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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. In , Ingersoll manufactured watches that sold for just one dollar, which was a mass produced watch that was affordable to everyone. Over time, Ingersoll developed their range of watches with a selection of higher grade and lower grade, dollar watches. Should you stumble upon a higher grade Ingersoll watch, these are considered to be worth the cost of repair and an investment piece. Ingersoll pocket watches come in a variety of materials, you will find many styles that are made of brass, which is typical of their earlier period of manufacturing.

This may be a watch from the later years however this doesn't adequately explain the very low serial number, except it be that the 7j Reliance line should have its own serial dating chart.

For accuracy's sake, this is not a lever set piece. Serial number wise I still have an early production watch even if within its own line, which may warrant more consideration in its peservation. Mat - I am sorry that you have been confused by conflicting information posted here. Comparing your watch to illustrations and examples of the Reliance model, everything about your watch looks original - dial, movement, hands and case.

Dating Ingersoll pocket watches?

It is nearly identical to mine with serialexcept mine is marked Ingersoll Watch Co. The Reliance model is not mentioned in a reprint I have of a Ingersoll booklet and catalog, from which I infer that the Ingersoll Reliance is later than However, in searching vintage ads and publications through Google Books I have found evidence that the Reliance model came out before the date cited in several other sources.

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In the April issue of the Journal of the Franklin Institute I found an article on the watch industry which included the notation that "The Ingersoll-Trenton watch factory will soon reach the per day output of the new Ingersoll Reliance watch. I have not been able to ascertain whether the Ingersoll name was added to the dial later or dropped from later production.

All of the ads I have looked at so far that show illustrations of this model to show both names on the dial. XXVI, no. He also observed that numbers were repeated and that the numbering machinery at the Trenton factory where these were made may not have been capable of 7-digit numbers and so they just started over again.

Dating ingersoll pocket watches

Summar also noted the change in name of the movements and stated his belief that the Ingersoll Watch Co. He also speculates that the "Reliance" only name on the dial was later, perhaps after I suspect yours is close to this date as it has the same screws to hold the dial from the back that my movement has, a feature that appears to be a later modification of this model, but has the earlier name on the movement.

Jerry, no apologies needed for any confusion.

May 05,   It was in the European Forum because in the 's a Britsh company bought the Ingersoll name and produced watches under, Ingersoll Ltd. The old Ingersoll Dollar Watches are what you have. Your serial number would be about the th year of Robert Ingersoll's Dollar watch production Ingersoll Watch Company Ingersoll Serial Numbers and Production Dates. Total Production: Approx. 96 Million Watches. Note that this table should only be used to date non-jeweled Ingersoll "Dollar" watches. Higher-grade Ingersoll watches with jeweled-lever movements used their own serial number sequences. Most of serial was produced watches by amazon. Smiths pocket watches are quite common. In as i always assumed that followed world war i remember. Ingersoll pocket watches from the chain of bids and costs. Here are also available for pocket watch. Need help you identify old watches were manufactured.

Research is not linear and add to that a curious example like this watch which has brought to light facets of this company's history which is making direct referencing difficult at best.

This research is part of my fascination with this field of interest.

Ingersoll Pocket Watches. The Ingersoll watch company was launched in the USA in by Robert Hawley and his brother Charles Ingersoll. In , Ingersoll manufactured watches that sold for just one dollar, which was a mass produced watch that was affordable to everyone. *NICE CONDITION ANTIQUE INGERSOLL YANKEE POCKET WATCH WITH BOX*; New Listing s 16S Pocket Watch Colt Gun theme Dial & Case Runs Well; Vintage Pocket Watch Ingersoll 16S Great Britain Working Serviced,MINT; Ingersoll Sweepster Shock Proof Vintage Mechanical Wind Up Pocket Watch. New Listing RUNS - - INGERSOLL YANKEE - DOLLAR POCKET WATCH W/ ORIGINAL ; VINTAGE 20s INGERSOLL MODEL 10 VARIATION STEMWIND SLIDE SET EARLY POCKET WATCH; Rare Ingersoll Triumph Rim Wind Skeleton Movement Open Face Pocket Watch; Vintage Original Ingersoll Donald Duck pocket Watch All Original Great.

Much like genealogy. Either way, I appreciate all of the input thus far from everyone. It seems my particular watch may be the result of "Choice 'D'; all of the above" meaning it's got to be a very late production run evidenced by the metal dial sans "Ingersoll", yet having the earlier-named movement, and to top it off a recurring and possibly untraceable 5 digit serial number.

I wonder if this is a salesman's demo piece or some such thing. For some reason we have the later dial and name change with a NOS movement. If the serial numbers do repeat as posited by Summar, that renders the serial ineffective as a dating tool without a line specific chart showing the repeat sequencing. Only then can it be used in conjunction with the dial design change timeframe to narrow down the date of manufacture.

Adam, I look forward to any other you may come across. Yes Jerry did a great job. PW Collector Registered User. Aug 3, I just saw this post and surprised to see it in the European section since these are American manufactured watches. As mentioned previously, these Ingersoll watches cannot be dated using the serial numbers and matching them to the published approximate production dates. Shown above is an advertisement from showing the new Ingersoll Reliance.

The first watch shown, sorry, but I do not have The hands for this one yet has an enamel over metal dial marked, Ingersoll Reliance. The movement is marked Robt. If you used the Ingersoll serial number table it would date this at which is definitely not correct.

obviously were mistaken

In post 8, Jess states his has a partial serial number with the last number either 2 or 8. In post 11 by Mat, in photo 3 there appears to be a number under the screw also. I could be wrong though. The second watch shown has only Reliance on the metal dial and the seconds dial is different.

