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Originally posted by lufreya. Tired, but okay. The guys say hi. Call later, but I need a nap right now. Missing you. Current Fandoms.

apologise, but, opinion

I had posted FF related things there before deciding to make a new blog for FF things specifically. Reader x everyone Dream Reader x Noctis.

Headcanon: being Noctis' sister and dating Gladio Gladio's S/O being Noctis' sister? Ooh. Wait, older or younger? Ether way, I think Noctis would not hesitate to stab Gladio. Probably when he finds. What if the reader and Noctis were secretly dating and no one knew about it until they arrived at Altissa where their secret wedding was being held but Ardyn shows up and tries to kill the reader (like how he did eith Luna) and once Noct finds out, he gets really mad and kills Ardyn, confsessing his love for the reader and a smut scene happens! ^.^ Luna is also the reader's best friend. Dating noctis - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Find single woman in the US with relations. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place.

Visionary series [contains spoilers] This series is based on the idea that the Reader is pulled into the world of FFXV and is given a great opportunity to change things.

Whether they are able to be changed or not is yet to be seen.

FFXV Imagines!!! - Headcanon: being Noctis' sister and dating Gladio

Noctis and Prompto Miscalculated Pt. Posts with pics dorkmcgee and I work together to create ultimate otome-feel-y pieces of work!

Tumblr Date Ideas! ft. WeeklyChris

Magic Reader x Nyx Ulric Thought vs. Reader x Oracle!

Just dating Noctis Lucis Caelum things: Hoooooooly shit do you have a good looking boyfriend. The worst thing is he knows it. Noct is so vain. Prince Pretty Boy loves it when he catches you looking at him. He shoots you a smug little smirk and there's that super annoying cheeky glimmer in his eyes. He doesn't do it with anyone else.

Sexy, too. Some very loving polyness among the chocobros. Good stuff.

ffxv prompto ffxv noctis x prompto prompto and noctis noctis lucis caelum prince noctis ffxv noctis gay gay problems bestfriend fandom ffxv fandom gay every fandom ever headcanon ffxv headcanons i'm gay he's gay everyone's gay promptis if youre reading this you're probably gay. Final Fantasy XV "The humans should learn a little from games and understand that this is not the end of a fantasy, but rather the beginning of a new life". Please take a minute to imagine higher-class people being either full-blooded or half-blooded vampires. So like Noctis and Gladio would be vampires and Ignis might be half vampire, but everyone else is just a vampire. Imagine there's a bunch of weird misconceptions on both ends. A bunch of awkward.

Sober Man Out by ohmyfae - Gladio takes care of his drunk friends. Fun and funny.

Dating noctis tumblr

Cute and funny. And since this is my rec list and I can do this, why not try my fic?

for that interfere

The one people seem to like the most is about how Prompto came to be part of the Crownsguard. Final Fantasy XV fanfic recs. Posted 3 years ago.

Noctis: Noctis refuses to eat healthy, and therefore his farts are pretty damn has a tendency to let out a silent yet deadly one that leaves everyone coughing. Prompto: Prompto generally eats lean and healthy except for the occasional cheat meal, which leads to frequent flatulence but doesn't necessarily smell bad. Gladio: Gladio eats lots of protein and cup noodles and. Masterlist. Please note that some might lead you to @luvleekaotix-imagines - that's just my other blog. I had posted FF related things there before deciding to make a new blog for FF things specifically Dating Noctis Lucis Caelum headcanons Dating Gladiolus Amicitia headcanons Dating Ignis Scientia headcanons Dating Prompto Argentum. Final Fantasy XV fanfic recs I've been spending an embarrassing amount of time in the FFXV tag on AO3, so I figured I may as well put that time to constructive (?) use and share some love for some.

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