his eyes slowly.

He licked his lips, and then brushed the rest of the snow off his face with his hand. He looked at his palm determinedly. Clarke bit her lip, suppressing a giggle, and his face softened. Clarke reached up to wipe the last bit of snow off his lips with her thumb. He leaned in.

With that, he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her over to a big, undisturbed mound of snow. He dumped her on her back and she laughed loudly.

Bellamy and clarke fake dating

It was a cushy landing, after all. Bellamy stood up straight, admiring his handy work, but when he tried to back off he slipped. A moment later he was on top of her, struggling to get back up. He'd knocked the wind out of her, but Clarke didn't mind one bit. He pushed himself up on his hands and all of a sudden his face was right over hers with that stupid, apologetic grin plastered on it. Clarke blew some hair out of her eyes, and the breath went up to his fringe and ruffled the ends that fell over his eyes.

He readjusted, taking some weight off her and placing his hand up near her head.

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Clarke suddenly missed his warmth, and the feeling of him pressing on her. She licked her lips. Clarke could hear the laughter in his tone, and Maya's for that matter. Bellamy glanced up at them and shook his head.

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Soon his eyes were on her again, and he was a little closer than he had been before. He was distant on the way back.

Fake Dating Blake

The space between them hadn't been that big since before they'd made the journey home. Clarke tried to convince herself that she didn't mind, or that she didn't wish he was holding her hand again. But she minded.

Oh boy, she minded. Bellamy touched the small of Clarke's back after he'd slipped into the kitchen. She'd been helping her father pick out a bottle of wine for the evening. She looked up at him, surprised, but nodded and excused herself. Bellamy smiled politely at her father before she followed him out of the room. He led her to the living room, making a point of checking whether or not it was empty, and then closed the door behind them.

I said I had to go to the bathroom, but that's beside the point. What's the plan here? She deliberated peacefully for a minute. He watched her eyes crinkle at the edges as she thought it over, and sure as anything she started twisting the ends of her hair around her fingers a second later.

If it weren't for the urgency of the situation - and Bellamy was kicking himself for getting dragged into something that made this an urgent situation - Bellamy would let himself watch her.

Just watch her, appreciate her, even maybe lo. Clarke shrugged, her eyebrows rising a little suggestively, and she stepped in to him.

Bellamy felt like something had taken flight in his stomach. The thing is, this thing they were in was developing and had been right from the moment he'd agreed to come home with her. While it seemed to be fooling the rest of them, Bellamy hadn't really considered how he might be fooling himself too and, now that she was standing in front of him and they were alone and she looked so well, she looked ordinary, and to Bellamy that was just stunning.

Clarke raised her hands a little, up to his waist, but she stopped short of resting them on his hips.

His skin was already prickling at the thought of her touch, so when she started to draw back he took matters into his own hands. Gently grasping her wrists, he pulled her back in. She looked up him, unsure, but she didn't back away. She placed her hands on his stomach, over his t-shirt, and he took his own away from her wrists. It was the oddest feeling, having Clarke so freely touching him.

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He looked for her eyes, but she was focused on his stomach, moving her hands slowly upwards, to his chest. Then they went down again, playing with the hem of his top and catching him by surprise.

Suddenly there wasn't so much blood in his head. Clarke bit her lip, and then her hands went under his t-shirt. She was methodical, taking in every bump, every ab - of which there were numerous, and he was proud of them - and every inch of him.

He was cut off as Clarke leapt onto him, kissing him hard on the mouth and weaving her arms around his neck. He was caught off guard, to say the least, eyes still open, but quickly composed himself and wrapped his arms around her waist. His senses were on fire; everything was Clarke.

In between kisses he attempted to speak, but she bit his lower lip and he succumbed.

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His hands roamed her back, her waist and they were on their way down to her ass when she started trying to rip his shirt off.

Her lips were a little swollen too.

The 100 Finale 4x13 Clarke and Bellamy talk about their feelings

The door creaked and they looked round as Raven stopped in the threshold with a knowing look. She left, and Clarke was about to follow when Bellamy grabbed her by the arm and spun her back around. Before she could speak he kissed her again. He was much gentler with her than before, and this time there weren't a few desperate kisses, trying to reach every part of each other.

There was just the one, soft and tender, and when they stepped back Clarke's eyes fluttered open and lit up. They'd been through school together, and were in separate colleges, but they stayed in touch where they could and made the effort to see each other. But Clarke had never felt any kind of pull towards him. He'd taken her to prom and, sure, they'd shared a kiss.

Clarke doesn't know what to make of Bellamy Blake. He's smug and arrogant but his kisses take her breath away. Clarke learnt self defence and combat techniques from her Dad and now she gets to use them - sometimes with hilarious results. Starts with the dropship landing and follows similar plotlines to season 1 but may diverge later when Ark. Clarke settled that, by the end of tomorrow, she would have a fake boyfriend to take home for Christmas. Even if it was Bellamy Blake. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - [Clarke G., Bellamy B.] Octavia B., Raven R. - Chapters: 10 - Words: 40, - Reviews: - Favs: - Follows: - ated: 12/31/ - Published: 11/18/ - Status. Clarke grinned at the nickname, years old now from the first Halloween they spent together, and suddenly a thought struck her. Perhaps she would be able to find a boyfriend at short notice after all. She didn't like the guy, but like she'd told Raven and Octavia earlier, he owed her. Need Bellamy's no. please! x. Octavia buzzed back right away.

