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Kara and Mon-El start off rocky as they are from rival planets. They manage to retain a friendship but when Mon-El is dying he kisses Kara in what he thinks is his 'dying moments' 2x08 Medusa. He lies to Kara that he doesn't remember kissing her but admits he remembers in 2x10 We Can Be Heroes. Kara rejects him and he goes on a lunch date with Eve Tessmacher. In 2x12 Luthors , she admits she has feelings and a creature from the 5th dimension shows up but he is defeated. Kara and Mon-El finally get together at the end of 2x13 Mr.

When does kara and mon el start dating

Where was Kara's story? Gone were the days of Kara and James' romantic tryst which was explained to her needing time to figure out who Kara Danvers was and, shortly after, came the romantic entanglement of Kara and Mon-El.

Supergirl 2x14 "To wake up with me?" Mon el comforts Kara "Homecoming"

This pairing was made for The CW because it took time away from the characters we'd actually grown to love in Supergirl Season 1and it was a "forbidden love" given that their planets were always at war. We saw less of Kara's struggle with her super heroics as the season progressed and more time was spent on trying to turn Mon-El into someone good, someone who could be a hero.

His mother came to get him to return home. Mon-El remained selfish through the entire season, even amidst all the work that was put on him to turn him into someone "great. He should have found a way out of it after saving the Earth.

To be fair, that's kind of an impossible situation to be in, but isn't it selfish to risk the planet for one person?

Mon-El and Kara Making out. During the Invasion Mon-El and Kara had an affair which led to Kara's pregnancy with Mon-El's child. Mon-El kept the child a secret from his mother. They arrived at the rooftop where they agreed to have the battle and Rhea arrived with her guard.

That statement goes for both Mon-El and Kara. For a show titled "Supergirl," we should be seeing more of her journey to greatness obviously with filler episodes revolving around other future heroes, i.

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But that's not what we got. Kara was written to lose herself in this relationship; nothing else was as important, nothing else mattered when they were together; the usual garbage that's written when writers don't know what to do with a character.

Supergirl Season 3: Why Mon-El Is No Longer Welcome

She literally was fired from her job as a reporter and said it was okay as long as she had Mon-El. Season 2 was such a departure from Season 1.

Season 1 focused on the friendships between characters - even Kara and Cat Grant - and was all about women standing up for themselves in life, in work, and in relationships. Without Cat Grant, it's like the show lost the feminism that made it stand out in the way it did on CBS.

No, not as a villain, but as Luthor. Which, ok, is kind of synonymous with being a villain, but I digress.

Karamel is the het ship between Kara Zor-El and Mon-El from the Supergirl fandom. Kara and Mon-El start off rocky as they are from rival planets. They manage to retain a friendship but when Mon-El is dying he kisses Kara in what he thinks is his'dying moments' 2x08 (Medusa). He lies to Kara that he doesn't remember kissing her but admits he remembers in 2x10 (We Can Be Heroes). Kara rejects. May 06,   Supergirl's Kara and Mon-El are finally back in a good place, and few people are more thrilled than the actor who plays ex-boyfriend to the Girl of Steel. Ever since Kara and Mon-El's verbal. Jan 24,   TVLine "superfriends" Matt Mitovich, Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman review "Supergirl" Season 2's (gradual) pairing of Kara and Mon-El.

The point is, we get to see where the strain between Lillian and Lena began. On the contrary, Lex is welcoming to the girl. Hint: There totally is.

Presently, Kara is being all sorts of awkward with Mon-El at the bar. Anyway, there are more pressing issues going on with legitimate relationships to focus too hard on that at the moment.

Alex finally introduces Maggie to the crew and comes out to the crew in a lighthearted, nonchalant moment of love, friendship, and acceptance.

Mon-El and Kara

In fact, Kara believes in her so much, that she goes to Lena with donuts as pick-me-up for having to testify against her mother in court. She even tells her that her mom is still here, and she should sort things out with her. Lillian explains how painful it was to raise her, because she looks so much like her mother, and with Lionel who apparently created the sense of distance in the house.

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In court, Corbin stands trial after getting a convenient gift of krypton in prison the night before. He unabashedly spews his prejudice against aliens and is volatile in his responses. So much so, that the lawyer asks the judge to delcare him a hostile witness. When he was confronted by guards, he was surprised by his new strength and speed before he escaped into the city. He started to ask around for a place to make deep space transmissions and eventually found his way to a satellite station in hopes of sending a signal to his planet.

The signal was detected by Winn and Supergirl, and upon finding out he was from Daxam and fearing that he was behind the attack on President Marsdin she rushed to confront him.

The two quickly brawled against one another until Supergirl managed to temporarily incapacitate him. She goes to speak with Mon-El about their powers, and about her parents and what they were. Before she left, he told her that he had heard about her fight with Draaga and that he'd seen him fight years ago with the Daxam Royal Family.

They come at the office together and Kara introduces him to Eve and James, whit whom she later go to take a coffee, encountering a gang of criminals armed with alien weapon that Kara unsuccessfully tried to stop from robbing a bank and escape. Back in CatCo, Kara learns from Eve that Mon-El asked her to do the work that James had given to him, so she approaches him and explains that he has to do his job. After Mon-El was captured by a bunch of Cadmus' agents who deliver him to one of their hidden bases, putting him in a cage, Supergirl is informed by Cadmus at a special frequency that they have the Daxamite and promised to kill him if she did not come.

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Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, Kara helped to cook the turkey using her heat vision. She soon after walked over to Winn and James, the former of whom claimed to not be able to wait for Eliza's glazed carrots.

She answered the door to Mon-El, who came bearing flowers and mattress stuffing, having mistaken food stuffing for the latter. She introduced him to Eliza, who hit it off right away with him. When she asked her mother about this, thinking he was hitting on her, Eliza voiced her belief that he was doing this in order to impress Kara, as he in fact liked her.

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