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A crush can be a distracting and difficult attraction to deal with, but this can be especially complicated if your boss is the object of your affection. While this crush might be harmless, it may also interfere with your professional life or romantic relationships; in this case, it's likely you'll want the feelings to subside as soon as possible. Although there is no quick-fix for getting over a crush, there are several steps you can take to help the feelings naturally subside. Understand the role proximity plays within your crush. Often you're more likely to develop feelings for people who you're physically around for a long period of time. If this is the case with your boss, it may suggest that your crush simply reflects how much time you spend together. Appreciate that workplace crushes are normal.

Whether it is about making the bed in the morning or about ethics, always stand up for yourself.

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Once your co-workers know about your relationship, they are going to attack you in any way they can. The opportunists will start using your relationship against you, trying to blackmail you of sorts or tattle tale other seniors in the company - it is a bad world out there.

Just make sure you give your best at work because the only fingers that will be pointed are at you.

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As soon as you and your boss know that this relationship has potential, go public! Once you have made it official, all the rivalry, gossip and apprehensions will go away and you will start leading a more relieved and life!

Office romances will always get tough - everyone is just going to assume you are with your boss to get ahead in work.

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However, you need take a call whether this relationship is worth all this trouble. Instead, you must try and perform better at your workplace so that no one gets a chance to point fingers at you or your lover. Use moral support in order to get encouragement and to perform commendably.

8 Do's and Don'ts for Dating Your Boss

Keep improving yourself and impress your beloved by getting things done better than what he expects. This will make your boss feel better as well as it will ensure that there is no criticism from other employees.

This is even more important if you are thinking of it as a long-term bond.

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Just because you are dating your boss does not mean you are any superior. You need to understand this simple fact and act accordingly.

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Do not show off in front of your colleagues for any special treatment that you get. Your relationship may not last for eternity but your attitude will decide your career and future in the organisation. So you need to have your head over your heart at all times. You need to be devoted to the employment that has helped you achieve your goals.

One relationship should not change your attitude towards the job. Most often it is very difficult to maintain a strong bond with your boss romantically when you are also working with him professionally. The balance needs to be maintained between your professional and personal life and this can happen only when you are serious about your life.

When you are out of office with your boss, try to understand his feelings and emotions. Try to get close to him emotionally and understand his worries.

Try to set personal goals for the long term without affecting your professional life.

Signs your boss secretly has a crush on you

When the love life matters to you that much, you may even willingly quit your job or change the workplace to maintain the balance. When you date your boss, you have every chance to exploit official trips for personal needs while your firm spends for the same.

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Yet, to avoid future problems, you must avoid such official trips with each other. You never know how your colleagues and co-workers will react to diverse situations. Anything can be regarded as lame excuses to be together. So never give onlookers such excuses.

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Do not while away extra time at office just because your boss is working late. A wise professional would select dates outside work schedule to date his boss. You also need to make sure that your date makes other employees stay back late just like he makes you overwork.

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This will prevent gossip mongers from creating unwanted stories. Yes, you may have deep respect for your boss. And you may even feel lucky to be the one picked out from the entire group. If you provide your boss this allowance, he or she will certainly end up using you or dominating all over with his or her expectations and demands.

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People are not blind; they can smell these mysteries and trying hide an office dating affair is like trying cover the smell of fish with grass. Never leave office together. People may miss noticing a slip in your work but their radars are active for these kind of stories. You should not be seen in the company off your boss post office hours either.

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If you have plans to meet then travel separately to a common location. Just like you keep your love life out of work place, keep your professional life out of your love life. Never discuss office issues outside office when you two are spending time together.

Dec 05,   Dating Rules To Date Boss: 1. Never ever discuss it with your other colleagues; this is a secret you have to take to your grave. It is an unethical corporate practice so apart from being the butt of vicious gossip you may lose your job. Already dating the boss? - remember a) maintain a professional standard in your work no matter how strong your feelings are - this will help avoid you getting into trouble with the company, b) be discreet and never discuss the details of your dates with other work colleagues, c) don't use your expense accounts for dates or use the in. A crush can be a distracting and difficult attraction to deal with, but this can be especially complicated if your boss is the object of your affection. While this crush might be harmless, it may also interfere with your professional life or romantic relationships; in this case, it's likely you'll want the feelings to.

That will unnecessarily complicate things and not give you both enough time to bond. Never declare your relationship status on social networking sites or post conspicuous messages on each others internet 'walls'. Your other colleagues from work are bound to be on your friend list and even if they are not it is difficult to open open your profile.

Dating your boss tips

Privacy online is hard found these days. Do not overdo the terms and conditions of these dating rules because that too will make people suspicious. If you are having lunch with your team and your boss joins you, you need not get up and run.

Nor should you avoid direct eye contact because these gestures indicate unacknowledged guilt; people will not miss that either. To pull it off cleanly is like walking on ice and most people can't manage it.

Apr 05,   Keep things professional. If you are dating a co-worker, even if it is the boss, remember that while you are at work, you are co-workers. There is no need to flaunt your relationship to others.
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