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These types of disablilities do not define a person. That individual would be just like anyone else writing on this forum - including those that may have rgers. Autism is more baggage than I'm willing to carry, you think it's a walk in the park, you date one. You didn't say Autistic We are not talking Dustin Hoffman here. I know a couple of people that have rgers.

They like to talk This question is for guys and girls.

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I think the best dating strategy for these is pretend you don't have them for as long as possible or until you trust them. I mean after maybe 3 weeks you should definitely tell them, you don't want them to feel ambushed. LilRedHead Xper 6. It depends what they are like as a person. I'll be honest, at first thought I'm thinking no. But it all depends on the person.

Dating a special ed girl

Shaun Xper 3. ADHD is totally over diagnosed. That was just normal back when I was in school. Start your search for your brand new friends or romance! There are so many special needs and disabled people who are just waiting to get to know you.

Dating a former special ed student?

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Welcome to Special Bridge. Special Bridge is a private dating site and online social community designed to help meet the social and emotional needs of its members. Through a supportive and friendly environment, people of all ability levels can make new friends in a fun, private, and welcoming setting. Watch free mental special needs retard sex videos at Heavy-R, a completely free porn tube offering the world's most hardcore porn videos. New . Oct 25, A Dating Site for Men with Erectile Dysfunction? October 25, by Michael J. Russer 99 Comments Here's why there may be many, many women who look for men with E.D. as an intimate partner.

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This question is for guys and girls. Would you ever date somebody who was educated in special ed schools provided their disabilities did not make them unable to function normally in the real world, such as ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, or .

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Everyone has a Special Match let us help you find yours. Whether that's due to quirkiness, genetics, disease or whatever Dating is about finding someone who you enjoy being with and whose eccentricities don't drive you too crazy. References: I have been happily married to someone who would be considered "abnormal" by the vast majority of people for 15 years.

So maybe edit it out before I get around to looking it up if it is. And it seems like all is dying, and would leave the world to mourn. Psykoma Registered User regular. Yeah the reference is pretty damn offensive.

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Djeet Registered User regular. There is so much awful in the OP that I won't address. Here is some advice: What do you want?

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Do that. She's an adult and will figure stuff out for herself. I'm reading that you care a lot about what other people would think about your relationship with her.

That's not really something that computes with me, but it sounds like something you need to come to terms with. None of us are really all together mentally in every situation.

Is what she's doing or how she's behaving unacceptable to you?

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If so, talk to her. If you cannot respect someone considering someone "a little slow" would qualify that for me, but I have never really thought of someone like that [shallow, yes.

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I'd keep things pretty casual until you've worked all this stuff out. Maybe slow down until you've determined if this is what you want to do.

Obviously we can't really know what she's like just by reading some stuff you've written over the Internet, but if I had to guess I'd say a lot of what you're pointing out is something that you're making a big deal about because this sort of thing tends to occupy your thoughts.

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In addition to what you mention in the OP, for instance, you've asked this sort of question about yourself before. I think it would be helpful for you to think less about whether you or anyone else is "ill" or "special" or anything and just treat everyone yourself included like a person, as others in this thread have suggested.

An obsession with labels and categories for various kinds of behaviors isn't really going to help you that much. If you didn't have this history of being weirdly fixated on the idea of mental issues then maybe you'd have at least some reason to contemplate this, but as things stand you're probably unhealthily overthinking things.

Probably the psychiatrist you're seeing soon can help you with this stuff. Sentry Registered User regular. Librarian's reference is to Arrested Development, when Michael starts dating a special needs girl played by Charlize Theron.

Honestly, it was the first thing I thought of when I read the OP, which I thought was way more offensive.

lina bielinyte. We met at "relationship group," a social group that meets every Tuesday at my community college. The first order of duty, like with many gatherings, was to introduce ourselves, then get with a partner who would ask you questions and present you and your interests to the rest of the group. Dating and friendships just got a whole lot easier and fun for adults with unique abilities! Let us help you discover your brand new social world in a safe and private atmosphere. This site is family owned and operated and was created for people with special needs and disabled adults who are interested in dating, companionship or just looking. Librarian's reference is to Arrested Development, when Michael starts dating a special needs girl played by Charlize Theron. Honestly, it was the first thing I thought of when I read the OP, which I thought was way more offensive. In terms of advice, I'd echo what most here have said if you like her and you're happy, keep going.

In terms of advice, I'd echo what most here have said If you don't, or are too superficial, then stop. When I was a little kid, I always pretended I was the hero,' Skip said.

What little kid ever pretended to be part of the lynch-mob? ThunderSaid Registered User regular.

Autism and Relationships: Sam Goes Dating

I think you should gently break things off with her. As always, it's difficult to get an accurate picture of a situation from a post on a forum, but I think it's fair to look at the spectrum of possibilities it represents, and offer advice that applies across the majority of that spectrum.

From my reading of your post, I think your situation falls somewhere between these two extremes: On one end, you are becoming romantically involved with a woman who has significant mental impairments, and is not equipped to handle an adult relationship. On the other end, you are becoming romantically involved with a woman who has no diagnosable impairments, but whose intelligence you find lacking.

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A relationship anywhere on that continuum is bad news. You're going to break things off eventually, because, as far as I can tell, the only thing you actually like about her is her body.

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