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This article is in need of citations. You can help by contributing. Please be sure to cite in accordance to our Manual of Style. Mon-El is the former prince of Daxam , who crash-landed on Earth after escaping the ravaging of his home planet which was destroyed. While adjusting to living on his new home world, he began to use the false identity of Mike Matthews , given to him by Kara.

She also developed a close relationship with former-villain Captain Boomerang II. Owen clearly wished to date Kara, but she instead saw him as a big brother of sorts. In an attempt to create a secret identity, Kara started going to high school under the name Claire Connor, a teenage girl from Kansas. Kara used a wig, glasses, and plain clothes to become "Claire. As a favor to Captain Boomerang, Supergirl was granted an "audition" with the Outsiders. Having encountered the group once before, she had a crush on team leader Nightwing she even stole a kiss, her "first true one", from Nightwing during their first encounter.

During a mission, they left out several important details to test her. Kara was upset that the Outsiders decided to test her rather than tell her all the details and trust her. As a result, she decided to not join the team. A short while after Kara met a new teenage super-hero, Power Boy. The two first met while rescuing hurricane victims in Mexicoand again later in Hollywood where they teamed up to fight two villains known as Gakidou and Sakki.

Afterward, she began dating Power Boy without telling Captain Boomerang. Around of this time, she began experimenting a series of haunting hallucinations that showed Zor-El subjecting an unwilling Kara to grievous experiments to enhance her powers; in fact, when badly injured by Batgirl Cassandra Cain in an artificial red-sun environment, Kryptonian Sunstones sprouted from her body, healing her and impaling her foe. Green Lantern enlisted Supergirl's aid to fly with him to the gambling world of Ventura to retrieve the Book of Souls.

Kal and Hara managed to smoke the Book's thief out, but due to an accident with a Zeta-Beam, Hal was teleported to Rannleaving Supergirl stranded in Ventura. Kara was forced to recruit Lobo to lead her to Rann. After Kara was about to visit Owen in the hospital, Power Boy immediately decided to hit her until knock her out, and then kidnap her. After strapping her to a bed, he revealed he had been born on Apokolips and was obsessed with her.

Kara broke her restrains, pummelled him and warned him against coming near from her again. Later when Kara found herself in deep space and near death, she saw a vision of her father, Zor-El. He claimed that she was remembering things wrong, so he needed to retell her why he did what he did before she left Krypton. He started by explaining that the Phantom Zone was inhabited by some sort of ghostly life. These beings were angry about being removed from their home by the projector and took out their anger by possessing various people who lived on Krypton.

Zor-El then discovered that the only way to destroy the phantoms was with Kryptonian Sunstone. He implanted sunstones into her to make her immune to possession by the Phantoms. Then, in the present day, Kara found herself back on Earth and saw the Phantoms there. Once reunited with her cousin, Kara admitted everything. Clark, who has been going mad from the Phantoms that were leaking out of him, begged her to kill him and free their adoptive homeworld.

Before any actions could be taken, someone looking like the Pre-Crisis Supergirl appeared and attacked Kara, cheerfully taunting her with accusations of imperfection and inadequacy during their battle over Metropolis.

She soon discovered that all of these events were really the machinations of Dark Angelincluding the Phantom-infested Earth, Cassandra Cain's attack, and Kara's direct encounter with her father. All of these were part of Dark Angel's twisted "test" to determine her validity in the Multiverse. Acting under the auspices of one of the Monitors to identify post-Crisis "anomalies" who threaten the MultiverseDark Angel had become personally invested and then obsessed with proving Kara's status as an anomaly through increasingly brutal means.

The Monitor appeared and chastised Dark Angel harshly. He asserted that Kara was, indeed, this universe's Supergirl, and apologized for Dark Angel's excess. Then the Monitor departed with his employee, leaving Kara in deep space with her Kryptonian abilities apparently restored and no outward sign of her sunstone implants. Kara then met the reborn Pariahwho warned her of a "Great Disaster" that was coming during which she was destined to play a role.

Kara then returned to Earth where she set about correcting some of her past wrongs, apologizing to Boomer for leading him on, repairing her friendships with Cassie and Sarah a girl she met during her brief time in High School and dealing with her cat Streaky. Though she attempted to apologize to Power Girl for her actions in Kandor, Power Girl said she couldn't trust her and challenged Kara to fix things with Clark. After spending fifteen minutes outside Lois and Clark's apartment deciding what to do, Lois invited Kara inside, where she and Clark embraced.

