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Both Serbian men and Serbian women are the kind of a people you want to have around. Serbians are highly active both in town and outdoors and make for a great partner to enjoy party nights or long hiking days, theater visits or extreme bicycle rides, evenings with a large group of friends or bungee jumping. Amongst the tallest nations on the old continent, both Serbian men and women impress with slender bodies usually above cm, chocolate dark hair, soft brown eyes, and usually glowing, moderately tanned skin. The mixture between Slavic genes and several other ethnicities has done miracles for the looks of Serbian people. The beauty of dating a Serbian is that you can relax and rest assured the person next to you will be loyal. And Serbian men will respect a lady if she acts like one. Because they have been brought up with high moral values and have a great ability to combine those values with modern-day lifestyle.

They do all the house chores with pleasure and know how to please their man. They are wonderful cooks and will always please you with a warm and tasty dinner. But there are lots of differences, of course.

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Unlike Slavic women, Bosnian brides are very open. They do not mind talking freely about their feelings, no matter whether they are positive or negative.

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Slavic women are more closed and prefer to keep their emotions inside. They prefer a man to make a guess. But Bosnian women do not hide their emotions and tell you everything directly no matter whether you like it or not.

This may be the only drawback of these Balkan beauties while not each man likes to hear the negative truth. They just have such an open and sociable personality. Who knows, you might be lucky though. But if you choose to date Bosnian women online, you will move in the right direction. Nowadays more and more Bosnian women keep joining dating sites to find their western husband. We from Best-Matchmaking do not have profiles of Bosnian women in our foreign brides gallery yet. But you can always browse the profiles of Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Belarussian brides on our site.

Our special video-chat that is very different from that on other dating sites, will help you lead a face-to-face real-time conversation with your dream woman. And our Romantic tour will help you meet her in person. No matter a lady from what country you will choose - Bosnia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, or maybe Colombia - do not forget that women love to be treated like a tender flower.

It means that they need your attention, care, and support. We understand how difficult it is for men from western countries to adjust to Slavic culture.

Yes, Bosnian brides are great but unfortunately for you, they are not very open towards western guys. As it was mentioned above, you will need to put lots of effort to make her wish to leave her country for you. They make perfect girlfriends but not every Bosnian girl is . Dec 09,   Need this advice from a Bosnian Guy. I know that there will be some American guys that will have good tips, but I need it from a man who might have a similar cultural experience, where he had to leave his Country (B & H) as a 15 year old boy because of the conflicts during that time. Dec 15,   Do Bosnian women/men date non Bosnians? (dating, married, love) family structure is tight and intermarrying is not looked upon as being a good thing. When I lived in Serbia, I dated a Bosnian Serb, but they are different from the Bosniaks. a city that took in a large Bosnian population to escape war and for the most part they stay with.

For that purpose, our professional matchmakers and coaches will teach you how to behave with a Slavic woman and will help you choose your future wife. Our dating membership plans and International matchmaking packages at reasonable prices will become your ticket to a happy life with your Slavic wife. Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dating Bosnian women: Your complete guide on Bosnian dating Hello gentlemen! Where is Bosnia? Online dating success statistics: Does online dating work?

BOSNIAN MEN ONLY: What should an american woman dating a bosnian man know?

What are Bosnian brides like? So you will definitely not regret it. The character of Bosnian brides You will not meet a Bosnian girl who would behave like a typical European lady. Check a FREE gallery of single foreign women! Viktoriya 28 y. Tatiana 50 y. Mayko 31 y. Alina 21 y. Alina 31 y. Elena 27 y.

Anna 26 y.

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Svetlana 39 y. Love the way he shake his head!

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By the looks of this article you don't know what your missing. Only a Balkan man can treat you right. Too bad your missing that 'Man' in your life girls. All the best in the future. I'm an asian from Philippines and I love Balkan countries. Especially Macedonia! Gospod da te blagoslovi! I agree with all - I'm also married to a Balkan man, an Albanian, who is especially great for the family.

Just as amazing he has a great intellect and is a great entreprenuer that can run a very successful business. Being handy is an asset that very few have, which is a plus for a Balkan man. I'm a Balkan man, from northwesternmost part of Croatia, little peninsula called "Istra". This is arguably not Balkans per se, but the powerful echoes of Balkan culture still distincly resound there too along with Italian and central european influences. Istra is a multicultural and natural heaven with reach history, beautiful climate and gorgeous Adriatic coast.

This has meant that everyone has at some time wanted to own it, including Venetians, Austrians and even Napoleon. I've been living in Melbourne, Australia for the best part of last two decades recent Balkan wars partly shaped my destiny. This means I'm a Balkan man with a difference :. While I loved the accounts of cross-cultural joy experienced by a lot of you in your relationships, let me stress that us Balkan men are by no means easy and can hardly be generalised to be "all smiles und sunshine".

