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Production Year Approximate date the movement of a watch is produced. Factory records differ from year-to-year and factory-to-factory. Some records are more complete than others. For this reason, many factory production dates are approximate. Size System developed and agreed-upon by American watch manufacturers to determine the diameter of a watch movement.

Be careful not to scratch or damage the movement.

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Consider uploading images of your watch by creating a collection account on the website. This is compeltely free and assists in promoting research in American horology.

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Understand that many companies did not keep accurate or complete records. As a result, information displayed on this site may have inaccuracies.

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This is to be expected, and we have included an option to report inaccurate information on the result pages so the database can be continually improved. Serial Number:.

Brief history of the Elgin National Watch Company including watch serial numbers and production dates. Traces the evolution of the Elgin National Watch Company, America's largest watch manufacturer, from their founding in until their demise years later. Learn more about your Elgin watch. A "hanging barrel" is a version of the going barrel that is supported by the. movement only at its upper end - a space-saving design. A "motor" or "safety barrel" is used in pocket watches aroun a reverse. variant of the going barrel in which the spring is wound by turning the barrel, and. This database is the most complete and accurate records of Elgin watches that I know of. That said, I know of errors in it, and I know that it isn't complete. If there are any discrepancies, verify the serial number. If the serial number is correct please let me know about the problem by emailing me. How to Open a Watch Case.

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Including Elgin Watch Serial Numbers and Production Dates

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Elgin Watches Serial Numbers Elgin National Watch Company Serial Number, Elgin pocket watch. Glossary. Production Year Approximate date the movement of a watch is produced. Factory records differ from year-to-year and factory-to-factory. Some records are more complete than others. For this reason, many factory production dates are approximate. Elgin National Watch Company Serial Number, Elgin pocket watch. Home. Elgin National Watch Company. In the spring of half a dozen ambitious Chicago businessmen decided that if Massachusetts could build a factory that built watches - Illinois could, too. Harper's magazine summed their sentiment perfectly: "It was the genuine. Info, specs, and value American antique pocket watches, with serial number lookups for manufacturers such as Elgin, Illinois, Waltham, and Hamilton Elgin National Watch Co. Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup & IdentifySerial No.: #

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Elgin Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup

Potter Warren Manufacturing Co. Western Clock Manufacturing Co. Jewels also hold the microscopic droplets of oil that lubricate each tiny pivot point.

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While a certain number of jewels are necessary at vital points, an increase beyond this number does not always mean an increase in watch quality.

Grade The grade of a movement is the identification of the level of quality to which it is finished, generally reflecting the amount of labor that went into them.

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There is some relationship to the cost of materials, but the greater cost was the labor to finish and adjust the parts to the precision necessary for good timekeeping and, to a lesser extent, the pleasing appearance of the movement. For cases, the value of the material was a much greater proportion, with some extra labor going into engraved designs.

Dating elgin watches by serial number

Model Much like the model of a car, the model of a watch movement indicates the style of the piece and the level of labor and jeweling that went into the movement. Model names and numbers are used to determine railroad eligibility use and level of construction.

Models names can be words or numbers. Class An internal notation used by a watch factory to note the level of production and type of a watch movement.

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This category can be used to note subtle differences between models and grades. Movement Configuration The movement configuration of a watch identifies whether it was manufactured to go in a hunting case - a watch case with a cover that opens when the crown is pushed; or, whether it is designed for use in an open-face case, which has no cover.

Movement Setting The setting of a watch movement notes how the hands of the watch are moved to align with the correct time. This safeguard was developed to protect watches from having their hands jostled out of time accidentally. Movement Finish The movement finish of a watch traditionally refers to its appearance: color, metal or decoration.

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Barrel The barrel of a movement is the area containing its mainspring. A chain, or cord, was wound around the plain barrel, connecting it to the fusee. Going barrel is the form used in modern watches, is wound by turning the arbor and drives the watch movement by a ring of teeth around the barrel.

For Elgin watches, case serial numbers on solid gold watches will usually be only 10or less of the serial number on the movement. So, if someone is selling a watch as solid gold, and it has a movement serial number of, say, 3, and it has a case serial number of 1, a red flag should go up in your mind and you should be even more.

This enables the mainspring to continue running the watch while it is being wound.

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