Her actions over the past year forgiven, Kara raced her cousin to the Fortress of Solitude. Later, when Wonder Girl confided in Kara some of her personal problems, they discovered that the Amazons of Themyscira had invaded Washington, D. President, Wonder Girl's mother and a friend of Supergirl's, named Alison, were held at an internment camp.

As they tried to storm the camp and free the women, they were stopped by the Teen Titansand told by Robin that negotiation would be a better solution. Agreeing to bring the U. Kara received membership with the Teen Titans shortly thereafter, [28] though her tenure with the Titans was extremely brief. Kara met two time-travelers from the 30th century named Val Armorr and Una.

Val and Una were members of the Legion of Super-Heroesalbeit from an alternate future timeline than the Legion that Kara was familiar with. Equus attempted to destroy Supergirl by battering her with a railroad car, but Kara proved that she was in fact "more powerful than a locomotive". At the conclusion of this debacle, Supergirl, Val and Una parted company, but their meeting prompted something in Supergirl's mind that reversed Brainiac 5's previous mind-wipe.

She now recalled all of her adventures from the 31st century, but was still uncertain if these things actually happened, or it was all just a dream.

Supergirl then assisted Superman and the Green Lantern Corps in tracking down an invading alien armada back to their home galaxy. Kara made use of tesseract technology to follow them, but ultimately a solar flare distracted her senses and she was unable to determine the aliens' point of origin. She returned to her home to report her failure, but Superman was still proud of her efforts. Soon after, Supergirl encountered a villain who would prove to be her greatest nemesis - Reactron.

Reactron claimed to have the power of a star inside his containment suit, and he unleashed a massive attack of atomic energy that threatened to destroy Metropolis. Supergirl fought against him and lost in the initial throwdown. Supergirl came back for round two and determined that Reactron's power source originated from a circular disk inside his chest cavity. Supergirl tore the device from his containment suit and Reactron was defeated. In the aftermath of Reactron's attack against Metropolis, Supergirl learned about a boy named Thomas Price.

Thomas was 11 years-old and dying of cancer. Supergirl made a promise to him that she would save his life - a promise that provoked strong opinions from not only his parents, but from Superman as well. Superman warned her against pursuing this course of action, for even though they are powerful heroes, nobody can stave off death. Supergirl was undeterred however, and continued in her quest to find a cure.

She sought out Mitchell Shelley, the Resurrection Manwhose nanite-infected blood enabled him to literally resurrect himself from the point of death. Supergirl wanted to use Shelley's blood to cure Thomas, but by the time she returned to Metropolis with him, she was too late. Thomas Price was dead. Supergirl refused to accept this. She even tried using the tesseract technology she acquired from the previous mission to alter the timeline so she could save Thomas' life, but even this was not enough.

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In vain, she still tried using Shelley's blood to revive Thomas, but this too failed. Supergirl then teamed up with former Young Justice member Empress to take down Clayface and later a man named Eddie Rose. Rose was a survivor of Superman's fatal battle again Doomsdaybut the experience left him an embittered paraplegic. He wanted to turn public opinion against super-heroes, so he kidnapped Empress' family, forcing her to bait Supergirl into a trap.

Supergirl was able to resist Empress' reluctant efforts to brainwash her, and together they were able to stop Rose and rescue Empress' parents. After a series of unfortunate mishaps, lapses in judgment, and an article written by Cat Grant titled "Why the World Doesn't Need Supergirl", Kara was questioning her worth as a hero. Her cousin suggested her to scale back her actions as a full-time super-hero and adopt a secret identity.

At the suggestion of Lana LangKara adopted a civilian identity as Lana's niece and began calling herself Linda Lang. On the battle between good and evil, Supergirl fought a possessed Mary Marvel and witnessed the return of Superman.

Kara fought several times the forces of Morgaine Le FeyDespero and Enigma alongside the remaining Earth's heroes and took part in the assault to Castle Branek. Kara battled a Darkseid's minion called Maelstrom and lost badly. So he took them both to an alien world orbiting a red sun in where he could teach her how to use her powers and how not to rely on them. Both cousins bonded during their "camping trip" in spite of the local fauna and flora trying to eath them and poison them.

