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Dating and intimate relationships create some questions for people who are separated but not yet legally divorced. How do you navigate such a tricky situation? From a legal standpoint, there are two things you need to consider. Where you live makes a difference. You have to live in a separate residence - not in separate rooms of the family house, not even in a separate apartment over the family garage - but in an entirely separate location. You do not have to file a legal document to begin a separation, although some people prefer to do so.

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You have to live in a separate residence - not in separate rooms of the family house, not even in a separate apartment over the family garage - but in an entirely separate location. You do not have to file a legal document to begin a separation, although some people prefer to do so. Second, once you are separated, are there any restrictions on forming relationships with other people?

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Yes, and no. With limited exceptions, once you are separated, you are generally free to date anyone who wants to date you with one big exception.

South Carolina men's divorce attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions with regards to the divorce process and divorce laws in South Carolina. South Carolina recognizes no-fault and fault based grounds for divorce. For a no-fault divorce, the parties must have lived separate and apart without cohabitation (not just in another. South carolina. Divorce procedure can i can be complex. The home during the property is signed by the consent of adultery. Aug 10, cheating and other person the pendency of south carolina which requires one year of continuous separation for a divorce in s. There is no "legally separated" in South Carolina. There is a one year period of continuous separation period for a no fault divorce ground. Until the divorce is final any dating could be seen as adultery and be used against them in the divorce proceeding. A divorce attorney can give more information.

After you and your spouse are separated, you can file an agreement with the court, have it approved by the judge, and have what amounts to a legal separation. This is not a divorce; the parties are still married.

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Parties do not have to have this Order to fulfill the one year separation requirement for a no-fault divorce in South Carolina. This is adultery. If conduct would have been considered adultery during a marriage, it is still considered adultery during the period of separation, as the parties are still married.

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Getting divorced is not only confusing emotionally, but also legally. People find themselves trying to figure out child support, child custody, property division, who is going to keep the house, etc.

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That is why it is so important to seek legal counsel during a separation or divorce. These are the most important things in your life, and you want to make sure your interests are protected.


If you have questions about divorce or are looking for a family law attorney in Summerville, South Carolina give me a call at I have been asked many times what it means to be separated in South Carolina. What is the definition of legal separation?

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What is the difference between legal separation vs. Is there a legal separation form? Is there a legal separation agreement?

In some states, you can go to court and be given a legal separation, but there is no such thing as legal separation in South Carolina. In this state, you are either "married" or "divorced," but there is no marital status that is in between. Adultery is one of the reasons someone can get a fault divorce in South Carolina. The definition of adultery is very broad in South Carolina. It can be dating someone during the marriage, which most people understand adultery to be. It can also be dating someone after you filed for divorce. Aug 10,   As divorce attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina, oftentimes our clients ask us whether they can start dating while they are separated from their you start setting up your profile on eHarmony or swiping through Bumble or Tinder looking for a match, it is important to know how dating during separation may impact your divorce in South Carolina.

What is the cost for a legal separation? What is the process for a legal separation? Legal separation is a family court order that spells out the rights and the duties of a couple while they are still married but living apart.

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These rights and duties may include financial obligations, child support, custody, and other marital issues. In many cases, a couple may not see eye-to-eye on these decisions especially when they first separate. For detailed information, please read our article about Temporary Relief in South Carolina.

Jul 25,   The most important consideration when discussing dating and divorce is that post-separation conduct, including dating, can be used as evidence of adultery that took place during the marriage. If child custody or alimony are issues in your case, . Jul 05,   Separation in South Carolina simply means that you and your spouse no longer live together. There is no legal status between being married and divorced, although there may be court orders put in place during the time of separation. Dozier Miller Law Group N. Tryon St. Suite Charlotte, NC Fax:

There is no law that specifically states that you may not date another person while you are separated. Even in situations where it may seem to you as if your spouse is accepting the divorce, he or she may turn jealous and angry because you are dating.

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