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Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. SimplyHired may be compensated by these employers, helping keep SimplyHired free for jobseekers. SimplyHired ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on SimplyHired. For more information, see the SimplyHired Privacy Policy. This is a mid-level position with growth potential to become a Traveling Field Foreman. ISE is seeking Ironworkers to join our traveling field crew working on. Stamp, paint, or otherwise label self-performed welds according to proper welder identification information.

Safe travels and blessings on your adventure! I never considered any person who done this for his family to be trash. For the most part I think the stickers are meant to be for fun and should be taken as a compliment. Prayers for everyone out there fighting the elements Gods and the man made!! They are about hard work and dedication and that is why we love them. THanks for taking the time to read and comment! I hope you stop by again! My mother is visiting us right now.

I decided, after getting my face all made up for us to go eat with my daughter, to read this for the first time out loud to my mom. It brought so many tears to my eyes that I now have to start all over on my make-up. Oh, Lori! I am so sorry I made you ruin your makeup, but I am so glad that it touched your heart!

We are blessed to be in the families of hard working men. Men that know what dedication looks like! Happy birthday to your sweet 3 year old granddaughter! I pray the day is full of overwhelming love!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing tomorrow! Hope you come back soon! A tribute to the hard working welders. Well done. And to my cousin that is one of them, hats off to you. Love you. I so loved this. Beautifully written. They will get to talking about their wives and children, and you see their faces light up with the love they have for their families.

They miss their families so much. You can here the longing in their voices. They miss family and home. I know.

I am one of them. I have shed many tears when out on the road, alone, because I miss my family so much. I am, neither, and neither or my brothers and sisters in my pipeline family. We are hard working men and women, that sacrifice so much to provide for our families. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart. God bless you, your husband and your children. I my self am a pipe liners wife. He began as nothing but a hand for a refrigeration co.

He put in his time and on every lunch break or any of time that he had he was in the yard practicing his welding skills. He eventually made it to be an actual welder a DAMN FINE one at that and that led to about 12 years in the industrial refrigeration field, until one day he came to me and said he decided that he wanted to go pipelining.

Those are the pipeliners who give them all a bad name! Reckless and careless individuals. Yikes, Amber! It sounds like you know of an oilfield worker who has made questionable decisions. It is always so unfortunate when we decide to group a category of people by the actions of a few.

Traveling Welder jobs

It is even more unfortunate when we relate the profession of an individual with their actions. I am so glad that we agree that oil fielders are not trash! I love this. My dad has been a pipeline welder since he was old enough to test.

Reality of Travel Welding Next semester I am going to start taking classes to work towards my welding certification. A few of the teachers I have talked to have said (and something I have heard in general) is that welding jobs are even better when you are willing to travel. 68 Traveling Welder jobs available on Apply to Welder, Structural Welder, Millwright and more! Dating a traveling welder - Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man.

He has traveled all over the world including Alaska he wants to move there and Canada where he was offered dual citizenship. Growing up, I never thought twice about hopping in his filthy welding rig when he picked me up at school. I was just ecstatic that my daddy was back in Texas for a little while! My parents divorced when I was young and the man my mom married worked for Union Pacific railroad.

Now, my husband also works for the railroad and the lifestyle that comes with it is similar in many ways to that of a welder lifestyle. Handling the day to day on our your own certainly wears you out. But it also makes the time together that much sweeter! I am thankful to read this article from a like-minded wife. Your husband and babies are blessed!

It is nice to know there are other wives who feel this same way! But I was taught that trash was a derogatory term and am unable to wear or use the term with pride. I value what my husband does to make sacrifices in his profession. My son is also a welder and I have been a helper.

It was an eye opener to be on the job with them even though I already was aware of their struggles. No trash in those two welders, just hard workers who love their families and take pride in themselves. Thank God. Thank you, too, for spreading awareness.