Back on Earth, Maelstrom attacked Metropolis again accompanied by the Female Furiesbut Supergirl and Superman defeated them and kicked them out of the planet.

Vril Dox, the original sentient computer known as Brainiac came to Earth with the intent of assimilating the planet's culture and technology into his gigantic skull-ship. Superman fought and defeated Brainiac, and in so doing, discovered the miniaturized Kryptonian city of Kandor. With Brainiac's defeat, Superman liberated more thanKandorians. These Kryptonians were restored to their normal size and their home city was transplanted to the Arctic Circlewhere it was christened New Krypton.

Among the survivors were Supergirl's parents, Zor-El and Alura. Supergirl was overjoyed to discover that her parents were still alive. Her father explained that their original home, Argo Cityhad likewise survived the destruction of Krypton, but was later assimilated by Brainiac and merged with Kandor.

Zor-El also revealed that many of Supergirl's prior perceptions of him were actually false memories as a result of prolonged Kryptonite poisoning. During the time that Supergirl was journeying to Earth, her ship was encased inside of a large Kryptonite meteor. The ambient radiation, while not fatal, was enough to unbalance her brain chemistry, and was the cause of her hallucinations, her sudden mood swings and all her odd, unpleasant behavior.

Zor-El treated Supergirl and purged her system of the lingering Kryptonite particles. The rest of the planet grew wary of the possible consequences ofsuper-powered Kryptonians now residing on Earth. In order to stave off a possible alien invasion, a secret government response group was put together known as Project The project was headed up by General Sam Lane whom was previously believed to have been killed during the Imperiex War and included several notorious agents such as Lex LuthorMetalloReactron and a new Superwoman.

It was during this time that Supergirl suffered the greatest tragedy of her life. Armed with Gold Kryptonite which robbed a Kryptonian of their powersthey systematically began slaughtering as many Kryptonians as they could find. Reactron murdered Supergirl's father, Zor-El. As a result of the skirmish, Kara's mother Alura used Sunstone technology to literally uproot New Krypton from the planet Earth.

The floating city was piloted into outer space and placed in geosynchronous orbit, directly opposite of Earth. The United States government also took action as a response to Kryptonian violence. They passed a law, stating that all Kryptonians with the exception of Superman were no longer allowed to set foot on the planet Earth.

This included Supergirl. Supergirl went to live with her mother on the New Krypton planetoid. Alura still wanted revenge against Reactron for the murder of Zor-El and ordered Kara to return to Earth to bring Reactron to justice.

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Supergirl tried to keep her continued presence on Earth a secret, but she quickly earned the attention of Project She fought against Reactron for the second time, defeating him in a manner similar to how she stopped him when they first fought. She also fought against Superwoman, whom she discovered was actually General Lane's daughter, Lucy. The fight resulted in Supergirl rupturing Superwoman's battle suit, seemingly killing her. Shortly thereafter, Supergirl celebrated her eighteenth birthday.

As per Kryptonian custom, it was time for her to select a guild house for herself. After observing the way the other guilds worked, she elected to join the same guild as her mother - the Kryptonian Science Guild.

Supergirl attacks Thara, for killing her father and trying to kill her. However, Chris stops Kara and tells her he is her cousin. Chris tries to tell Guardian that they did not murder Mon-El, but Guardian ignores him.

The three manage to escape to Paris. Chris, Thara and Kara talk about what has happened. They then discover that the two sleepers they were fighting were Metallo and Reactron. However, they were then attacked by Squad K. Escaping from Squad K, the three go to Lana Lang 's apartment.

They decide to get Lois's help in clearing their names. While waiting, Thara attempts to tell Kara what is wrong with Lana, but states it in a way that makes Kara angry.

Meanwhile, Reactron promises General Lane he will kill Supergirl. Kara, Chris, and Thara a. Kara is about to hit Reactron with her heat vision but she is instead hit by Reactron's gold kryptonite, stripping her of her powers temporarily. Thara jumps in front of Reactron before he can hit Kara again and is knocked out of the fight.

When did kara and mon el start dating

Lois shows up to report the fight, noticing that the three are depowered and unconscious, engages Reactron in battle and wounds him by jabbing her pen in his neck.

