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Then again, maybe a bit shamefully, it could be really fun to see what could happen between Emma and Finn before he gets back together with Rachel. Did anyone else hardly notice that Schue was gone for a few months? It was the episode, just one hour of agony and complete indulgence, which left every loyal Glee shipper hanging on the edge of their seat. It was like most of my wildest dreams for Glee finally came true and all I could do was watch and try to soak it all in. The first couple that gets somewhat of a second chance is Kurt and Blaine who are otherwise known by shippers around the world as Klaine. Quinn and Santana arrive at the wedding together, whine their way through the jilted ceremony then use fake IDs to buy a few drinks before they stumble into bed.

Which pair are you still dying to see get a chance? Let us know in comments! I really liked their chemistry too. I have always jokingly said that Quinn has become a vehicle for Ryan Murphy to throw wherever he wants her to be in any given episode. Stage Door Dish Bridging the gap between fans and their favorite on-screen and on-stage performers! About Samantha S. Samantha S. Latest M. Butterfly December 17, I saw her on tour in South Pacific and wondered, ' Brooke: So cute.

Love the shoes! Ellie: I feel like Grantaire and Enjolras's relationship isn't what a lo Sheryl S.

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New York Santana, along with Brittany, bangs on the bathroom door, waiting for Quinn to get out with Santana complaining that she needs to re-pencil her eyebrows.

Quinn sobs and is comforted by Santana and Brittany, Santana rests her head on Quinn's shoulder and puts her arm around the sobbing Quinn.

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Santana says that she knows how to make her feel better, Quinn initially thinks she is talking about something sexual, but a shocked Santana tells her that getting a haircut would help. They also dance together in Light Up The World. When the winner of the competition is being announced they are holding hands in the background. Quinn also holds back Santana when she's accusing Rachel of their loss. I Kissed a Girl After Josh Coleman sophomore rugby captain calls Santana out to "make her normal," Quinn comes to her defense by saying that being gay isn't a choice.

Prom-asaurus Quinn and Santana have both been nominated for prom queen. In the choir room, Santana calls Quinn her home girl. They were both ordered the task to count the votes together so no sabotaging occurs and to make it fairer. Quinn admits she doesn't trust Santana "and she definitely doesn't trust me.

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Quinn tells Santana that she doesn't feel right winning this title. Santana then says she deserves it "With you being a cripp and all. During the song, Quinn stands with the support of Santana, starting to cry and putting her arm around her as they smile at each other. Nationals They have a special moment together before performing at Nationals and speak about how they started together and that they will end this together, Santana holds her hand.

Thanksgiving Quinn's return to Lima for the holidays reunites the seniors except Kurt and Rachel. Naked Quinn and Santana come to New York together to help Rachel after getting a call from Kurt, stating he needed their help and also because they wanted do some New York shopping. They surprise Rachel and then went straight to business. Next, they were sitting opposite to Rachel when Quinn explains that she is also here so that Santana can apologize to her for slapping her face very hard.

Santana replies "In theory.

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We'll just see if that happens. I Do Quinn and Santana enter the wedding together and sit by each other at the church. They have a conversation in which they discuss what they hate at that moment. Santana says that she hates Valentine's Day and weddings, and Quinn says she hates men except for some, comparing them all to pigs. Quinn also passes the make-up mirror to Santana. Then, as the wedding is over and the Reception starts, Quinn is dancing with Santana along with Mike.

Brittany and Sam dancing together distracts them. To ignore the fact that they both are single, Quinn and Santana walk up to the bar and get a drink with the help of fake IDs. They discuss where their friendship lies and the fact they are flawless. Quinn also tells Santana that she is "killing it in that dress" in a flirty way. Santana is surprised by Quinn's move. Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet.

Similarly, when Finn and Rachel are singing We've Got Tonightthey slow dance and Quinn tells Santana that she has never slow danced with a girl before and that she likes it.

After that, they are seen running towards the hotel room together flirting and giggling. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Santana was referring to Quinn when she told Rachel about being with college girls who wanted to experiment.

Quinn and santana hook up glee, Join, a free, local dating site, where flirty women and men are Browse alluring personal profiles and hurry up to meet singles in Katy, TX.]. A few men spend time - but in a set. Okcupid and artist and romance, services for adulterers in . Quinn and santana hook up scene At VIDA, we know a thing or two about how to ask a girl out online - we've been She's on Tinder and OkCupid for a reason, and it's not to find a new penpal. The original and woman pleads guilty to make you catch up and service. It might not have been with Rachel but Quinn explores her sexuality with Santana in "I Do." It looks like everyone was hooking up at Will and Emma's wedding - except Will and Emma. At least Will gets jilted in style, to the tune of "(Not) Getting Married Today" from Company, as Emma books it .

Trio While feuding with Rachel, Santana mentions that after being in New York, she thought that her only girl friend was Rachel, and comparing her to Quinn and Brittany.

New Directions Quinn watches Santana and Rachel's performance. Take My Breath Away Prom-asaurus. Adam-Kurt Relationship. April-Will Relationship. Artie-Becky Relationship. Artie-Betty Relationship. Artie-Blaine Relationship.

Artie-Brittany Relationship. Artie-Finn Relationship. Artie-Kitty Relationship. Artie-Mercedes Relationship. Artie-Mike Relationship. Artie-Puck Relationship. Artie-Quinn Relationship. Artie-Sam Relationship. Artie-Sugar Relationship. Artie-Tina Relationship. Becky-Artie Relationship. Becky-Puck Relationship. Becky-Sue Relationship.

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Beth-Puck Relationship. Beth-Quinn Relationship.

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Betty-Artie Relationship. Blaine-Artie Relationship. Blaine-Brittany Relationship. Blaine-Burt Relationship.

