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The past few years have seen an increased appreciation for the "dad bod," a look perhaps best described as "fit with some extra cushioning. But wait! Now there's a new study that seems to be saying the opposite-that actually, women are attracted to a stronger man. Could that be true? And if it is, what does it mean for dudes with dad bods? Here's the deal with the most recent study favoring the muscular man.

It was that old devil knocking at the door again: masculinity. Think of the dads and their bods slightly more lumber in the back of the truck, swigging a beer and prodding at burgers on a sizzling barbecue. The perfect marrying kind, maybe - real men, attractive yet unbothered by gym memberships and matcha smoothies.

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Galaxies away from the glamorous metrosexuals who, once finished preening in the mirror, will go on one date, come in for coffeeget the venti experience they were looking for then scoot off in search of other victims. Just your average kinda bloke. Women have endured classification and objectification by body type, mostly in the name of sexual attraction, for centuries. Even the most rudimentary dating apps will ask your body type.

The options are usually basic and rather subjective.

Dad bod dating

How do you judge for yourself? Now this reason at first might seem like a little bit of a stretch, but hear me out. We are all in agreement that the dad bod is the byproduct of a little too much beer and not the greatest eating habits. And why did the over-consumption of beer take place?

It's because we love having a good time. See, a beer gut is part of the dad bod because it signals maturity. It's a symbol of a man who knows how to pace himself and while he gets drunk, it is to a responsible degree.

Jan 01,   If the dad bod is hiding under that shirt, so be it. It makes it easier to not have a perfect female body, too, when your s/o has a dad bod." -Sara H "I mean, sure it looks good on Chris Pratt and Leonardo DiCaprio, but for now I'll appreciate dad bods from afar." - Marlene A. Aug 12,   Dating News ; Dad Bod vs. Fit Bod - Do Women Like Dad Bods? The "dad bod" is an intermediate look, somewhere between your adolescent skinniness and your well-fed, slightly pudgy middle-aged. Nov 15,   But his mean ways and dad bod did not deter the beautiful Lauren Silverman from dating him, and even having his baby (son Eric Phillip Cowell, was born on Valentine's Day , when Simon was 54 years old and a father for the first time). I guess some women like the bad guy, dad bod or not.

The gut signifies the hard work of many rack crushing nights and will let you know that when you want to go out and get drunk, he will be right there with you and won't become your liability. Along with being able to pace themselves, guys with dad bods also are always down to get drunk chicken nuggets or Taco Bell after a night of drinking because, as I said earlier, they aren't worried about their macros or carbs or whatnot.

They are there to have a good time and aren't going to let something stupid like a diet get in their way.

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Now as someone who proudly wears and displays his dad bod, I often come under fire from the pro-gym right saying "oh your fat you need to work out" or as my own father told me not to long ago at our family reunion, I was giving my cousins fiance, who is pregnant "a run for her money.

So, needless to say, guys with dad bods are not unfamiliar with adversity, and this translates to a better sense of humor than most people, because the only way to respond to such allegations is with humor and the ability to poke fun at yourself.

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Guys who have dad bods as a personal choice are aware that they might come under fire for it, and thus are always ready to make a witty remark or funny comment at a moments notice, in order to turn what is supposed to be something negative into something positive. This then translates into an overall better sense of humor, because self-depreciative humor helps instill humility into someone, which is a trait many people lack nowadays. All the gym bros take themselves and their motivational Bible verses too seriously, leading to an overinflated ego which is not only obnoxious but also detrimental to their senses of humor.

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If you are unable to laugh at yourself, you think way too highly of yourself. Another reason guys with dad bods are funnier is that is some ways they are over-compensating. They know they don't have a six-pack of muscle or cement thighs, so they make up for it by enhancing their personalities.

Humor is often cited as one of the top personality traits that women look for because, at the end of the day, anyone can have abs if they try hard enough, but not everyone can be funny, and guys who are will keep you happy long after physical appearance is a lost cause.