Reactron reveals that General Lane was behind the sewer bombing to deepen the mistrust in Kryptonians. Kara decides to take Reactron back to Alura on New Krypton for punishment.

Kara and Thara forgive each other. Kara delivers Reactron to Alura. Alura has flashbacks of her time with Zor-El before Reactron killed him. She remembers how the Science Guild told her love is is simply a chemical response to external stimuli and therefore should be ignored. But she does love Zor-El. Back in the present, Reactron is standing trial. But before the verdict is announced, many Kryptonians burst into the courtroom, wanting revenge.

Supergirl and Alura jump in to save Reactron, but in the skirmish, he is apparently killed. Supergirl decides to return to Earth. It is revealed Alura faked his death to torture him for information. Supergirl and the new Batgirl Stephanie Brown team up for the first time. Batgirl has been captured and Oracle sends Supergirl to save her. Batgirl and Supergirl become fast friends and go to stop the Toyboy.

Supergirl takes down Toyboy while Batgirl stops Mr. Batgirl manages to send out a distress call to Oracle before disconnecting. Oracle calls Superman and the new Batman Dick Grayson. Kara and Alura visit Zor-El's tomb, only for a black power ring to seek out the body and turn it into a Black Lantern. Kara and her Black Lantern father fight and with Alura's help, knock him out of the city.

Alura has a shield placed over the city so no one can leave or enter the city. Kara is talking to Lana about her illness. Kara figures out that the illness is nothing the doctors in Metropolis can figure out. The Inspector calls Kara and the two fight Silver Banshee. Kara grabs a box and is transformed into SuperBanshee. Meanwhile, Lana has collapsed and is bleeding.

The spirits that have possessed Supergirl are upset with the Silver Banshee. The Inspector cuts a coin from his hand to stop the Banshee spirits and Supergirl breaks free from their control. Silver Banshee then eliminates the disembodied clan spirits by screaming their name. Kara rushes to the hospital as Linda Lang just as Lana is pronounced dead. Linda goes to see the body and sees Lana encased in a chrysalis. Lana's condition is somehow the result of her time as the Insect Queen.

In Metropolis, Supergirl is captured when the hospital is engulfed in a massive cocoon and an army of humanoid insects emerge. Once she is freed by Gangbuster, Linda conspires with him and Kimiyo Hoshi to infiltrate the cocoon, rescue the hostages, and find out who is behind the invasion. After being ambushed and knocked out, Linda awakens bound and gagged at the feet of Lana, who has once again reverted back to her Insect Queen form.

Insect Queen informs Linda that during her last encounter with Lana, she embedded a piece of her DNA within her in an attempt to retake her body. The two women engage in a drawn out battle, with Linda eventually expelling the Queen from Lana's body through the use of an advanced Kryptonian machine. After Lana is cured, Linda informs her that she is leaving her home, feeling betrayed about Lana's unwillingness to share her illness. Back at ProjectLucy Lane is seen to have been resurrected and is an amalgam of "all" the alien races whose powers were in the Superwoman suit, with all of their powers and weaknesses.

Lucy kills the physician with an electric blast and says she is ready for duty. Brainiac is unleashing his robot troops into New Krypton and the Kryptonian citizens rise up to fight the drones. Zod, without hesitation, fires the Global Defense Cannons at Brainiac's ship, but only manages to kill the innocent Kryptonians in the way. Kal-El, furious at Zod for killing the citizens without remorse, changes into Superman. He then manages to pass the force-field and enter Brainiac's ship.

Supergirl fights several of the probe bots in order to protect her mother. Kara takes them to Zod and they explain that there are other cities within Brainiac's ship that they must save.

Zod sends Supergirl off and arrests the Legionnaires. Mon-El has to save Superman and tells Supergirl to get the Kryptonians to work together. Supergirl rushes to her mother's aid and sees Alura fighting with Superboy. Kara punches Conner away, but Superboy comes back to save them both from a Brainiac probe. Supergirl tells Alura of the Legion mission and challenges her to stand up to Zod. Alura pardons the Legion and sends Supergirl with them to fight Brainiac.

Mon-El has entered the ship the same way as Superman and manages to save him and the city of Lanothians. On Brainiac's ship, Brainiac has re-energized and fights Superman. During the brawl, Superman is able to get hold of the telepathic Lanthians, but Brainiac teleports away with all the other cities. The Legion manages to enter Brainiac's ship thanks to Brainiac 5's help.

