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With i love her but she is dating someone else commit

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reply))) Very curious

First comes love then comes falling in love with someone else? That may not be how the story goes, but sometimes, you end up caring about two guys at the exact same time. While this may seem super awkward - and it definitely falls into that category - all hope is not lost. You can still work out your feelings and take action. Read on to find out how to deal.

My BF and the other guy have always both liked me, and I was friends with the other guy first, he eventually started dating a mutual friend, and she broke up with him and he was devastated, I helped console him and we were basically like best friends for months.

I try to imagine dating him, but its just so hard to grasp what reality would be like. I jsut want this to go away so I can feel secure with my current boyfriend instead of staying up at night trying to figure out if I actually love this other guy, or if I should have gone out with him instead of my boyfriend.

I just want to stop being so confused. I was searching the web, trying to see if I can come across an article that will help with me being so freaking confused about my situation.

I love her but she is dating someone else

However he started to behave weirdly and I realised that is because he likes me. I wanted to just treat him as a normal Friend n work colleague but he behaved even more weirdly and make things difficult in work for me.

Being In A Relationship But In Love With Someone Else. There is this girl I have known for 8 years and pretty much always had feelings for her and never acted on them and then she disappeared for a bit then I started dating my ex. Remaining in love is more difficult than falling in love. Perhaps you're seeing signs she's seeing someone else. I've also included below a free professed report, that has help many realize whether they should leave or stay; and be happy with the decision. Another man or woman getting in the scene and perhaps photos, breaks trust.

Slowly, I began to crave for him. I was going through a rough but temporarily patch with my bf. Little did I know that was a mistake and I developed real feelings for him. Every time he made me sad, my heart felt painful and I was drinking away. However, this guy is not the most normal and I find myself stuck in this messy situation.

I am going through the same thing. Can you give me an ate on your situation and what I should do? I am currently dealing with this. I have been with my current boyfriend for three and a half years. I have known him for 8 years. His cousin was one of my best friends in high school and our families were really close and were always together.

My current boyfriend and I first noticed each other on a cruise where both of our families attended and nothing ever came out of it because he was shy and I was in another relationship. A few months fly by and all in one night, he kissed me, told me he loved me and that he wanted to be with me. I was shook to say the least. I had been single for 9 months before he and I started officially dating.

That was my current boyfriend. It happened so naturally and kind of fast. But with the support of our families and all of their excitement, of course I felt that it was perfect and that I was totally ready.

We moved in together after 7 months and that is where things really started to get interesting. After two months of dating, I was still hung up on my ex before my current boyfriend and would secretly meet up with him.

My boyfriend is VERY aware of his surroundings so he confronted me and immediately then, he developed trust issues with me. He says he trusts me but his actions speak louder than his words. When I was single, to fill in the gaping hole in my heart from that previous relationship, I would fill it with the love and attention of other men.

I can be completely selfish and have whoever, whenever I want. Time flies and I develop crushes and find myself secretly kissing other guys. I never slept with anyone. Just a lot of kissing while still in my current relationship. Then I met him. We went to music college together. In my heartache, I had written some music that expressed my vulnerability. When he heard it for the first time, his reaction gave me chills and we made a connection immediately.

In my most sensitive moment, I felt that he was the one person who understood me even though I barely knew him. We instantly became friends and were inseparable since. I did not have feelings for him like I do now and told him it was nothing, which it was! I have a very natural vivacious personality that comes across as flirty. My boyfriend always had issues with that but I swear my intentions were good!

I am going to just do what I want. It was one of the most intense moments of my life. After that moment, our connection and love for one another grew. I confessed to him yesterday that I had developed very strong feelings for my friend and he was very upset but calm. I have been super stressed, depressed and anxious and needed to get it off my chest.

I woke up really depressed and heart broken. I feel weak and it makes me mad.

2) Work out your feelings

My fiance and I just moved out to our own place, with his best friend. He is always doing nice things for me. At first it was harmless.

I knew this and knew living with both of them would be a bad idea But the thought of living with the boy I liked not my fiance was. Getting to spend more time with both of them! He said he was in love with me. A major crush.

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Me and my fiance have been dating just under 4 years boy 2 actually asked me out in high school, before my current bf did. We never went out. Then, Me and my fiance were going through a rough patch literally like a week into moving out and I told boy 2 how I felt as well. We fooled around, for like 3 days.

really pleases

I broke up with my fiance, for like a day. Told him I understood but I felt so played.

I still think its a lie and he might still love me. Thinking if I get rid of my fiance we could still work things out. Sooooooooo many emotions to work though. Hi, no one will probably reply to me but I need help?.

Quotes about Loving Someone Who Loves Someone Else

But mine is the opposite. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years. We have seen each other grow as teenagers to adults and it was amazing. I had no idea. But they texted behind my back.

Is this just an emotional affair?

are mistaken

Is he only loving things about her because I lack them or the relationship? Is there a way for me to forgive him and stay with him or let him go. Because he says he loves me as well please help. There is another way of dealing with this situation, too. I have been in an online, long-distance relationship with someone for over 2 years now.

I trick my mind into hating everything about but I only end up falling even deeper and loving all of you. Loving you is like a drug. Yes, love is being vulnerable and fragile before another person. However, if that someone can never love you back, not only are you weak before him but tragic and desperate too.