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Another reason to date a guy with a dad bod is that there is never any pressure to dress up and be pretty unless we are. Our comfort in our own non-perfect skin makes you feel comfortable as well and not feel pressured to look your best all the time. His gorgeous wife, Lauren Miller, is also an actress, and a far more attractive one, at that.

Seth and Lauren began dating in after meeting through Seth's good friend Will Reiser, then became engaged inand married in They both insist that they are just your "average, everyday people that go to the drugstore and buy toothpaste".

This Should Be the Real "Dad Bod"

These two fell in love at first sight and spent their first date eating grilled cheese and playing Spanish Scrabble until dawn. Vince is the perfect example of a dude with a dad bod, probably because the kind of guys he plays in movies enhances that view of him.

So maybe his dad bod adds to that image, or maybe that image adds to our perception of him as a dopey dad with a dad bod, of course.

Dec 14,   Planet Fitness conducted a survey earlier this year that asked over 2, men and women how they felt about the "dad bod." The survey found that 7 out of 10 women were more attracted to men that Author: Reegan Von Wildenradt. Jan 01,   The High Intensity Anti-'Dad Bod' Workout > "A dad bod says, 'I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time,'" Pearson wrote. She explained that the main reason girls are down for dad bods is that they're warm, cuddly, and unintimidating. Apr 04,   The dawn of the 'dad bod' trope felt like a new age of body acceptance for men, but, actually, it continued to suggest almost impossible targets of being both laid-back and vain.

Either way, he landed himself a beauty in Kyla, and somehow, they really do make a cute couple. Vince Vaughn may be happily married to Canadian real-estate agent Kyla Weber now, but before her he was with the hottest woman around, Jennifer Aniston. The Wedding Crashers actor known for his typical slobbish but likable roles, married Kyla inand they now are the proud parents of daughter Locklyn and son Vernon.

Spanish-born Hilaria Thomas Baldwin married her man with a dad bod inand has made him a dad thrice over he also has one older child by ex-wife Kim Basinger.

DAD BODS ON DISPLAY - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator - Part 3

Together, they have Carmen, Rafael, and Leonardo. She is only 32, and Alec He is devilishly handsome though, despite his body, and often uses that characteristic to play immoral men of power. Maybe that is what drew her to him; the bad boy and the authority figure.

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Alec has been a busy guy this year, as he has multiple films due out soon. And that is in addition to the four that have already come out in They only dated for a year back inbut the gorgeous Antonia Toni Garrn, who is a German model, dated Leonardo DiCaprio despite the fact that he had a full-blown dad bod at the time, and that he was 40 and she only I guess if you are Leo, age nor physique matter to women.

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The two former lovebirds kept their short-lived romance low-key, and they never even walked a red carpet together. The star of so many Hollywood blockbusters has had his share of beautiful ladies, including Naomi CampbellHelena Christensen, Gisele BundchenBar Refaelithe list goes on.

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And on and on. The ladies like them some Leo, apparently. And it would seem that foreign models are his jam.

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As for Toni, the last reported boyfriend of hers was NBA player Chandler Parsons, but it is unknown if they are still together or not.

The blonde beauty also worked as a Serbian translator for theatre and film. She seems like a great catch! Her much more famous ex-boyfriend they broke up after less than a year, but in that year it was proven that Jason could, in fact, nab a Barbie!

Mar 30,   The dad bod is a new trend and fraternity boys everywhere seem to be rejoicing. Turns out skipping the gym for a few brews last Thursday after class turned out to be in their favor. While we all love a sculpted guy, there is just something about the dad bod that makes boys seem more human, natural, and Mackenzie Pearson. Dad bod dating - Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. Find single man in the US with relations. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, .

On June 22,Adam Sandler married Jackie Sandler, and they are one of the few couples in Hollywood who have been able to withstand all it demands and takes from a relationship. That being said, she is arguably more attractive than he is, because of multiple physical reasons, including his dad bod.

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