Balkans is the birthplace and stronghold of MACHISM and a lot of nice manly traits described by a lot of you can often be overshadowed and even overpowered by exactly that in many men from this part of the world. While this is perhaps unfortunate from the point of view of relationships, it is hardly unexpected given the fact that history in this part of the world has been anything but peaceful.

Balkans has through the ages been a border reagion and a trench between religious traditions and empires and this has meant that it's men are tougher than most. I can safely say that I still love all my Ex girlfriends that reached that status with me, even the ones that perhaps don't deserve it given their eventual revelation of character.

Balkan men are passionate and emotionally intelligent and many of us owe those traits to our mothers more than our fathers. Hello to all. Reading your article and all your comments i got a wish to get in this conversation.

remarkable, very amusing

I'm born and raised in Macedonia and still i'm living here ,i have never got out of here ,but knowing too many people living outside i have realized that the Balkan people are simply the best and Balkans countries are one of the best for living ,maybe someone will miss understood me or get mad on my coz of my sentence but it is what it is. Looking forward to my life there is still time that i should go thru it. I'm only 18 years olbut i'm living my live different than others ,lookin on the life very very seriously from my 14 birthday.

Here on the Balkans u can find everythin that u can find on WEST or SOUTH or EAST but u can find much more that u can't find anywhere in the worlone of those things is our social life ,we have type of life that we cant life without our neighbors coming in our houses on coffee or without our family coming at my home without calling but it that is the beauty and happiness ,we've learned that without social life like our we can't be happy.

Other thing i will agree with one sentence that someone up have wrote it : "we are hard to get in love ,but when we fall in love we love for life" I still love the girl that i first fall in love ,and that was like 5years ago. I have a serious relationship now with a girl that i love the most in the world and with the girl that i wanna get married one day ,but still i love the one that i met 5 years ago.

Thats our life ,and our way of living. Our parents and grandparents are teaching us that we should be stronger and keep our family and our friends close,not to hate etc.

If some of u haven't come on the Balkans ,especially Macedonia,Serbia and all others from former Yugoslavia ,u should get on plane now and come to see what i'm talkin about. You will experience something that u have only dreamed for. I am a year old woman, born and raised in America. I am currently being romantically pursued by a year-old man who moved to America from Yugoslavia 10 years ago. We met in the supermarket. He seems very nice but made me uncomfortable by telling me "how sexy" I was and asking if I would make him dinner.

We exchanged numbers and he is still calling asking for a date. I am interested but. I am hoping for some insight on how men view their women in your culture. I do not want to date a man who grew up in a culture that views men as dominant and women as subordinate. My advice would be as follows: I think the best way is to be yourself, if you don't like to be someone's servant then simply, don't be. Be as assertive as possible. Firstly, however, I would discuss the issue with the young man in question and ask him how he views you and what he would like you to do.

Only then I would be ready to draw some conlusions; if you don't feel comfortable with his idea of relationship, then be brave and say so, and in your place, I would be very firm on that.

After all, he is not the only man on the planet, so you don't have to feel obliged to say yes to every relationship there is. Maria Don't me confused. If you not see this in Balkan menjust the ''european things'' how is in other sides of Europe are in his head already.

Just the Balkan mens are very diferent than the Mens in all other European areas. If he is with you as everybody for u he looks as everybody when comunicate it mean that he just do it cause ''should'' if he want to adapt to the atmosphere. He asked you about did you can make him dinner. You can be sure that you met with real Balkan men.

I mean not actor or he to try to be somebody who he is not. Just whatever you choose to do with him, you can be sure that he is himselfwich mean he will be easy to be explored by you. I Agree!!! He is the only guy in my life that i have gone out with that treats me with so much respect and yes, i call him 'handy man', because anything that brakes he knows how to fix it and yes, he was in the army:. I can't wait to get married to him.

Have a lovely marriage! I love him, but most of the time, his pride, ego, jealousy and anti-antisemitism consumes him and gets the best of him. Yes the ego and pride Balkan pride are killers! The geography is not the only reason for conflict the short sighted egotism is at the core of their dysfunctionality and blatant disregard for others.

Where is Bosnia?

I agree completely. Same story with my Bosnian man whom I love deeply, but it is challenging at times. Hello, I want to share my expirience.

I'm 28 years women from Brazil and now I'm already 5 years married with one awesome Bulgarian men and we have 2 amaizing daughters who are like angels. Now we liveing in the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna city. Here are very good peoples, blue water and beautiful sun.

From when we met.

For one Bulgariansomebody to touch his wife, to say something not good to heror make problem to some member of his family. For him, his wife, girlfriend, family. One Balkan men will feel most good when he knows that he is ''the head of the family''. He expect from me to be very, really very gentlel and warm to him. And something for endlittle funny but really true: The Balkan men is the men who can make you the most happy women in the world all the time, specially when you are with him in your bedroom.

