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Why you couldn't stop watching : The fighting, the sexual innuendo, the fact that Bret always wore a bandana. God, it was amazing. Why you couldn't stop watching : It was all of your favorite personalities from your most watched reality television shows being taught class by Sharon Osbourne. I mean, what else could you ever need in a show? Why you couldn't stop watching : It was basically like Hogan Knows Best but

2000 dating shows

The premise: This show followed the wild ride that was Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire which you should definitely googleand it was pitched to contestants as a Bachelor -type show where they would try to win the affections of a handsome millionaire. However, after the winner was chosen, the contestants found out he wasn't a millionaire at all!

But, wait! There's another twist!

Why it was so wild: Unfortunately, the series of plot twists that made up the show worked only once, even with the second season going all the way to Europe to find contestants who hadn't heard of the show.

The idea was snake-y as hell, though, and I respect that. The premise: This show was essentially set up like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette where a bunch of suitors competed for the affections of one person over the course of a season. Okay, well, I sort of can.

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I will pass on explaining the rest in favor of telling you that some terms the show used included: "picker," "playmates," "ritual room," and "lockmaster. Why it was so wild: That's barely a premise. How did this show get two seasons?

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That's more seasons than Freaks and Geeks. The premise: This show featured average-looking guys competing for the love of a beauty queen who was told the contestants would be attractive.

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Then, halfway through the season, a group of attractive men would join to compete, too. Why it was so wild: Can you imagine casting this show?

Can you imagine meeting the beauty queen as she realizes that the producers had lied about how attractive you are? Can you imagine the moral intentions of your show failing as the beauty queen picks a hot guy over and over?

I really wish someone would make a behind-the-scenes docuseries about this show. The premise: Each episode, a contestant went on a date with two people at once to decide if they wanted a relationship with either of them.

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Secretly, the contestant's friend listened in and watched lie detectors call BS on both dates. Why it was so wild: This premise itself isn't too far-fetched for today.

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What's so wild about this show are these three things: One, somehow no one knew they were hooked up to a lie detector. Two, they lied so much!

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Like, an unreal amount of lying! But it was a good show anyway.

The Worst Dating Show Contestant On TV (The Bachelorette)

You think. Plus, you hoped his sister would show up. Why you couldn't stop watching: Because this family was entertaining as fuck.

Regardless of the decade, dating shows are always interesting when presented in some type of preposterous format. So the decade's new take on "reality" was destined to result in some of the best TV shows of the s. Don't get it twisted, while some of these TV shows were legitimately good, others were so bad that they managed to be good.

It's that simple. Why you couldn't stop watching: Because you related to the women more than you'd ever like to admit, and you're a sucker for reality TV shows, obviously.

7 Amazingly Awful MTV Dating Shows From The Early s, Ranked

Why you couldn't stop watching: Because it was your two favorite characters from I Love New Yorkand that's basically it. Why you couldn't stop watching: It was like watching an accident happen On each episode, a woman would go on dates with three men, only to discover that one was in a relationship with a woman, one was gay, and one was straight and single.

The s were truly the heyday of over-the-top dating shows, but few could compete with the heavily tattooed, tequila-swilling, fight-prone cast of 'Rock of Love.'The show, which ran for three seasons between an followed Poison frontman Bret Michaels as he searched for love, one exotic dancer at a time. While Michaels eventually cast aside the partiers in favor of "good girls. 15 Dating Shows From The s That Would Never Air Today. What network executive signed off on Date My Mom? by Tessa Fahey. BuzzFeed Staff. Reality dating shows today make up some of . History. The dating game show subgenre has its origins in the United original dating game shows were introduced by television producer Chuck format of Barris's first dating show, The Dating Game, which commenced in , put an unmarried man behind a screen to ask questions of three women who are potential mates, or one woman who asked questions of three men.

If she could figure out which guy fell into which category, she and her potential paramour would win a romantic vacation together. While the show's title was a bit of a misnomer many of the gay guys were also takenand many of the women based their guesses on offensive stereotypes, the show's bizarre premise still managed to make it one of the most addictive shows of its time.

MTV's 'Next ' had a pretty long shelf life, as far as dating shows go.

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This unique dating competition combined blind dates, RV travel, dollar bills, and, more often than not, confessions of very personal facts to virtual strangers. On each episode, a guy or gal would be setup with an RV full of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, who would earn a dollar for each minute their date lasted.

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The show's other participants would offer snide commentary while watching the date's progress from the RV, and would take over the date if the person before them was "nexted. Was it entertaining? Very much so. Superficial judgments may be the foundation for most reality competitions, but ' Dating in the Dark ' tried to get its contestants to form a real connection - until the end of the show, when they got to judge one another's looks, as well.

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After getting to know each other in a pitch black setting, the show's contestants would finally get to catch a glimpse of who they'd been talking to and decide whether or not to join them on the balcony of the house, indicating that they were interested in a relationship.

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