Thank you so much for stopping by Shawnee. It is hard work and we appreciate their dedication. We want them to have pride and feel united, we just want them to leave the trash talk out of it. They deserve so much more. Your guys and mine! Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I am so glad this is touching hearts. I also hate that poor representation of a Welder! Althouth there are many welders who go on the road and act a fool there are many that are Good Hard Working Men that honor their wives.

It is mentally tough to be lonely. That saying is immaturity and lack of pride for the industry and takes away from the real professionals that carry the load for fools that throw a welder on the back and think they are something.

Thank you young lady. May god bless you and your family. It is hard work, Jim, but the men who do it are wonderful, devoted, dedicated and strong. I am so proud to say my husband is a pipeliner. I sure hope your family tells you the same. God bless you and yours this Christmas season!

Thanks for taking the time to send me this message. It means so much. Thank you, Tara, for taking the time to send me this message. Thank you for reading.

It is so wonderful to know that so many of us feel the exact same way.

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This is perfect! Like you were reading my mind! Thank you so much for these precious words. Just found my newest blog to follow!

i work as a boilermaker and i travel a lot. You love it and you hate it. It's hard to maintain a relationship but i manage to do it. You're doing it because the money is good. when i do work i . TRAVELING welder for long straight seams. Increase production with our traveling welder while minimizing material handling. The is designed to travel . Aug 06,   He's a welder here in Virginia and it hit over 99 today and I wanted to see if there were any suggestions to keep him cool. Your blog was so refreshing. It is hard as a welder's wife knowing that your best friend is out in the blistering heat, or drinking enough water or catching on fire.

God bless you and your sweet family. You are all in my prayers. Thank you so much, Tracey. I am so glad you ended up on my page.

Thanks so much for following and sharing! It is such a blessing to have such a wonderful community of oilfield families. Merry Christmas!

I have cried my eyes out reading this it is so true!!! My husband does not work on the pipeline but he does run construction welding and operating and yes we go when we can and live in the camper with him and sometimes we go for three months before we see him depending on how far he is working from home and we have three little girls!!!

I am so glad this touched your heart, Shelly. Bless you and your husband and your three sweet grils this Christmas season! I hope it is a time of togetherness and love. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a minute to share your heart.

I feel so much like you my son works In a quarry by Odessa Texas lives in a small camper to save his money for his wife and kids stealing every minute he can head home to Clyde Texas 3 hours away to see his family. My loving daughter n law work at post office to help them too. Thank God that family and faith keeps them strong. My grandfather and many men in our family have made their livings in the oilfield in some form or another working hard to take care of their families there is no trash in work hard.

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Our country was built on hard honest work. May your family be as blessed as ours. Thanks so much for taking the time share that with me, Kim. You are right. There is no shame in hard honest work. We are blessed to have men in our families who have taught us this! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season!

So glad you stopped by! My husband is oilfild we are from louisiana and I see this on trucks all the time. I know how you feels I go a week at a time hopping and praying that my husband comes off that jackup boat safe to our two daughters and myself. I see tv shows on about the life of all kinds of crazy People just one time would I like to see a strong oilfield family on tv.

Thanks for helping all oilfield familys know they are not tbe only ones out there that feel that way. I have friends and family who stand by my husband and I but I know not everyone has that so thanks again! Wow I love it. My husband and I can relate very well on what you wrote.

Dating a traveling welder

I husband has been a pipeline for 36 years now. They would have signs in their yards saying No Pipeline Here. I was afraid of letting people know we were with the pipeline.

Last year when my husband went to purchase a four wheeler after work. No one of the employees would help my husband because he had dirt on his clothes after a day of working hard. When my husband yelled, can I get some help here.

An employee finally came over to help. My husband wanted to purchase the new four wheeler but the employee wanted to show him a used four wheeler. My husband said he wanted someone else to help him. The other employee was much nicer and my husband bought the four wheeler. Never judge someone by how they are dressed!!! My husband told him that. Thanks for sharing.