But even this does not seem to help and New Krypton is put back into a bottle. Superman is pummeled by Brainiac's weapons system and is declared dead.

Superman is grabbed before he hits the ground by a flying Brainiac drone, powered by Quislet. Meanwhile, on Brainiac's ship, Superboy ends up face to face with Lex Luthor. Kon-El is hit with Green Kryptonite and awakens to find himself in Kandor. Zod it turns out has a devices which can counteract the Brainiac shrinking technology.

They get free of the city and are ready to fight. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Brainiac 5 have met. Brainy, in a brief moment alone reveals how hard it is to be near Supergirl, how much he loves her, and how hard it was when she died. It is revealed that Brainy is looking back at Supergirl's life historically.

Brainy tells Kara she needs to destroy the reactor while he attempts to hold off the Phages. She smashes the satellite's power core. He tells Kara to trust her friends and she needs to trust him.

He can't tell her anything about the future, but that she needs to live her own life and decide her own future. With the force-field on Brainiac's ship down, Superman is able to re-enter the ship.

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On board, Luthor emerges from Kandor and grabs a bottle city for himself. Superman has gone to rescue Kandor while Zod and his soldiers fight Brainiac. In the meantime, Mon-El remains captured, but the Legion shows up to save him. Superman has found Kandor and meets up with Supergirl and Brainiac 5.

He turns the city over to Supergirl, calling it her home, trusting that she will keep protect it and re-enlarge it. Brainy re-sizes the city safely.

Kandor is big once more. Superman joins Zod in fighting Brainiac. Luthor has expanded the city he grabbed right inside Brainiac's ship.

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Brainiac's ship has begun to plummet to New Krypton's surface. Zod is fighting with Brainiac. Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy and the rest of New Krypton work together to stop the ship. Brainiac 5 runs to help Supergirl, who is trying to hold back the expanding city.

Mon-El and Kara

Brainy is able to stop it and re-bottles the city. Brainiac punishes Luthor for his treachery by snapping his neck, only to reveal that Luthor is a robot. Superman comes in time to save Brainiac from Zod. Brainiac 5 walks up and teleports away with his ancestor. Before leaving, he tells Kara to watch out for her mother.

It is revealed that Luthor was working with General Lane all along. Zod is given total command over Krypton. All the guild leaders, except for Alura, were killed in the attack.

Zod declares war on Earth. With the military guild ready to attack Earth, Zod is holding Superman captive. Alura is torturing Reactron for information, only to be found by Kara. She is shocked and disgusted.

She tells Alura that he father said to 'watch out for your mother', warning her about what Alura is capable of. Reactron tells Supergirl Project wanted him brought to New Krypton.

Supergirl Season 3: Why Mon-El Is No Longer Welcome

Alura shoves Kara into a radiation-proof deck room and seals it, protecting Supergirl and sacrificing herself. Mon-El was found by Alex drinking alone at the underground alien bar. Alex appeared to belittle Mon-El and saying that she believed he was a coward but reminded him that Kara, who constantly put herself in danger and was hurt by Parasite, sincerely believed otherwise.

Motivated by this, Mon-El took off alone to battle Parasite, however, he was no match for the rampaging monster. In the midst of the destruction, however, Mon-El performed his first heroic deed by saving a by-standing child. With the help of Guardian and a recovered Supergirl, they managed to defeat the threat.

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Seeing Mon-El trying to be better, Kara gratefully thanked him, while also noting Guardian's contribution. That night, Mon-El wandered the streets.

Approaching what appears to be a sick homeless man and asks him how could he help him. He was then subdued by the man who was an agent for Project Cadmus. Mon-El was transported to a Cadmus facility, where he manages to escape from his cell. Lillian Luthor shows up and brings out who appears to be J'onn J'onzz when it is actually Hank Henshaw and threatens to hurt him.

Mon-El agrees to return to his cell. Supergirl was then baited to rescue him. After threatening to kill him with lead, Lillian succeeded in forcing Supergirl to overload her powers, despite his pleas for Kara not to do it. Cadmus then proceeded to obtain Supergirl's blood for the purpose of obtaining information on " Medusa ".

