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This is a site full of information about the video game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on the PS1. Back to Nature is, in my opinion, the best Harvest Moon game in the series. You'll find information on this site about running your farm, interacting with characters, secrets and more. For Harvest Moon: Back To Nature on the PlayStation, Calendar/Date Guide by Sage_of_World. Nov 22,   For Harvest Moon: Back To Nature on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 28 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs)%(6).

Planting Seeds b. Small Fun Fact 6.

Acknowledgments I want to thank the following: Marvelous Interactive for developing HM, BTNfG, FoMT, MFoMT, B&G, and SoSFoMT Natsume for publishing Harvest Moon, BTN, FoMT, MFoMT, and B&G Victor Interactive Software for developing Back to Nature and BTNfG Marvelous Interactive for publishing Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl XSeed. * This is a short guide to marriage for one of the coolest games on the Psx Game Console, (Drum Roll, Please) Harvest Moon: Back to Nature! This guide will take you through the various steps to marriage, and which girl to choose, as well as some questions many of you may have asked. Girls. Jump to a Section: Heart Levels, Gift Giving, Events, Marriage, Rivals or Your Child In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature you have the opportunity to marry one of five different girls. You don't have to marry but if you do you'll get 1added to your farm percentage for each heart level your wife has. Ann.

Acknowledgments 0. Introduction Hello Everyone.

Harvest moon back to nature dating guide

JagDogger here. It has been a while since I last made a guide for any game.

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Since I was replaying a couple of these games, I decided that no one made a guide that actually helps with proper field technique. Here this is. The Field Guide.

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Not about crops, not about making money, not about 'farming' which includes animals. Just a wholehearted guide to a proper field and how to properly make full usage of the field. The only two tips I am going to give about crops is that Fall, Sweet Potatoes, and Carrots are your biggest friends and make sure you upgrade your Watering Can and Rucksack as early as possible The solution I will show you will yield you the best bang for your buck and allow you to not only sell of each crop fast, but also set you up for the rest of the game so you could plant that Pineapple on Day 1 in Year 2 of Summer.

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Version History Feb 04, - 0. Once the field is cleared, There should be a few things that should be covered. Field Dimensions Across: 43 Down: 25 From here on out, 'x' by 'y' will be 'Across' by 'Down' b. Grass: Important for Livestock Cows and Sheep You are going to need a lot of grass if you are going to keep up with the needs of your livestock and get to that coveted P and X class products that they produce this also goes for Chickens.

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To prepare you for the entire Grass Total, you are going to needs bags of Grass. Since each bag costs G, you are going to need to accrue a mass total of 51,G. Crops: Important to pay for more Crops and aforementioned Grass The renewable crops are going to be the most important factor in making sure that your field stays healthy. During the Summer and Winter months, there are going to be a couple days where you will encounter a storm-like day where you would have to stay inside of your house and not worry about your field.

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There are going to be rocks and twigs flown onto your field and potentially ruin your hard earned field. Making sure that you have a healthy paycheck to cover the damages, then you would be fine.

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The non-renewable crops are also key as they are able to supplement the renewable crops. Follow this guide and you might just end up setting yourself up for the rest of the game.

Field Each Section will have a Bag and Cost.

Harvest Moon BTN Mary Heart Events #Harvest_Moon

This is the number of Grass Bags and cost of Grass for that Area. Both areas will be split down the middle at the 19a tile The left side of the field is 18a by 25d that is dedicated to crops The right side of the field is 24a by 25d that is dedicated to a fenced grass area for livestock.

That's it. The main thing about the Fenced Area is to make sure you let the grass grow to full length and use the Sickle to whack the grass down before getting any non-Chicken Livestock. To know how to get the Mystrile Sickle, see the Notes section down below. For the leftmost side, place a piece of lumber or stone next to one tile and then till a line of 25 tiles going up and down on the opposite side of the piece you put down away from the square you created.

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Once that is done, plant grass while in the middle untilled line. This should take care of the single line of grass on both sides of the fence.

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If you have all the seeds and Stamina with nothing else that needs to be watered or taken care of, I would recommend to till and plant the seeds on and inside the square created leaving out the single tile in the upper rightmost corner of the field created earlier. There is nothing else to mention about to use 12 Mystrile How Swings to get the plantation set. The next section will be exactly the first section, reversed.

Additional Date Information

After planting some grass in 1aa along 13d, the crop side of the field should be split in half. What to do with the second half of the field? Repeat exactly what you just did with the top half but start at 14d At this point, after tilling all of the field, you have found the Power Berry one of This would then pose the question of how to harvest all of the crops within a good amount of time.

That is where the Harvest Sprites come in and help but I would highly recommend that you go to another guide because that is going into another realm as they also do Animal Husbandry.

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If you have an animal die in this videogame then all the girls will lose 1, affection. There are also several events with each girl that you can trigger in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature if you meet certain conditions. The standard dating sim logic applies in this videogame, more often than not just tell the girl what she wants to hear and that will be the best choice.

You also need to have bought two house upgrades. At this point you can buy a Blue Flower at the Supermarket. Your wife can leave you too. If you give her a ton of gifts she hates and her affection drops below 5, she will leave you.

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You can get her back though by visiting her at her old home and apologizing. After you apologize her affection will increase by 30, points.

It seems that rivals can marry the girls at any point from year 3 and on in this videogame. Each of these events have certain conditions that have to be met before you can view them. Unfortunately though, no one seems to really know what all the conditions are for all these scenes.

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