Best wishes to you ladies and gentlemen. And ladies, if you ever meet Balkan guy, be sure that inside himself, he will be happy to see one matured, serious women who is interested in him. Yes, but Charlote mentioned "the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna city. I'm not know about all your expirience with Balkan mens but I want to share something wich i forget in my lst post. Before I meet my husband I met with some other mens from diferent Balkan countries no, i not wanted just change themjust the destiny met me with them.

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In this post I would want to share the negatives and positives sides of the Balkan mens from diferent countries wich I met. To not sounds like ''just someone'' i want to notice that I know mens from almost all Balkan countries.

The things wich I will write will be positive sides of the mens and the negatives. When I write the negatives I want to say true that I'm not opposite nobody. And when is about help to you ladiesI will wrote all their positives and all their negatives. Well, I hope my info will be useful:. They like ''the table''many food, drinks, music wich they want to share those things with their family or friends.

This thing with the Serbians is little more than with the mens in the other Balkan countries - they like it very often - as negative side or positivethis depends of you ladies.

They like to cheat. I were with 3 Serbians and they all cheated me. One Serbian would talk to you about wars too much. The Balkan countries never have been ally and between them before have many many wars.

Dating bosnian guys

Well, many of the Serbian mens still talk about it and like to talk about it. When they have beautiful half. Sometimes the Serbians are rude in the bad way with their half wich I saw it many many times. In the bed: They are really very good but their love game is very shortthis is positive or negative thingsagain depends how you like.

When they are with their half outside. For biger part of them, ''the word'' of their half is like ''rule''. They are friendly peoples and try to make friendships with peoples from whole Balkans because they what everything to be calm. The thing wich I not like in them is that many of them are lazy. Also when they have oppornityagain they are lazy. They like to kiss many do it more than other things wich they do.

Bosnian Women #Stereotypes

Well, the Albanians. I cant found something positive in them and they are the peoples wich I will never meet if I can back my past. They are more bad thanoh, I not know what word to use.

help you?

The peoples from all Balkan countries hate them and before I really not know why. Rude, unpolite, uneducated, very very lazy, ohi think I will use big place if I continue to write about their negatives. In the bed: I'm thank to God that I never not do mistake like this.

This is 1st thing wich I remember about the Greek mens - working. Whatever they work, they work really hard all the time. They care less about their vision than the mens from the other Balkan countries but they want to look good, by the way. Thing wich I not like in them is that one Greek is ready to make you sure that everything is born origin in Greece also when they wrong.

They like the tavern and enjoy all the time. In the bed: I'm not were there with Greek but many friends told me that they are nice. He feel ''alive'' when he is the boss. If you meet Bulgarian and he is not like thisbe sure that he is not himself or just he is very good actor cause maybe think that you not like this. I'm shocked from the 1st day when we began to live together! Not all are like this. I not like in one Bulgarian, thing like.

If you cheat him.

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Some are very lazy and some work hard. If you are the women wich one Bulgarian need can cook, can clean, beautiful, extremely gentle and warm and respect him - he will respect you as his princess and show you that you are the one for him and will do all possible to make you happy.

For one Bulgarian ''his is the best''. They are very serious mens wich not like the games, specially when they want something big long. They can be very gentle if you know what to say. In the bed: Wildno taboos. I'm matured women. I have intensive contact with mens from 17 years old and I can tell you that only one Bulgarian dare to tell you what you to do with his. They are very serious mens and try everything to be perfect.

Their problem is that they like to talk about war many too.

idea magnificent

Example is the autor of this tread who is lucky :. They also care about their vision as the Bulgarians and are very open-minded. In the bed: They are like Croatianssomething like this. And again I tell that all info is based on my expirience and the expirience of my closest friends please get the things wrong as I made my sex tour around the Balkans :D.

Just trying to help you :. Oh Sasa!!! It was about her sex experiencesHer best sex experience had been with an Albanian from New York City. She had seen numerous blacks and whites, different sizes but the experience with the Albanian had been unforgettable. She said she was heartbroken because the Albanian guy got married with a girl from his country regardless the great, great sex.

English she said are horrible. And you Sasa have missed that part. They have the sweetest sex ever, unbeatable. As for the rest I agree with you. Interesting post. I am a canadian woman and personally I have had a very bad experience with my Macedonan husband who I met in Toronto.

After experiencing the immense torture and physical and mental abuse ,I couldn't take it any lo ger and had to call the police on him. After my experience with him I thought all Macedonian men were like that. But I was probably very clouded by my sufferings. She loves to wear the color black. Yes, black is like an unofficial uniform for Balkan women. They wear the color each and every season and always manage to pull it off.

Learn geography. She probably has a weird first and last name. Hold your liquor down. Balkan women love to drink alcohol. In fact, they have some of the best livers in the world. They also love hard liquor so make sure you always have a decent supply of vodka, Rakia, and whiskey.

Learn to appreciate music from her homeland. Balkan women are generally in amazing shape and they know it and they work hard to maintain it.

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