Left in the cell, Mon-El and Kara bonded and discussed their fears, and what happens if they do not live through this ordeal. Mon-El was about to tell Kara something about Daxam but he was interrupted when they were rescued by Jeremiah Danverswho had access to Cadmus IDs, and chose to remain behind for unknown reasons.

Kara, Mon-El and friends celebrated their return in Kara's apartment. He then asked Winn and James if Kara was "mated to anyone" and explained that on Daxam they had arranged marriages. Winn says that in Earth people choose their own mate and Mon-El asks if she has chosen. James replies that she has not. Mon-El says that he only asked because he was studying Earthly customs but is looking at Kara intensely. A few days later, Mon-El is invited have the Thanksgiving dinner with Kara's family and friends.

Later, that night, after a rough fight with Hank Henshaw outside Al's Dive Bar, he entered the bar again trying to help and as a consequence of that Mon-El was exposed to the Medusa virus, which was deadly to all alien species except for humans and Kryptonians.

Mon-El was then quarantined at the D. Kara risked her life trying to save his life like she does to all people. Once he was stable Kara spoke with him and apologized as it was her birth father who created the Medusa virus. Mon-El told her that he didn't blame her or her father and then moved to kiss her without her consent before he passed out, saying that she was beautiful. Eliza Danvers was able to extract a sample of the virus to create a cure.

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After he recovered, Kara wanted to speak about what happened he told Kara that he had no memory of his time being sick, so they didn't discuss him kissing her. In the aftermath of the incident involving the virus, Mon-El became a bartender at Al's Dive Bar due to many aliens having been killed.

As previously teased last episode, right before Kara and Mon-El were about to lock lips, Mr. Mxyzptlk barged his way into Kara's living room, intergalactic portal vizyonbarkod.comg the moment with Author: Caitlyn Callegari. "Supergirl" stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood sparked dating rumors after they were spotted several times in public together. On Sunday, Benoist and Wood - who play lovers Kara and Mon-El. Mon-El and Kara Making out. During the Invasion Mon-El and Kara had an affair which led to Kara's pregnancy with Mon-El's child. Mon-El kept the child a secret from his mother. They arrived at the rooftop where they agreed to have the battle and Rhea arrived with her guard.

Kara went to the bar to speak to Maggie about investigating the disappearance of Izzy Williams. Mon-El later visited her at CatCo and then decided to help her to impress her.

Just as Mon-El and Kara are about to kiss, Mr. Mxyzptlk appears in her apartment and tries to woo Kara with his powers though Mon-El tried to stand in his way.

When Kara tried to stop some thieves, Mxyzptlk arrived and made their guns fly off their hands, though he easily turned them on the thieves themselves and Kara just managed to stand in the way and stopped them from getting shot.

Mon-El, however, saw through the act and knew that he conjured the creature to try and 'play the hero'. Mon-El demanded that Mxyzptlk just say his name backwards and return to his dimension and Kara was surprised that was the way to banish him.

Mxyzptlk then made Kara an ultimatum, agree to marry him or he would unleash havoc upon the people of Earth. Mon-El went out and called Mxyzptlk out and challenged him to a fight. Mxyzptlk accepted and transported them to a theater where he conjured them pistols. Mon-El took his and immediately shot him though it did nothing. Mon-El then revealed that he took an energy dampener from the D. O that would render Mxyzptlk powerless. They fought hand to hand though Mxyzptlk managed to swipe the dampener from Mon-El and reversed it, giving him his powers back.

He bound Mon-El and was about to shoot him with a lead bullet but Kara arrived and agreed to marry him. Eventually Mon-El and Kara realized that the only way to defeat Mxy was to get him to say his name backwards, which they successfully did by putting the Fortress of Solitude on lockdown. Mxyzptlk began to panic and asked Kara to not do this.

She revealed that there was a code to de-activate the self-destruct sequence. They went to the control panel where she pointed out the buttons to punch in the code and Mxyzptlk managed to stop it before it was too late. He told Kara that all he wanted was to have someone love him but before he vanished she told him that love had to come and find him, not have it forced on anyone. After Mr. Mxyzptlk was defeated, Mon-El and Kara began a romantic relationship. Kara initially wanted to keep it between the two, but Mon-El revealed it to everyone.

While Jeremiah's family and Kara's friends were happy to have him back, Mon-El was the only one with suspicions, believing that rescuing Jeremiah was too easy. The rest didn't appreciate, when he began directly accusing Jeremiah for fooling everyone, which caused Kara to throw him out. The next day, Mon-El talked to Winn and asked him to keep an eye out for him.