To me, you are the world, but to you, I am just a mere passerby. You came into my life, if not to love me, then what for? If you consider these quotes are unique and give you some positive vibes, do share on your social profiles via given icons and show us your real appreciations.

Sign in. Log into your account. Zombie : Dude I am not on meds for my issues if that is what you mean by untreated. So I fail to see how that is a problem. I stopped the meds as I found they made my problems worse and have been dealing with day by day.

She was doing great till she moved back. I think the stress of that and looking for a job got to her.

apologise, but

I think she will get better but she needs to be free of some bad influences some of her friends were who got her into drinking and were buying her drinks. Probably more then she needed.

And hell I grew up with a sister with bipolar I know how mental illness is and how to handle it. Edited on February 2, at UTC by the author. Anonymous : "Dude I am not on meds for my issues if that is what you mean by untreated" I was talking about her issues being untreated not yours.

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If you took offense that wasn't my intent. My point is and was that, her problems will make your problems worse, not better. Zombie : Dude I take mental health issues seriously. Like I said grew up with a sister with bipolar and I know how bad it can affect someone.

Trust me when I say what she is going through is nothing compared to what my sister was like 10 years ago. I get she has mental health issues and I have known for years.

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So do I before this stuff happened we were helping each other out with it when she she was in Texas. I get the stress of the move and and job search and having no way to contact people like me probably is what is causing this. I get massive anxiety attacks from the old job I just quit so I could focus on school.

Jun 06,   She loves someone else but I love her Quotes and Images. In your difficult time, try to spend time with your true friends who listen you and give you positive energy and confidence to never giving up on love.

Been there done that and I can tell you that my feeling is that it will not proceed any further then friends, if even that is salvage. Can't wish upon rainbows, man. If she wanted it to happen, it would be happening. Her excuse was just that, a way to let you down easy, it was not as the movie quote goes code for, "try harder". Flip it and think about how you would let down a women friend that you had no interest in. Hurts, but you have to accept that, go through whatever you have to, and move on.

There will be other loves in your life. I would tell her I am not interested. She never did that.

can help nothing

She did the above. Anonymous : I was making a point as to how people let others down, not the exact wording. Regardless of how you do it, that is how she did it, that is how a great many women do it. You need to stop searching for excuses and look at the reality here. You also need to learn from this, and next time you have feelings for a woman, act on them when you have them.

Anonymous : Has she been out of the country for 8 years? Guy, I'm trying to help you here. Stop making excuses. You need to let it go. Its not healthy. She disappeared due to a massive depression and did not want anyone to see her, We reconnected back she was on this current Texas trip that lasted longer then planned.

Every time she was supposed to come back a delay would happen. The other 2 years at first were were working the same job and then she quit and we would occasionally hang out but we could never really get a chance to hang out too much as I was working nights but we would talk all the time.

She disappeared right when I was about to ask her out at that time. During that entire time I was not pinning for her. The feelings came back like 6 months after we reconnected.

Edited on January 31, at UTC by the author. DoctorDoom Send a private message.

advise you

The best way to get out of the friendzone is to never put yourself in the friendzone to begin with. You are more than a day late, and more than a dollar short. Live and learn - next time you meet a woman of potential romantic interest - don't befriend her - FLIRT with her Maybe she wont feel it - but it sure better than wasting 8 years of your life pining for someone you had mislead about your intentions because you were too gutless to make a move.

DoctorDoom : I did try and make a move after we reconnected after not talking for 2 years. She said she didn't want a long distance relationship and we talk about when she got back. But her trip back kept getting delayed and then this happened. Anonymous : I made a move about 10 months after we started talking again more so 8 as was it was the occasional email at first which itself 6 months after I got over my ex.

I was also flirting with her the entire time after I got over ex. Nicholas Send a private message. Man, I am really feeling for you right now.

How To Get Your Ex Back When She Is Dating Someone Else

It seems so unfair doesn't it? That your crush could so easily overlook you - and for a jerk no less. Does this story sound familiar to anyone else besides me? You are learning a hard lesson right now.

You have to stop acting like a wuss. Please don't misunderstand - I am a reformed wuss myself, and so many awesome men reading this will agree, that we are all reformed wusses. Is this girl so beautiful and intelligent? Is she so kind and charming? The problem with women like this, is that they are a drug for our fractured male egos. Just like powerful narcotics, a woman like this can keep men like us yearning for so long - so long.

So here is my advice: Some people say that Troy was invaded because of Helen. Some people say that Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa because of a woman.

I love her but she is dating someone else - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and seek you. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. Sep 08,   But I learned she was running to me because she was running away from someone else - a man she now loves. He's no good for her, but she feels for him immensely. And that's one of the reasons I've. We all fall in love for someone at least once in a dedicate completely to that person to the point that all your needs are second place compared to her needs. But what happens when that person doesn't love you back? 1. Pain strikes Yo.

Have you ever seen Shakespeare in Love. You have a similar opportunity to use this woman to achieve greatness in your life. Young Jedi, you must use this experience of getting played to do the necessary work on yourself. There are no shortcuts to mastery as any man worth his salt will tell you. Never let your world be ruled by a woman.

Become the master of your destiny by listening to your own heart's purpose. Nicholas : I can't stop laughing. Oh my god this is funny. Also this is really the only time she really ever hurt me, the rest of it she was my best friend so I would not call her a bitch.

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