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I am a proud daughter of a welder. Almost all of the men in my family are pipeliners. I was raised following my daddy across this country, living in a travel trailer coming home only for the school year. I saw more of this country in 18 years than most see in a lifetime. I went to 5 different schools before Christmas as a first grader. We moved from town to town learning to find a grocery store, post office and a laundry mat.

While as a child, I wanted to spend summers at home with my friends, however my life was much richer spending time with my family. Daddy worked from sunup to sundown often coming home caked in mud, but we were always glad to see him. He was the hardest working man I have ever known. My daddy took great pride in his work and we were incredibly proud of him.

Thank you so much for posting this! I just had to share your link and my pride for my welder husband with all of my facebook friends! Keep up the good work!

My husband is also a oklahoma pipelined! He works his butt off every day for me and our son! You are an amazing family adored by our beautiful Savior! I love all of your pieces, I think I have read most of them by now!

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God is using you and your precious family for glorious things Thank you for being a light! This goes for all of your writing pieces.

I found this article on Facebook today and I want to thank you for writing this. No one seems to understand how I feel or how difficult it is for both of us. This article definitely helped. Thanks for this! My fiance just passed his test to become a pipefitter and I have no idea what to expect.

This was so eye-opening. Thank you!! I happened to stumble across your blog somewhere on social media and was immediately directed to the post about Finding Hope After Miscarriage. We lost our baby about 2 months ago and I went through such a weird grieving process. Then I realized that this was normal and it is how we are supposed to grieve. After reading through that post, I noticed on the side column that you have a post about being a welders wife.

Instantly I felt like we were going to be best friends. My husband finishes up welding school in 4 weeks and we are overwhelmed with what life is going to look like. We just talked about all of this the other night and I feel like I put so many stipulations on what I was willing to do. Your post made me realize how much I need to show him that appreciation and not expect that he knows it. And that I really need to be open to whatever the Lord has for us.

My dream has been to be in full-time ministry similar to another post of yours and work with students high school or college age. Just would like to say that people do not appreciate the hard work these men do. God Bless and you have a beautiful family. I stumbled across you on facebook a little while back. It really hits home for me as a mother of three little ones. Then I read your post on the little girl and her mom in the dressing room and decided I wanted to know a little more about you.

I discovered this and it about brought me to tears. My college-educated husband left a management job to go to work in the oilfield so that we could return to his hometown and I could stay at home with our girls. Thank you for putting many of my thoughts into words! Beautifully written and brougt tears to my eyes. He may not be on a pipeline yet, that is his goal, I know he works hard for us everyday, dirty and hot under his hood.

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I feel to my heart everything and every emotion you expressed. My 22 year old son has been working as a welder helper on the pipelinesfor almost 2 years and is about ready to test as a welder. This story made me cry, my husband Billy is 63 and been a welder all his life and loves it! He has had a couple of heat spells. He does this all for is his family. He takes very good care of us.

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He takes such pride in his work. He even makes BBQ pits for family members and frames for swing sets for our new babies. He is a hard worker as you would know. He gets up at and goes to work and gets home at 6 days a week. Never does he complain. What u said about soap stones made me laugh. I would put mine up against any office worker! Trade jobs a day in dead Texas heat. Lol thank you again. As the wife of a forrmer derick hand who worked the fields in N.

It was NOT a bad thing! They made good money, were up standing members of their community, great husbands, fathers, etc. We now have sons working in the oil field, one is very hands on, working long hard hours everyday, welding and inspecting on the pipe line, moved his family to Eastern Montana in order for them to he close.

The people who use those words to hurt others are probably the ones who are to lazy to get out and get dirty! Continue to be proud of your man and support him for he is one of the good men supporting his family, not looking for handouts! God Bless You! I live in a town in west Texas and we just recently got a lot of business for the oilfield.

My husband worked in the oilfield for awhile but stopped so he could be home more. I have to say I agree with everything you just said. There is nothing trashy about working in the oilfield. It hurts me very much and annoys me beyond belief when I see people with stickers like that on their vehicles.