Winn reluctantly agreed, and he learned that Jeremiah was accessing the DEO mainframe. He informed Mon-El and had Kara brought in to discuss in private. Initially Kara didn't want to listen, but when Mon-El and Winn informed her of Jeremiah's intrusion to the mainframe, Kara realized that Jeremiah may not be victim in the end. Mon-El joined Kara and Alex at the site, but it turned out to be a hoax, and Mon-El's suspicions were proven correct, when Jeremiah accessed the mainframe unauthorized and escaped.

When Mon-El returned to Kara's apartment he comforted her, but they were both called back into action when it was discovered that Jeremiah stole the national alien registry. Kara attacked the Daxamite ship, but when Kara was defeated by it, Mon-El contacted the ship and surrendered. He was then taken by the Daxamites to the ship, but Kara came along.

Eventually, even though Mon-El attempts to apologize and be true to her from now on, Kara breaks up with him. Mon-El returns to his parents and denies to be the prince of Daxam anymore and returns to Earth.

The next day at the DEO, a new prisoner is brought in. He puts Kara into a dream-like state and escapes to Earth-1 to catch the Flash. Eventually Kara breaks free from her dream and, having learned a lesson from the dream, forgives Mon-El, restoring their relationship. A bounty is put up on Supergirl, and Mon-El suspects his parents put it up.

When he questions them they deny any involvement, but he is still suspicious. The following evening, Kara was getting upset as she had been told to lay low for 24 hours. James and Winn appreciated that Mon-El came to cool her off. Suddenly, a telepathic alien takes control of Mon-El's body and forced him to fight Kara, resulting in an apologetic fight, in which James assisted as a Guardian and Winn managed to subdue the alien with a stapler.

The alien was brought to the DEO, and J'onn was able to break him with his telepathy, and he revealed, that the bounty on Supergirl was put up by Queen Rhea. Kara wants to reason with Rhea but Mon-El is skeptical. The bounty is called off and although Lar Gand is happy to have Mon-El back, he is disappointed in Rhea, because he didn't know about the bounty.

Mon-El admits that he is happy that his parents are alive, but this'll be last time they will see him. He is able to swipe a keycard from Jack Spheerical in order for Kara to access his personal computer. Some time later, Mon-El is walking on the street, when he thinks he saw his mother, but only for a moment. He dismisses it, but tells Kara about it the next day. However, his sighting is proven correct, when DEO is investigating strange energy spikes causing Phorians to lose control.

They identify a device being constructed by Lena Luthor. Kara calls her, but instead Rhea answers. With Rhea's help, Lena has constructed a large transmatter portal.

Rhea activates it and Mon-El, along with Kara and J'onn, attempt to stop her. Mon-El holds Rhea at gunpoint, but he is unable to kill his mother.

Feb 21,   This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Karamel is the het ship between Kara Zor-El and Mon-El from the Supergirl fandom. Kara and Mon-El start off rocky as they are from rival planets. They manage to retain a friendship but when Mon-El is dying he kisses Kara in what he thinks is his'dying moments' 2x08 (Medusa). He lies to Kara that. Jan 24,   TVLine "superfriends" Matt Mitovich, Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman review "Supergirl" Season 2's (gradual) pairing of Kara and Mon-El.

They fail to close the portal and a large Daxamite fleet enters through the portal, beginning the Daxamite Invasion.

Rhea takes Mon-El and Lena with her to the mothership, where she intends to marry the two. However, Kara stays behind and only Mon-El escapes just before the ship is to be shot down with a positron cannon. However, the shot doesn't happen and Kara is forced to fight Superman.

After Kara fought against Superman while he was under the influence of Silver Kryptonite and beat him, Kara collapsed. She began to dream that she was back in her apartment with Mon-El. She then told him of the time that she left Krypton when her mother gave her necklace telling her that she would never be alone as she would always be in her daughter's dreams.

Mon-El then told her that she had to wake up as this wasn't real and she was at the Fortress. Mon-El was at the D. He then met her cousin Superman. They told him that they found something at the fortress that could stop Rhea and her invasion, Dakkam Ur. At once, Mon-El's eyes widened and he told Kara that it was a bad idea.

