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Dating is hard, right? You seek, you don't find you keep seeking. Or you seek, find, but it doesn't end well, and you keep seeking. The scenarios are many, but the long-standing question still remains: Will I ever find that one person who is right for me? A new documentary, "The Dating Project," is coming to theaters April 17, to show you're not alone in your singledom. The film, a one-night Fathom Event follows five singles somethings to somethings in their quest to find love.

They are happy and desirous of telling their stories. They want to talk about dating. Cronin: Yes. It was the women, I thought, who were looking for relationships. But I discovered quite the opposite was true. Cronin: Women hear messages from the culture, warning them about getting sidetracked by a relationship. They take on a lot of debt in college, feel guilty about all the money their parents are spending on their education, and want to go out and become titans of industry.

Apr 13,   Boston College professor Kerry Cronin challenged her students to date differently (read traditionally) to find more fulfilling, lasting relationships. "The Dating Project" documentary chronicles. Paulist Productions, Mpower Pictures and Family Theater Productions have released The Dating Project, a new documentary film available online or on DVD. [Editor's note: See CWR's April "The Dating Project" explores the challenges of singles ranging in ages from the 20s to 40s and presents solutions from Boston College professor Kerry Cronin who challenges an entirely new generation with a dating assignment.5/5(1).

I had a conversation with one young woman who was graduating our college. She said she loved her time at the school, and had grown in every area of her life, with the exception of romance. When it came to love relationships, she believed, she was worse off than when she graduated high school. I hate it that a student would be graduating from our university without growing in this important area of her life.

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CWR: Do the clergy at your campus ever discuss the issues of sexual morality with students? Do they talk about the need for chastity before marriage and fidelity within? Cronin: We talk about being men and women for others, caring for others as well as ourselves. We have a robust social justice agenda, and dating is certainly a justice issue: what it means to be a good person and to care about yourselves and others.

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I never get pushback on Catholic college campuses. Cronin: There are two basic messages. First, it is hard for single people to navigate the dating landscape in contemporary culture. People are nervous, awkward and scared. The contemporary culture is not helpful to people who want to date. Second, we all need family and friends to understand that it is not easy and to help us out. CWR: What progress did you observe in your students when they started going on traditional dates?

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Cronin: One of the greatest things about this project is that dating has become an active conversation topic among students now. And, when I make the assignment to go out on a date, students have heard about it.

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They can even laugh about it. I want people to know that dating can be fun, and it can be low stakes. Most dates will not lead to a relationship or marriage, but they will lead to more social courage. Most are supportive, but a few are critical.


Another academic told me that getting involved with dating was not the business of a university, but of a finishing school. CWR: What do you think the future holds? Will traditional dating and courtship make a comeback? Several years ago, students were not using dating apps. Now they almost all do. This demonstrates that people want connections.

They have a real desire to be seen and recognized as valuable to other people.

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Lucy Stefani '21News Editor March 19, On Friday, March 1st, Dr. Kerry Cronin, a philosophy professor at Boston College, spoke to upper school students and parents about friendship and dating. Students seemed charged up with the relevancy of the topic to real life situations.

During the school day, Dr. Cronin spoke to upper school students about friendship.

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She spoke about three distinct types of friendships. This is a person who does the same activities as you or in the same classes, so you have a casual friendship. The second type is the most common among teanagers and young adults: the friendship of pleasure. This is a person who you enjoy being with.

Mar 15,   "The Dating Project," in theaters April 17, features a university project that requires students to date, a lost ritual on college campuses these days. The hook up culture is confusing and dark.

However, the third and best kind of friendship is the friend of the good. This is a friend who sees all the good, bad, and broken parts of you and loves you still. Cronin says that to find a friend of the good, you have to become a friend of the good.

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This is challenging because to do this you have to open yourself up to the possibility of getting hurt. Such vulnerability is scary for most people.

May 04,   For those that are unfamiliar, The Dating Project is a documentary from Boston College that was started by a professor who challenges her students to "date old fashioned." She lays out levels and rules for the dates which are fantastic. Apr 16,   This college professor gives her students extra credit for going on dates Cronin's dating project is an attempt to nudge young people to embrace those foibles - the nervousness of Author: Lisa Bonos. A documentary that gives hope and direction to millennials for relationship maturity and meaning. - Sr. Rose Pacatte, National Catholic Reporter. The most important documentary in recent years - Suzanne Venker, Fox News. 50of America is single. The way people seek and find love has radically changed.

We need to have courage, which Dr. As a society we have reduced this desire down to the same desire for drink when we are thirsty, for sleep when we are tired, and for food when we are hungry. To offer sex as if it were not offers a fragment of an object and results in a fragmented subject.

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Our hearts long for a pursuit, for vulnerability, for communion, and for authentic freedom. Where can we find all of that?

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We can find it in the person of Jesus relentlessly pursing you, naked and bare in the cross, inviting us into communion with him, and giving us the gift of eternal freedom. It does mean practicing temperance, prudence, and the utmost care when in pursuit of the other. These are human hearts we are dealing with and they are fragile.

Mar 20,   Professor's 'dating project' to combat campus hookup culture hits the big screen The 'hook-up' culture of campuses across the USA involves a Author: Dorothy Cummings Mclean. Mar 19,   On Friday, March 1st, Dr. Kerry Cronin, a philosophy professor at Boston College, spoke to upper school students and parents about friendship and dating. Students seemed charged up with the relevancy of the topic to real life situations. Abby McAvoy '19 said: "The most important part of her speech to me was to have the. Feb 14,   Kerry Cronin - Rules of the 1st Date. Kerry Cronin - Rules of the 1st Date. Skip navigation Sign in. 'The Dating Project', Dr. Kerry Cronin with Raymond Arroyo

See the movie. Kerry Cronin the psychology professor from Boston University that catapulted this documentary gives some beautiful practicality to this discernment in dating. And in the meantime, giving your heart and your whole self to the one who created it is the best place to begin the ultimate love story.

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He has great things for you. Hope you get to see the movie. There you will find romance, glory, honour, fidelity, and the true way of all your loves on earth. Rachel Bulman is a wife, mother of 4, speaker, and blogger.

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She enjoys seeking truth, finding beauty, rediscovering the goodness.

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