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Blaine-Cooper Relationship. Blaine-Finn Relationship. Blaine-Kurt Relationship.

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Blaine-Marley Relationship. Blaine-Rachel Relationship. Blaine-Sam Relationship. Blaine-Santana Relationship. Blaine-Sebastian Relationship. Blaine-Tina Relationship. Bree-Jake Relationship. Bree-Kitty Relationship. Brittany-Artie Relationship. Brittany-Blaine Relationship. Brittany-Finn Relationship.

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Brittany-Kitty Relationship. Brittany-Kurt Relationship. Brittany-Marley Relationship. Brittany-Mike Relationship. Brittany-Quinn Relationship. Brittany-Rachel Relationship.

Do quinn and santana hook up

Brittany-Rory Relationship. Brittany-Sam Relationship. Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship. Brittany-Tina Relationship. Brody-Cassandra Relationship. Brody-Finn Relationship. Brody-Rachel Relationship. Burt-Blaine Relationship. Burt-Carole Relationship. Burt-Kurt Relationship. Carl-Emma Relationship.

Quinn-Santana Relationship

Carole-Burt Relationship. Cassandra-Brody Relationship. Cassandra-Rachel Relationship. Chandler-Kurt Relationship. Cooper-Blaine Relationship.

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Cooter-Shannon Relationship. Cooter-Sue Relationship. Dani-Santana Relationship. Dave-Kurt Relationship. Dave-Santana Relationship. Elliott-Kurt Relationship. Emma-Carl Relationship. Emma-Finn Relationship. Emma-Ken Relationship.

Quinn+Santana; One More Night (+4x14)

Emma-Will Relationship. Figgins-Sue Relationship. Finn-Brittany Relationship. Finn-Artie Relationship. Finn-Blaine Relationship.

Quinn-Santana Relationship

Finn-Brody Relationship. Finn-Emma Relationship. Finn-Kurt Relationship. Finn-Puck Relationship. Finn-Quinn Relationship. Finn-Rachel Relationship. Finn-Rory Relationship. Finn-Sam Relationship. Finn-Santana Relationship. Finn-Sue Relationship. Finn-Will Relationship. Holly-Will Relationship. Jacob-Rachel Relationship. Jake-Bree Relationship. Jake-Kitty Relationship. Jake-Marley Relationship. Jake-Puck Relationship. Jake-Ryder Relationship. Jesse-Rachel Relationship. Joe-Quinn Relationship.

Ken-Emma Relationship. Kitty-Artie Relationship. Kitty-Bree Relationship.

Rachel was thinking what Quinn saw in Santana she was rude,mean nasty and annoying so Rachel's idea was to get with Santana without breaking Quinn's heart,so she called Santana +. Mar 14,   watch in HD please:) i thought this song really fit them and this is an amazing cover by madilyn bailey. i really enjoyed having these two on my editing screen because they're both . Feb 20,   GLEE - We've Got Tonight (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD - Duration: Being part of something special, makes you special! 13, views.

Kitty-Brittany Relationship. Kitty-Jake Relationship. Kitty-Marley Relationship. Kitty-Puck Relationship. Kitty-Ryder Relationship. Kitty-Tina Relationship. Kurt-Adam Relationship. Kurt-Blaine Relationship. Kurt-Brittany Relationship. Kurt-Burt Relationship. Kurt-Chandler Relationship. Kurt-David Relationship. Kurt-Elliott Relationship. Kurt-Finn Relationship. Kurt-Mercedes Relationship. Kurt-Puck Relationship. Kurt-Rachel Relationship. Kurt-Rachel-Santana Relationship.

Kurt-Sam Relationship. Kurt-Santana Relationship. Kurt-Sebastian Relationship. Kurt-Sue Relationship. Kurt-Tina Relationship. Lauren-Puck Relationship. Marley-Blaine Relationship. Marley-Brittany Relationship. Marley-Jake Relationship. Marley-Kitty Relationship. Marley-Millie Relationship. Marley-Ryder Relationship. Marley-Unique Relationship. Mercedes-Artie Relationship. Mercedes-Kurt Relationship.

Mercedes-Mike Relationship. Mercedes-Puck Relationship. Mercedes-Quinn Relationship. Mercedes-Rachel Relationship. Mercedes-Sam Relationship. Mercedes-Santana Relationship. Mercedes-Shane Relationship. Mercedes-Tina Relationship.

Mike-Artie Relationship. Mike-Brittany Relationship. Mike-Mercedes Relationship. Mike-Tina Relationship. Millie-Marley Relationship. Penny-Sam Relationship. Puck-Artie Relationship. Puck-Becky Relationship.

Puck-Beiste Relationship. Puck-Beth Relationship. Puck-Finn Relationship. Puck-Jake Relationship. Puck-Kitty Relationship. Puck-Kurt Relationship. Puck-Lauren Relationship. Puck-Mercedes Relationship. Puck-Quinn Relationship. Puck-Rachel Relationship. Puck-Santana Relationship. Puck-Shelby Relationship. Quinn-Artie Relationship. Quinn-Beth Relationship. Quinn-Brittany Relationship.

Quinn-Finn Relationship. Quinn-Joe Relationship. Quinn-Mercedes Relationship. Quinn-Puck Relationship. Quinn-Rachel Relationship. Quinn-Sam Relationship. Quinn-Santana Relationship. Quinn-Santana-Brittany Relationship. Quinn-Shelby Relationship. Quinn-Sue Relationship. Rachel-Blaine Relationship. Rachel-Brittany Relationship. Rachel-Brody Relationship. Rachel-Cassandra Relationship. Rachel-Finn Relationship. Rachel-Jacob Relationship.

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