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Oh, by the way, I am interracial, mostly black But I am more connected to my native american family members moreso than the black ones. My dad is half native american. Black women are the only ones I seen flock to the crap So don't even play with me.

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South Africa has tons of "white" looking people. I know there are some guys who like darker skinned girls but most of the guys I know would clearly state that they like light skin girls and would not date a dark skin girl. I'm just want to hear from guys especially black guys what the infatuation with lighter skin tones are. Because to me how dark or light your skin should not dictate who you date. Share Facebook. Why are light skin girls more preferred? Add Opinion. You mean "dark complected girls" and "light complected girls"?

Complexion is a discriptive term Anyhow, I don't care either way, But I don't date black women alltogether! That is, unless they show good grammar, know how to act without a nasty attitude, are not some lazy ass woman, are not out of shape, and don't have to put hair prosthetics in their head weave In terms of complexion?

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Here's what anthropologists say about the matter: Men would date women with lighter skin tones because it is often construed that women of darker skin tones are "working class" women, and are from less affluence than themselves.

However among the working class, it is not often a consdieration of skin tone, but of locality that makes the difference. As far as the concept in modern North America: There is a social stigma imposed by the many years of slavery of Black Americans that the darker of the people are considered less attractive, or less appealing.

More often than not, it was discouraged for a House slave to "breed" with field slaves.

Dating, in general, is hard - but dating as a dark skin black women has come with hardships I never expected. I don't want to make it seem like other women don't struggle but when you fit the mainstream beauty standards you are already one point Asamia Diaby. Jul 10, Dating As A Dark Skinned Black Woman Is Annoying For This Reason that affects a lot of black people and can skew how dark-skinned women are selected in the dating . Apr 08, His data concluded 55of light-skinned women were married while only 23of dark-skinned women had jumped the broom. "[Black men] have unnatural power within marriage markets that enables them to bid up cursory characteristics like skin shade," Hamilton told me over the Dream Mcclinton.

More often than not, female house slaves were often used as cortessans of the slave master Often to the dismay of the master's wife. This resulted in even lighter complexions in black americans. After slavery, the stigma persisted as a sub caste system within black americans Culturally, it is subconsciously gained by the next generation due to the behavior observed with parents.

Women of ALL races wear weave, please do not act like it is only Black women. Show All Show Less. I lot guys say that they like light skin girls. I like every skin color and however I am attracted to I will go after them.

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It doesn't matter to me. That is what society deems "beautiful. Some of this also goes back into the slave days: the lighter skinned people were treated differently than their darker counterparts. Now I've even heard of men [ black guys included ] that they would never date or have children with dark women because they aren't "as attractive" as a lighter skin woman and wouldn't want their children dark. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Jamester Xper 4. IDK, maybe its a subconscious thing.

Light skin has been historically associated with femininity and dark skin with masculinity since during the caveman days, the women used to stay inside the caves away from sunlight thereby remaining light skinned, while the men used to hunt outside for food under the sun, thereby getting dark or tanned.

While of course, nowadays the society is changing and skin tone factor isn't necessarily associated with masculinity or femininity, eg. Daniel Criag is light skinned but is considered extremely masculine and attractive and Frieda Pinto, Padma Lakshmi are both dark skinned but are considered symbols of feminine beauty.

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I personally can't speak about Black women because I'm generally not attracted to them no matter how light skinned or dark skinned they are. But with all this colorism going on it's so hard to get their attention. Why y'all chasing dudes that don't won't you? Youre an idiot most of us don't prefer dark skin men.

Jan 09, Dark skinned brothers are not dumb we see what is going on in American society and we ain't nobodies second choice expecially with all of these interracial dating sites you have to be crazy to date a black woman period dark or light skinned. Men would date women with lighter skin tones because it is often construed that women of darker skin tones are "working class" women, and are from less affluence than themselves. However among the working class, it is not often a consdieration of skin tone, but of locality that makes the difference. As far as the concept in modern North America.