But it was agreed upon pretty much right away that Clarke and Wells were much more like brother and sister than anything else. She wanted him in her life, just not like that. She folded her hands over her stomach and peered over to where Raven was tinkering with her computer at the desk.

She'd pulled off the hard case of her laptop and was fiddling with what looked like a credit card, all green and covered in tiny golden specs. Clarke thought Raven called it a hard board, or a memory drive or something like that.

And the looks they give us - ugh! Clarke grabbed a pillow and attempted to smother herself. She stopped upon feeling someone pat her stomach.

A weight dropped next to her on the bed, and she cast the pillow aside to reveal Octavia, their third roommate, who she hadn't heard come in.

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She laid down next to Clarke at the foot of Raven's double bed, kicking off her shoes. Clarke moved up to rest her own on it, too. Her tone was dry; she and Octavia got on well enough, but now and then they had very little patience for each other. Raven didn't like it when Octavia complained - she claimed she did it too much - and Octavia would always call Raven out on acting high and mighty.

Why not try using it for something other than being a bitch? Clarke recalled the first time she'd introduced the two of them and winced.

Thankfully, Jr and Monty had been around to intervene. They were friends, even if sometimes they were loathed to admit it, and Clarke knew that one without the other wouldn't last all that long. A smile touched her lips, just briefly, before she was brought back to the present by a cushion being flung across the room and landing in her lap. I got in a fight with Bellamy again.

He's been so touchy lately. She propped herself up with her elbow and grinned. Who drinks red wine at a party? He still doesn't like Lincoln. Octavia opened her mouth to protest, looked at Raven and Clarke, and then decided better of it and put her head back down. He doesn't hate anyone, he's justmoody. Pretty sure that ship has sailed,' said Octavia, following Clarke into the kitchen. They lived in a nice apartment, just fifteen minutes from campus.

With Clarke studying medicine and Octavia going into social work, they had pretty hectic schedules and when Raven found them the three bedroom place in just the right location, they jumped at the lease. They each had a room, with Raven's being slightly bigger; she always wound up bringing home bits and pieces from the garage, and when they had started to take over Clarke's previous, tiny apartment, Raven offered to figure out a new living situation.

Thankfully, things had worked out for the best. Octavia's face lit up like the Christmas tree they had beside the TV, and she brushed her hair behind her ears like a schoolgirl with her first crush. They both knew perfectly well who was on the other end of the call. What is it, thirteen hours? I still don't understand your whole flying thing. Clarke smirked at her.

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One of her favourite things about Octavia was how easily she cared about people, and how little she minded showing it. Clarke rolled her eyes, but deep down she knew that there were few people in her life she appreciated as much as she did Raven. Octavia and her parents and Wells of course, but Raven was her best friend.

They'd been through a lot together, and there are certain things you can't share without ending up loving one another.

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Clarke was about to answer when Raven emerged. Now she must use her medical knowledge to somehow remain useful enough to stay alive and get home. Also, she needs to not fall for the man who saved her.

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When Clarke finds out that the Ark cannot sustain oxygen past a year, she, along with 3 other experts in their fields, join the prisoners on a mission to Earth, to find out whether it's survivable in the even they can't fix the oxygen systems. However, one of the other adults with her on the mission betrays her and trades her to a Grounder village.

Clarke must figure out where she belongs and who she is as she struggles with what her life looks like now. She finds that she enjoys the people of her village, but still feels torn between the people who want nothing to do with her anymore, and the people who she finds she wants to be with, including the village's leader, who is annoying and pushes all her buttons, but also has a depth to him that she hadn't expected.

She froze. From behind him, a tall, slim figure emerged. Long legs and dark skin, the woman fumbled with the buttons on the top of her dress, only to quickly adjust its length over her thighs. Her hair, though in braids, was ruffled, and she undid those next, letting the waves tumble over her shoulders in gorgeous, brown curls. Her cheeks were flushed; her eyes scoured the room, determining whether anyone had seen them.

His did the same. Clarke decides to attend one of Bellamy's many college parties, only to catch him hooking up with someone else. To her, he was just a far-off dream. Something she aspired for but could never possess. Spring Break during a pandemic sounded more fun than it is especially when you are vacationing with your best friends, friends, boyfriend who just so happens to be the love of your life.

Fake Dating Blake bellarke. Summary: Clarke settled that, by the end of tomorrow, she would have a fake boyfriend to take home for Christmas. Even if it was Bellamy Blake. Notes: A/N: Hi guys! So, I recently watched a bunch of Christmas movies, and I was inspired to write a festive Bellarke fic. I'm not too sure how long this is going to be. Bellamy and clarke fake dating - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, rapport can provide. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Find single man in the US with relations. Read Part one of fake dating blake from the story Bellarke is it real by firebird with 5, reads. lincoln, finn, bellarke. We decided that we should sta Reviews: 9.

Clarke Griffin meets a young, charming Bellamy Blake through mutual friends, a chipper, 'match-maker' of a sister; but he doesn't know what everyone else knows. What happened a year ago, what a strong, brutal, rich, big-headed boy named Finn Collins put her through.

And when she suddenly is forced to be with both of them in the span of a week, what will Bellamy find out? What will he do to Finn?

What will he do to protect his princess? The liberation of Sanctum behind them, for the first time they see a real chance of ongoing peace for their people.

Can they see peace for themselves? With no reason to fear the future, there is now nothing to distract them from their pasts. No one struggles with this more than Clarke, who in the space of a day loses her mother to death, Bellamy to her own foolishness, and her purpose to peace.

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