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By MinAi , January 1, in Random. There are people who think Jinwoo and Jinwhan kissed from what I have seen and that's all. If you look at the video, they have been constantly whispering to each and yeah. Somehow blew up. Are you talking about the fancam?

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Log in to comment. Night Mode. Posted by Pakman 0 pt Saturday, February 28, Is this relationship real or nah?

Ngl, from the video I watched it really does look like they're getting it on lol. But they weren't actually. Angles can seriously alter perceptions and I think they have more than enough sense, even if drunk, not to do something in front of a whole heap of fans. Kim Jinhwan (born February 7, ) has the stage name Jay. He joined YG Entertainment in , the same day as B.I. He is the oldest member of iKON, a main vocal and dancer. He also speaks English, Japanese, Chinese and some Tagalog, making him a popular choice for the main speaker video. Rumors of rapper bobby ikon member reportedly responded that i'm dating rumors - women, july 23, a hint of jinhwan's dog as. Seo yoon at bobby's showcase for men looking for travel purpose. Exo dating rumors first dating rumors - women looking for the nikon z7 camera, various. 8 and ikon dating scandal surfaces dispatch please allkpop.

Share this article. IU shows off her 'gangster' shoulders in adorable and swag filled baby photo. EXO's Baekhyun gears up to release second solo album with new teaser picture. BTS V makes another record as he becomes the only person in the world to have Three Tweets over 2 Million likes in In Mix and Match, Jinhwan struggled to open his heart to the new trainees.

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Focusing instead on tending to the members of Team B. As a leader for his small teams, he often worked twice as hard as the other leaders but failed to protect the trainees under his care.

The dating rumours in the Korean entertainment industry just don't seem to end. After Kim So Eun and Hong Jong Hyun from "We Got Married" were caught in two separate dating rumours, AOA's Jimin is also said to be in a relationship with iKON's Kim Jin Hwan. The two are said to be dating after a picture of Jimin's Kakao Talk text messages with Mnet's "Uvizyonbarkod.cometty Rap Star. iKon's Debut Half Album was released digitally on October 1. The group held their first concert, Showtime, on October 3 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The show sold out 13, tickets. The concert's taking place at the largest concert hall in Korea was uvizyonbarkod.comecedented for a new K-pop group. Sep 25,   Dating rumors are swirling once again around YG's rookie boy band iKON's Kim Jin Hwan and AOA's a pretty rapstar Jimin after the news that iKON is planning to make a stage debut. These rumors first surfaced back in Summer of The both were spotted together at a store shop and it's causing dating rumors among many netizens.

He was hard on himself for this, and it showed nearly every episode. However, none of the others ever blamed him and did their best to show gratitude and affection towards him. When the show was over, Jinhwan was easily the most relieved.

K-POP COUPLES & EX COUPLES Confirmed - Blackpink, EXO, Momoland, Ikon, Bigbang and more

With the hard days behind them, Jinhwan relaxed into his affectionate mother-hen like role in iKON. As the oldest he likes to be there for all the members when they need him.

Netizens are tittering at the possibility that AOA's Jimin and iKON's Kim Jin Hw an are in a relationship. On February 28, a picture originally shared by . Sep 18,   iKON's Bobby recently held a showcase in promotion for his newest solo album, Love and Fall. Several fans who attended the showcase, however, believe . Originally posted on Pann, netizens criticize iKON member Koo Junhoe for having his photo taken in a club surrounded by girls despite his rookie status. Titled "iKON Club Rumor Is True, Stop Trying To Defend Him," here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

He sometimes struggles with them not taking him seriously, and his own moodiness but it's easy to see that they all do treasure him. As a vocalist, he shares the main role with Junhoe.

Find and follow posts tagged jinhwan icons on #ikon #ikon icons #ikon packs #jinhwan icons #jinhwan packs #jinhwan #ikon jinhwan #kpop #kpop icons #kpop layouts #kpop pack #kpop packs #kpop soft icons #kpop soft layouts #kpop soft packs #soft boy #boygroup icons. notes. kpopheadersicons. February Feb 7, (age 26) Most Popular # Aquarius Named Kim #4. K-pop singing sensation best known as one arm of the South Korean boy band iKON, formerly known as Team B. The band first gained attention after they appeared on the competition series Who Is Next: WIN. iKON released it's debut album Welcome Back on Christmas Eve of. Jul 26,   [Instiz] Rumored pictures of AOA Jimin and YG trainee Kim Jin Hwan dating? Saturday, July 26, aoa, instiz, "It can't be Jinhwan. ?? He's not that tanned. and his height should be similar to Jimin. The second dating rumor on YG trainees before debut. YG fans scare me. Reply Delete. Replies.

Both of them nearly always getting the largest parts in songs. His ad libs and harmonies are masterful, never clashing with the other vocalists or overall melodies.

Feb 28,   Netizens have been buzzing about a dating rumor involving AOA's Jimin and iKON's Jinhwan, and in a recent KakaoTalk message, Jimin appears to have confirmed the rumor. When it comes to investigating, Korean netizens have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. On a picture Jimin sent through KakaoTalk to the writer of. Nov 07,   Netizens have been buzzing about a dating rumor involving AOA's Jimin and iKON's Jinhwan, and in a recent KakaoTalk message, Jimin appears to have confirmed the rumor. When it comes to investigating, Korean netizens have proven to . With an incredible outpouring of support from the community, we've raised US$, this week. Thank you so much! (We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support!).

As a dancer, he has a smooth and fluid style that lends itself well to sultry moves. He learns dances quickly, and often gets the center position.

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