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The message is davido still dating chioma apologise

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are not right

Singer and songwriter, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, popularly known as Peruzzi, has said that he found it hard to believe his distant cousin, Chioma, when she said she was dating popular entertainer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido. The person asked if I remembered her. After she explained who she was, I remembered her. She told me Davido sent my song to her. She was able to convince me after she sent me some pictures; she told me he was going to be around the next day. She invited me to his welcome party and I went there around 2 am at Club

Fact is Yoruba people are very accomodating when it comes to marriage so you will see alot of intertribal marriage. You have a messed up mind. Repent from this thrash you just wrote.

reply, attribute

Yoruba women are very much valued by real men and not your type pls. Receive some sense in your life. Maybe you will progress. When did Toby and Davido become men?

perhaps shall simply

Please where are the men you speak of. Do you know Davido and Chioma have been dating for 5 years? Baby mamas and all have been in the picture.

has got!

Dear sons, draw your ears, you will be intelligent, wise, God fearing, ambitious, successful, well behaved men. What rubbish is all this. You spoke well my thoughts exactly, no jazz she just brought her A game which was simple, Classy and confident, no jump Off moves. Lazy Nigerian youth. Go tell that you good mannered boyfriend to go see your parents. Tell that your good mannered bf to buy u ur own Porsche.

Davido, a catch? This will never ever ever last. Grown and the are just two stupid young people in love and lust. Two young ladies obviously Igbo and a young guy were discussing this morning and i was eavesdropping. The ladies were reiterating why Yoruba guys would always choose Igbo girls because their own ladies are worthless! The argument ensueand eavesdropper that i was i almost followed them to where they were going to know how it ends lol. In Nigeria, even love must have an ethnic undertone, not because of character, not values but tribal sentiment.

Receive some sense BIKO!. Respect matters A lOt and not car. Lucky chick.


Enough to start and run a business and be on your own assuming she is average like the rest us Mario, as a nation, we speak from both sides of our mouth. Are we against abuse or not? If we are, then we need to deal with it from the point of prevention, yes of prevention.

Apart from that, how do you do openly say someone is an abuser? Like did he beat up your friend up?

Jan 25, Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo is still causing a lot of fire on twitter with her assessment on the trending Davido, Chioma and Peruzzi saga. OBO and his baby mama have over the pass month been facing a bit of shake into their relationship which a lot fear these two love birth may not end up getting married. Timileyin Akinkahunsi Singer and songwriter, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, popularly known as Peruzzi, has said that he found it hard to believe his distant cousin, Chioma, when she said she was dating popular entertainer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido. Peruzzi told Saturday Punch that around the time when Chioma told him about her relationship with [ ]. Apr 30, Superstar singer Davido has gotten in girlfriend Chioma a Porsche as (possibly one of) her 23rd birthday present(s). Davido, who had also released a song "Assurance" dedicated to her, wrote on.

That disrespect thing you brought up is because of Dele Momodu and he begged. Someone gifts a random stranger 15m for surgery, is empowering youths through music, do you even know how many people he takes on tour?

No other musician carries so much people along. They spend time they could be using to do yahoo on tours getting busy while making money at it. You should slow down girl. Your man is cheating without rubber? Married for security at 23?

very grateful you

Your husband lied,or perhaps was ignorant of what attraction is and you are so naive to know otherwise. Congrats on your marriage, I am sure you are more than you describe. But about what he said, I will think is more a crude way of interpreting a stereotype. That is some women may want a partner that is a provider:house, food, shelter, education. Someone who is confident and looks like he can dribble around and make money in the country.

While men like a woman who excites them and drive them to achieve financial security for the family. A woman who is good to look at in the morning. Wendy, why are you so mean?

Davido spotted having dinner with Chioma amid breakup rumours

Long time ago, could have been 10 years ago, 20 years, etc. Why did you chose to be so rude when you could have just as easily persuaded her otherwise? Can you state affirmatively that if you were born in her generation, you would be any different?

Why did you chose to be so insensitive? Why did you think it was worth humiliating her over caps lock? Please get help. Your problems seem to be masquerading themselves in bigotry and rudeness, insensitivity and above all pseudo intellectualism. Goodluck to them and happy Birthday Chioma. Porsche is good but good husband is even better. The thing is, who even wants Davido? Unstable character, a bloated sense of entitlement and an affinity for drugs?