We like variety. Shut up and stop talking about something you know nothing about. That's so truei am dark skin. I'L be on the corner with my friends, checking out the the ladies, u no how we do!!!! I would realize, that most of the time, my friend mostly call to the light skin girls. I remember this specific time, my friend, friend pull up, and point to this Mexican girl, telling me to go talk to that one.

I told him,why would i go talk to her, i am not Mexican, i want some one black like me.

To show my black consciousness. It's like a court system the women is the judge the light-skinned men is the defendant the dark-skinned men is the prosecutor and the media is the Grand jury but the judge might be bias against one party depending on his background record. Yea it really is.


At the end of the day the woman holds the power and she decides what she likes, that's why it's so much controversy. It's a real situation in the USA, Both light and dark is beautiful beings male and female. Yea it can be a little self hatred but i think its deeper then that; i believe the black women holds the power to decide who she wants when she wants it, and the dark skinned and light skinned man is in competition for her. If you really think about it's a approval type of situation.


That's so true, the man has a good point but. Iv'e heard dark-skinned women say that they don't like light- skinned men and i heard a bunch of light skinned women who don't like light skinned man. But light skinned men really do like dark-skinned men So deep down i think it's the media and what it's projecting to the black mind.

The black woman is kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place and the light skinned man has to continuously fight to prove his masculinity.

Light Skinned Privilege - Decoded

Black slave men couldn't wait to have their turn at massas wife,and daughters. They knew they'd get their turn,just had to wait til MASSA went into town on horse for groceries,and left massas wife at home with the children. Now it's legal for black men to plow through white women,so they go ahead and do it more,and they love it.

White women allow anal,and swallow shitty dick cum afterward.

Light skin dating dark skin

Black women don't don't do that,they'll say "get you a white girl niggy! I ain't doing that shit! Most of these black girls first choice is light skinned men. It's only when life starts kicking them in the ass is when they choose us dark skinned brothers. A good example if a girl has a baby with a light skinned guy and the relationship doesn't work out now she has to go with the next best options which is a dark skinned brother with a good job but she didn't choose him at first.

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Black women are really fake from their hair down to their toenails. Dark skinned black men are more truthfully and more real about what we want and we are not looking for someone to help us with our bills or help us take care of our kids so we don't have to fake it or try and get at someone we really don't want but we need that person to help take care of us. Dark skinned brothers are not dumb we see what is going on in American society and we ain't nobodies second choice expecially with all of these interracial dating sites you have to be crazy to date a black woman period dark or light skinned.

Homie and im from Africa Ghana to be exact.

Apr 14, Dating Dark Skinned Men From a Light Skinned Black Woman's Perspective Discussion in ' Colorism: The Dark Skin / Light Skin Debate ' started by LeannaBJ, Apr 14, Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next >. No, it's your myth. As per other answers what matters is compatibility and similarities and acceptance. It's a fake thing that some girls believe that the dark skin guys would respect her more but if that is so then only for a few initial days. So. They are revered for being athletic, strong, why decisive - qualities often dating with dark skin. Dark-skinned black women, on color other hand, are often automatically canceled or, at the men black, have skin character questioned for displaying these same qualities. It is now, and we are still dealing with colorism, a prejudice or discrimination light individuals with a dark skin tone, typically black people of .

I notice a lot of lightskin men don't have a problem dating darkskin girls my son is lightskin and everytime he sees a darkskin girl he flirts a lot especially with the pretty ones.

Darkskin men are taking all the lightskin females and pretty brown females as well.

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N it's not even taking because black womenthey are practically addicted to them. Especially on twitter it's so evident. A girl will rather have a ugly man with nice teeth than a lightskin handsome one with tattoos. Lightskin men no longer have a chance we should all leave USA n let these bitches have what they want while we move on to new lives n mingle with the British empire.

British women don't give af about color. But I would date a dark skinned man Handsome nothing wrong with that. I don't like colorism it's the self hate!! It's true I don't see this issue with lighter skin men. However, it is not impossible for us to find healthy relationships - and I have had some.

I have found men who value me as a human and who value and love my skin tone, not in a degrading manner at all. Most importantly, I have found peace with myself and I will never let anyone try to force me into thinking that I deserve some second hand, dried up, half-assed, self-conscious love!

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