Kara quickly contacted Rhea and formally requested to perform Dakkam Ur, or trial by combat. Should Kara win then Rhea and her invasion force will leave Earth but should Rhea win then Earth is hers. Mon-El tried to talk Kara out of it and even suggested that Superman take over the fight because he had no faith in her; but Superman told Mon-El that Kara beat him which officially made her the champion of Earth and that she would win.

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Mon-El reluctantly accepted that Kara was going to fight his mother. They had a fail safe device to use to stop the Daxamites which would release trace amounts of lead into the atmosphere and make it toxic to the Daxamites killing to the ones staying on Earth. They realized that this would mean that Mon-El would also be forced to leave the Earth.

Kara and Clark returned to the D. Clark said that he would probably survive a bit longer because he had been exposed to the yellow sun for months but he would need to leave Earth to survive.

Winn was sent to help Lena with the device. When it came time for the duel, he and Kara went to the meeting spot where Rhea appeared with a soldier. He told Kara that he was there for her. Mon-El watched as Kara and his mother began fighting but soon after they started, the Daxamite army began to attack the city.

Mon-El told Rhea that she had just shamed herself in the eyes of the gods for not following their sacred law and killing his father; which was the only reason he turned against her, but she claimed that the gods only cared about her victory.

He then jumped off the building and left. They successfully beat the trained Daxamite soldiers who called him a traitor. When Lena called the D. They realized that the invaders were about to destroy the city so he nodded, telling her to activate it. The lead was dispersed in the atmosphere and the Daxamites then started to retreat as they felt the effects and the ships began to leave the Earth and stranded Mon-El and his mother.

Rhea begged her son to save her but he glared at her and angrily asked if he should save her like she "saved" his father. Mon-El started to cough and wheeze and feel the effects of the atmosphere change. Kara asked Alex what to do and she said that they probably had a few minutes before he had to leave Earth. Kara then quickly took Mon-El to his pod so that he could escape while he was coughing and wheezing.

Saddened, Kara tells Mon-El she loves him. Mon-El then went into the pod as the effects worsened. While traveling in space, Mon-El gave a long sad look at Kara's necklace before a wormhole unexpectedly opened up right in his direct course.

He barely had any time to react to this as his pod flew into it and he was whisked away to an unknown space. The wormhole then closed up behind him. The wormhole that Mon-El entered was actually what is known as a "disturbance" which propelled him forward in time, he arrived back on planet Earth but in the 31st century. There, he was administered a cure to his allergy to lead which was developed by L-Corp about years after he had left.

According to Imra, during the time Mon-El was in the 31st century, he wouldn't look at another woman for years and mostly kept to himself until he finally gave up on finding a way back to the 21st century. Mon-El saw the chaos and problems that the Earth was having in the 31st century and he used Supergirl as inspiration to rally all the powered people he met into a group of heroes and led them in their mission to protect the Earth and beyond.

After a time, he fell in love with and married Imra. The Legion learned of a world that was dying and they retrieved the data to save it against the dark threat it was under and hid it in their DNA for safe keeping. They then took off in their ship to save that world but got hurled into a wormhole and they ended up thrown back in time and crashed on Earth over 12, years in the past.

They could not find a way to return to the future and realized that their only choice was to enter hyper-sleep and wade out time until they returned to their proper century. They waited out in the bedrock and set the ship's system to wake them from their cryotubes when it was the right time.

When the ship's defenses were activated, Mon-El awoke and quickly saw that there were intruders. He took a blaster and fired a warning shot while yelling at them in Saturnian. He then saw that it was Kara, J'onn and Winn. He was taken to the D. He gave vague answers to all of them about where he had been and what he had been doing on the ship until Kara shooed everyone away so that he could get time and space to rest. Kara told him that he had been gone for seven months which shocked him.

After he had rested enough, he snuck out of the med bay to steal a power source from the D. He beat them up badly but was quickly attacked by Kara and then thrown into a cell. She began to wonder if it was really him and Mon-El told her that it was.

She wondered what had happened to him and he responded simply with a lot. She couldn't understand how he had changed so much and started to beat herself up for hoping as a human would, which he absorbed all in silence.

He was then visited by Winn, and though he expected not to get any answers from Mon-El, he told him that he was trying anyway.

Mon-El told him that he needed Winn's help as a friend to return to the ship.

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