Not to mention 2 different babymamas at the age of 24? Since when did that become qualities of a good man? I guess money really answereth all, cuz adongerrit! Too many old people carrying kids matter on their head. At the end of it all, live and let live Ones love life should never be a topic of discussion for anyone as we are all flawed in our ways. However, when you find someone who is wiling to go the extra mile for you, stick to them, no shame in that.

Whether this lasts or not I am sure they will all be glad the experienced love, lust whatever you all choose to call it at least once in their lives, if they are lucky maybe twice. Dalu o!!! This goes to show where our priorities are, Serious issues are featured on this blog and few people comment. A non issue is featured, see the number of comments.

sorry, that

Leave that matter of begging uncle Dele. He insulted the man, released a diss track for him and then insulted him in a show and an apology few people got to see makes it okay? He gave money for surgery, allows the streets come to him simply because he needs the praise singing and validation from them. Dem no get mouth to tell am the truth. He has dragged women publicly oh, ask mama Imade.

See eh, this boy is just a product of failed parenting; no boundaries, self control, wholeness in ones self coupled with money and fame.

MzDanielz, thanks oh, sounds like my crazy brother. He will abuse and insult you well well, Then turn around and begwho apology epp?! The harm has already been done.

Mehnno critics here. I wish you guys the very good best in life! Happy for you chioma. I sight u Davido. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Connect with us. View this post on Instagram. Marsala May 1, at am. Onyinyechukwu May 1, at am.

Nkiru Ada igbo May 1, at am. Nnne Ezioku kinakoNdi ofe Nmanu ga ne wewayzi 1.

Oct 12, Amid the rumours that. In a video posted on a fan page dedicated to Chioma Avril Rowland, Davido and Chioma can be seen having a nice time out with some friends including DMW's wonder kid, Peruzzi. Oct 12, Popular Nigerian Singer, Davido has reacted to reports that his romantic relationship with Chioma has hit the rocks. The report making the rounds on Social media had it . Due to the Davido's constant show of love towards his girlfriend, some people believe the relationship is one to last. However, not everyone shared this belief. Recall an ex-Babcock student had taken to social media to throw shade at Chioma, calling her a loosed girl who would definitely cheat on the singer.

Mrs chidukane May 1, at am. Lilo May 1, at am.

think, that you

ThisTooShallPass 1. Fizzy May 1, at pm. That Davido can be ruthless, crass and an ill mannered SOB is so true. Oh well. Sophia is probably having a bad day 1.

consider, that

Just some friendship and companionship. I feel really alone. MauBanks May 1, at am. Lifeisbeautiful May 1, at am. Adia May 1, at am.

Tolulope May 1, at am. LILO May 1, at pm. CrazyWorld May 1, at am. Just wait 1. Dont tell me they let you frolick with this guy like this 1.

touching phrase

Rgo May 1, at am. Osa May 1, at pm. Nothing more 1. Thank you MauBanks. I wish you the same too! It is well May 1, at am. Now I understand why John says Feminism gra gra is for poor men. Yoruba men why? But she is my cousin; that is how we refer to each other.

Some people have lived with him for years without any contract. I told him I liked an outfit and he gave it to me. I have come to realise that no matter what I do, people would talk. The singer, who left medicine to pursue a career in music, also spoke about some of the challenges he went through before he rose to stardom. I have two sisters, and I am the last child and the only son. My dad bought me a piano when I was seven years old. The first song I ever learnt how to play was a gospel song.

Davido is in the news again, this time it's for something I doubt he would want to read about. A Twitter user by the handle 2TzHardy has called out Davido's girlfriend, Chioma. He claims she was a girl usually passed around by Babcock University students. He also boldly claims she's currently cheating on Davido, even when the singer has.

I was a member of the choir; I was born into a Christian family. After high school, I went to university to study medicine and surgery. People liked my rendition and wanted me to continue singing. I started battling with doing music and medicine.

I was doing it like that till my third year. After my fifth year, I had issues after my passport was stolen. I travelled to get a new passport and that was when Extreme Music contacted me. I was stressed out and decided to return to Nigeria.

Is davido still dating chioma

We packed my things together and she was even crying. When my father saw me, he thought l came home for a holiday. There was no pocket money coming from my father anymore. I went to Abuja but my father was still disturbing me and asking me to go back to school. I started drinking but I decided to channel my anger into writing songs. I was writing songs and singing it to the people in the house.

Davido Officially Break The Sad News To His Girlfriend Chioma: "We're Done"

I cried but I still released the song because I was determined. I kept sharing the song. Even though I got blocked by people on social media, I persisted.

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