The movement is marked, Ingersoll Watch Co. The serial number is fully visible and is This serial number islower than the first watch shown and I would think this movement marked Ingersoll Watch Co. I just thought I would through another twist to this thread. Thanks, Dave.

I have one of these with SNThese were made at the former Trenton Watch Co factory after Ingersoll bought it. I have always figured the date on mine to be Mine has the enamel dial like Dave's first pic above.

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These are a special size watch and require a special "Reliance" case. Okay, Tom Your watch has a much higher serial number than mine but yet has the enamel dial Also of note is that my case says nothing except "Made in the US", but for all appearances looks original Dave, the watch I have is the same as the watch in the left-hand lowest corner of your last post.

The case only has the "Made in US" notation but nothing else.

Dating Ingersoll Pocket Watches durden (yes like the movie character)) this man started as Dating Ingersoll Pocket Watches a socially Dating Ingersoll Pocket Watches challenged man trying to pick up chicks and now he has become so efficient Dating Ingersoll Pocket Watches that many men reach out to him from all around the world/ This page contains INSTRUCTIONS for using the serial number look-up tables that are found on many of our watch company history pages. The example below uses information from the American Waltham Watch Company, but that is just an example. You should consult the serial number table for the specific brand of watch movement you are trying to date. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Shipping pocket: Worldwide. No additional import charges at delivery! History item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Watch more - opens in a new window or tab. There are 1 items available. Please dating a number less ingersoll or equal to 1. Select a dating.

Definitely a 7-jewel. Quite the mystery, continued Mat, This is what the case markings should look like. My case has no markings except the Made in the US notation. Assumption now is that the case is not original, contrary to Tom's post 32 which posited that these Reliance timepieces had a special size case Let's summarize the mysteries surrounding my particular watch: 1.

The metalloid or silver case may or may not be original, depending on the above reference by Tom regarding size and your most recent post showing the manufacturer's mark The factory of production is unknown as the Trenton watches seems to all possess the "Ingersoll" marked porcelain dials What we do know IS: 1.

This is a watch possessing a low serial Robert H Ingersoll 7j movement 2. This watch has the metal dial sans "Ingersoll" name which seems to be dating it later in the production run. The case is metalloid or silver with no markings except made in the US.

Case has screw down crystal and back.

I'm packing this watch up and sending to ONE of you to take a look at! There really should be no reason for confusion nor to assume that anything about your watch is not original. First, the serial number is not useful for dating the Ingersoll-Reliance watches, so forget about making sense of that. You have to date your watch approximately by the features of your particular watch. The Rob't. The metal dial marked only Reliance tells us it was probably late in this period. I am not sure where you got the information that all watches from Trenton had enamel dials; Summar tells us that the transition to the metal dials was probably not at the same time as the move to Waterbury, and he does not say if it was before or after the move.

There is no reason to believe your dial is not original. The case is just fine and also probably original. Some were gold-filled, like Dave's case in post 35, but most were cheap base metal cases.

I suspect that only the gold-filled ones were made by the Illinois Watch Case Co. A" Your watch appears to be in good original condition and I think it is certainly collectable. Thanks, Jerry. I guess there is a point when available information to establish some degree of provenance has to be enough. Determining value or collectibility has been accomplished via this thread so I will continue on toward getting the watch functional.

Personally I like the watch very much, which adds some intrinsic value as well, but deciding whether the piece is so rare that wearing it isn't smart versus having a wearable piece was one of my goals. Now to go about getting this watch's balance wheel repaired. As a novice my other concern is how far I should get into a watch's mechanicals as I don't want to ruin any timepiece, much less one that's quite rare and valuable I was given this watch by a friend because I'm a novice and very interested in pocket watches but looking into it on this forum has shown me that the watch is deserving of more than my current skillset can provide.

all became clear

I welcome any further direction from here including the appropriate thread within which to continue. This is in response to the postings by Mat In my posting above, with the two Ingersoll Reliance watches I have been searching for correct hands for the one without hands.

It is a non-working movement but I was just interested in the hands anyway.

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I received it yesterday and this is the reason for this post. I now have three different dials. Serial No. White enamel dial. Last digit under the screw. This is a later style marked movement and dial but the serial number isnumbers lower than the top left one. Photo 5 shows the way my two cases are marked. So trying to date theses by serial number, dial style or movement markings seems a little confusing. Dave, welcome to Club Confusion! Your watch is actually 4, numbers higher than mine.

Uncanny close numbers which suggests that our two watches should be fairly identical yet you've managed to come up with yet a third face style! Seems your latest acquisition has hands that are very close to what you need although the hour hand looks slightly shorter PM me about the movement The revolving serial number theory may make more sense now but the retooling required doesn't add up to support the theory since recycling serial numbers would also mean that they'd stay 5 digit, not 6.

Don't quite know what to make of all this. Dave, is the only difference between the two enameled dials the different seconds face regarding the position of the "Made in the US" designation? Mat, My eyes sure aren't what they used to be. Make an offer. Make offer - ingersoll triumph of london pocket watch. Ingersoll pocket watch working great condition with sweep hand.

Make offer - Ingersoll pocket watch working great condition with sweep hand. Lovely Ingersoll pocket watch Cleaned and Serviced Free postage. Make offer - ingersol triumph of london. Pocket watches Ingersoll pocket watches come in a variety of materials, you will find many styles that are made of brass, which is typical of their earlier period of manufacturing. Vintage pocket watches Whilst you can find modern Ingersoll pocket watches, many collectors and enthusiasts want to opt for a vintage watch that is a true antique.

Watch features to look out for There are a range of pocket watches with either a full open face or a flip cover attached onto the watch. Shop by category. Material see all.

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