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The Stupendous Marriage Podcast. It always makes me smile when Science validates my faith. I ran across this article from - Magazine last week about fasting. Scientists are finding that fasting helps the brain battle Alzheimers and Parkinsons. They are in the early stages of research, but say that a consistent giving up on food for a day or two a week lowers calories and is a positive benefit to health. We began this year with a fast. We gave up TV for 36 days.

Read the labels to ensure that your beverage of choice is marked low sodium or sodium free. Most fasts require you to give up dairy, which can be a challenge if you love the creaminess of an ice-cold glass of milk or prefer your tea a little less bitter. Soy milk and nut milks are delicious substitutes for dairy.

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They are also a good addition to smoothies, because the protein in soy and nut milks helps slow the absorption of the natural sugars in fruit, and they can also help you feel full for longer than a smoothie made of fruit alone.

Only dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant can technically be called tea. Any other infusion of water and leaves or herbs is called a tisane.

Dec 14,   There are many types of fasting diets, and each one has its own rules about what you can or cannot drink. While most diets allow for an assortment of foods, partial fasting diets may restrict the type of food you're allowed to eat or drink. As well, in a dry fast, not even water is allowed, which is considered essential for all of fasts. Fasting is about self-denial for a short time while one seeks God's will about some matter. Therefore, make love when fasting! Sex between a husband and wife is commanded by God. Apr 02,   Methods of fasting range from avoiding all solid foods while drinking juices, smoothies and broths to taking in nothing but water. The best way to ensure an effective fast is to plan ahead, and, especially, to gather all the ingredients you will need to maintain your fast ahead of time so you won't be tempted to go off-list during an emergency grocery Brynne Chandler.

Tea, whether it is black, green or white, contains powerful antioxidants that help fight the free radicals responsible for certain types of cancers and the visible signs of aging.

A cup of decaffeinated tea or a tisane sweetened with honey or agave syrup is also soothing, and can help ease nerves that are jangled by giving up all of your usual treats. Drink them iced during the day for a refreshing change from plain water.

Why Fasting Can Aggravate Reflux

Getting enough protein during a fast can be a challenge, so adding broth to your regimen is a smart move. Vegetable broth is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans, and can be powered up by adding in a bit of nondairy protein powder.

Chicken and beef broths are both high in protein; bone broth, which is simmered for between 24 and 48 hours, contains protein and collagen in more concentrated amounts. Making your own helps you control the sodium levels, though low-sodium and sodium free broths are available commercially.

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When you are on a fasting diet for religious, spiritual or health reasons, there is usually some leeway allowed. This is not true if you are required to fast before a medical procedure.

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According to the anesthesia experts at the University of California, Irvinethe reason you must fast before any procedure involving an anesthetic is to keep you from aspirating the contents of your stomach. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to undergo the procedure with a completely empty stomach.

If you do fast, be sure to stay hydrated while fasting by drinking plenty of water or other non-caloric, non-carbonated beverages. And if heartburn impairs your quality of life or becomes severe (whether during fasting or any other time), seek help from a specialist. Prayer and Fasting for your marriage could be really helpful! It always makes me smile when Science validates my faith. It's almost like God smiling and saying "Hey - I know what I'm talking about!" I ran across this article from - Magazine last week about fasting. Jun 14,   Intermittent fasting is a popular diet pattern that involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting. Research suggests that intermittent fasting .

Avoid all solid foods for at least eight hours before your procedure and all clear liquids for at least two. If you are pregnant, have diabetes or any other issues with blood sugarconsult your physician before starting any type of fast.

If you are fasting for weight loss, keep in mind that your initial loss will be mostly water. This is especially true if your normal diet involves a lot of simple carbohydrates and salt.

While books and programs explain the mechanics of fasting and the various methods of doing so, people are often left wondering what activities they can or should do during this period of abstention. Keep in mind, the focus is not on denial but on increasing intimacy with God.

Starchy carbs bind with water when they are stored in your body. Salt also causes you to retain water, so keep an eye on how much salt you take in during and after your fast. It is best to avoid alcohol when you're on any type of fast. Not only is alcohol pure sugar, but because it suppresses inhibitions, impairs your judgment and encourages cravings for salty, fatty foods, you might find yourself fasting successfully for one day and then eating everything in the refrigerator with extra cheese on top after a cocktail or two.

The best way to maintain any weight loss you may have achieved after your fast is to eat a diet high in leafy green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. Watch your portion sizes, and make sure you stay hydrated.

Dating while fasting

Include both aerobic exercise and weight training in your fitness routine and you may be able to avoid seeing those extra pounds creep back on. Or, give up the phone for a weekend. Or television in the evenings. Do it together.

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We decided to do both of these together - and it helped us encourage and spur each other on. It gave us a connecting point, and something to talk about. It also gives us a point of reference when God shows up in our lives.

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So, we did it for the spiritual reason - but reading that article about the health benefits also made me want to continue to fast regularly for longer and healthier life! I mean, I want Lisa to enjoy me for as long as she can.

Prayer and Fasting for Your Marriage

Prayer and Fasting for your marriage could be really helpful! I thought this was interesting timing. Reliance on God, not yourself or your spouse.

Some tips for fasting for your marriage: 1. If this interests you there are some great resources online: Personal Guide to Fasting and PrayerJentezen Franklin Tips for Fasting So, we did it for the spiritual reason - but reading that article about the health benefits also made me want to continue to fast regularly for longer and healthier life!

Why Muslim faithful prefer dates during fasting season

Cookies This site uses cookies: Find out more. Studies also link coffee intake to a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. One of the major reasons intermittent fasting has surged in popularity is its potential to promote brain health and protect against age-related neurological diseases.

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In a fasted state, your body produces energy from fat in the form of ketonesa process linked to improved brain function. Early research indicates that the caffeine in coffee may likewise promote ketone production 13 Intermittent fasting may also support brain health through increased autophagy Research suggests that it may safeguard against age-related mental decline Furthermore, a study in mice tied coffee to significantly increased autophagy Thus, it may be especially beneficial to include moderate amounts of coffee in your intermittent fasting regimen.

Loading up your cup with high-calorie additives like milk and sugar can disrupt intermittent fasting, limiting the benefits of this dietary pattern. However, no scientific evidence backs these claims. A single cup ml of coffee contains about mg of caffeine 2. Consuming too much caffeine from coffee could lead to side effects, including heart palpitations and temporary increases in blood pressure One study found that high coffee intake - up to 13 cups 3. Moreover, excessive caffeine intake could harm your sleep quality.

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Poor sleep can harm your metabolic health over time, which could negate the benefits of intermittent fasting 19 Most research indicates that up to mg of caffeine per day is likely safe for most people.

This equates to about cups - ml of regular coffee per day You can obtain many of the same health benefits from a diet rich in whole, nutritious foods. Just remember to practice moderation and avoid extra ingredients.

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You can drink moderate amounts of black coffee during fasting periods, as it contains very few calories and is unlikely to break your fast. In fact, coffee may enhance the benefits of intermittent fastingwhich include reduced inflammation and improved brain function.

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