A Day In The Life As A Welder

Most of the people who do use them though, are young and have just started. My husband, like yours, is extremely hard working and loves to provide for his family. He refuses to let me use any the money I earn to pay bills even though I totally do not mind.

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The oilfield boom is a blessing to our family and most of the men that I know that work in it definitely are NOT trash!! I was looking for something online to help me help my husband beat the heat. Your blog was so refreshing. I light a candle for him everyday when he has to be out of town to make sure that the Universe brings him home safe and sound.

Thanks for sharing your story!! Your story touched my heart. Thank you so much for standing up. I too am a welders wife, and although mine doesnt work on pipeline but rather refineries, I have never read anything as true as this. Well said! God bless the hard working men and women and their families at home praying for their safety. Great article, and I agree to an extent. Many of those places we were put down, people were rude to be rude and heard many times about how trashy we were and how we will never make a good family or have a good marriage.

Well, I have met many families who embraced oilfield trash and have wonderful marriages, smart kids with manners, and salt of the earth folks. All of them have had to stand their own in public places and many of us stand together in our oilfield life. We are oilfield trash and there is nothing wrong if it means being being good people who work hard for a living and support our families, it is much better to be that then the people who were calling us that.

My baby boy and his wife live the pipeline life. I worry about him constantly in the heat and the cold. The daily danger he encounters. He works hard to provide a good life. You nailed it my husband is a superintendent in ND and I struggle with a severe auto immune dieases and he works so hard so I can get treatment.

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Thank you for sharing. I love this story!! Thank you for this. All too often people dont understand what we as wives go through or what our FABULOUS husbands go through to keep a rooc over our head, diapers on our babies and food on the table!

Great article! I am also a welders wife, I have a full time job and im a mother.

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This is a great piece. We arent in the oilfield or pipeline. I am very blessed for him to be able to stay at home every night instead of being on the road.

But I am very proud that my husband has worked his way up and even though he comes home drenched in sweat from working in a metal building with no air, covered in grind dust, and exhausted.

Just to get home in time to eat dinner and kiss our son good night before having to wake up at 4 a. He has had to miss out on weekends, family trips and we have never had the time to take a vacation due to his work schedule.

Nevertheless i will still put a smile on my face, cook him a meal, wash his disgusting clothes that get little shards of metal all in my dryer and do it all without complaint because i thank God that we are lucky enough for him to have such a great job.

Dating a traveling welder - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Ron Barnes has traveled all over the United States as a rig welder/pipefitter. He started his career in the metal trades at the ripe old age of 17 working along with his uncles in a sheet metal shop in Amarillo, TX. He rose up through the ranks learning how to run shears, ironworkers, break presses and doing layouts for sheet metal fabrication. 45 traveling welder jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New traveling welder careers are added daily on The low-stress way to find your next traveling welder job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 45 .

Thank you for having the courage to speak out against the arrogant and inconsiderate who think they should try to flaunt their ignorance. What makes you trashy is the lifestyle a person decides to live.

I can proudly say mine are great men of integrity! I love your story. I travel and work with my husband on the pipeline. You could not not have said it better about the life we live out here.

Our life to a T! He rose up through the ranks learning how to run shears, ironworkers, break presses and doing layouts for sheet metal fabrication. Ron was helping a buddy assembling wood burning stove kits when he saw a way to make a wood burning stove more efficient.

That wasbyRon had created a line of stoves, obtained multiple patents and had launched Elk Pine Manufacturing, a company that grew to 42 employees. Elk Pine Stoves became known throughout the Central Midwest for its quality and efficiency. Ready for a change, Ron sold Elk Pine Stoves and headed out for new ventures as a contractor to included building and maintaining five portable cement plants for Hunt Concrete.

What started as a simple idea on a sketch pad has now become an actual product with a Design Patent.

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