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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Burnie is desperate to make RTX successful. He recruits Ellie Main to give some guests special "services".

Ellie Main

Since retiring, Becky has sort of become the official "Soccer Mom of Rooster Teeth", being very vocally supportive of her son, the company, and everything they do. Dylan was born on April 25, just one day after Miles!

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Well, one day and a few years of course. Dylan is often described as the athlete of the Luna Family and streams on Twitch regularly.

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Miles showed an interest in filmmaking as far back as High School, as his YouTube Channel features several skit-style videos from his late Teenage years. Miles entered as a Liberal Arts Major and had to write to the Dean of the School of Communications to convince him he was worthy of getting in. The Dean said that taking this initiative put me a step above everyone else.

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Miles from the start knew he wanted to make cartoons - it was just a matter of finding a career in the industry suited to him. I was actually bummed to find out: I hated animation. But I found that I really liked writing. So that's what he focused on: becoming a writer.

Miles luna ellie main dating

Miles started applying for internships. He was incredibly excited about the possibility and potential of working at Nickelodeanhowever he didn't make it past the first round of interviews. He HAD made it to the second round of interviews for Cartoon Networkalthough that was as far as he got.

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And then I was offered an internship at Rooster Teeth and I thought 'You know, this isn't exactly where I wanted to be but at least I could learn something from being here and maybe get some experience that could help me along the way Rooster Teeth turned out to be a dream come true.

While in College, Miles volunteers to be a P. That goes well and later on, when they need some machinima help for Season 9 of Red vs. Blue of which Miles was a fan ofBrandon remembers "The Noob Corner" and invites him in to work as an intern. Eventually one day, I submitted a script for a Red vs. Blue Mini-Series, and everybody liked it.

Mar 28, † Ellie Main (10) Barbara Dunkelman (7) Burnie Burns (5) Miles Luna (5) Michael Jones (4) Gavin Free (4) Jack Pattillo (4) Ashley Jenkins (4) Meg Turney (4) Lindsay Tuggey Jones (4) Include Relationships Burnie Burns/Ashley Jenkins (3) Trevor Collins/Barbara Dunkelman (3) Miles Luna/Ellie Main (3) Barbara Dunkelman/Ashley Jenkins (2). Where is Miles Luna? Miles Luna is head author related to an cartoon firm, Voice actor, and a American Filmmaker named Rooster Teeth. The award-winning celebrity has become a team of Rooster Teeth and has obtained International Academy of Web Video awards for Best Animated Series because of his Series branded Red vs. Blue in Addition to RWBY Volume 1. Ellie and Miles are dating. Misc. Close. k. Posted by. 1 year ago. Archived. Ellie and Miles are dating. Misc. As confirmed on Miles' Pokemon stream. Guess all y'all shippers were right. Good for them! I wonder which Batman villain Ellie is into level 2. points 1 year ago.

Started writing for the show. From that, Miles slowly started writing more and more for the series, even drafting the script and premise for all of Episode 12 - An episode widely regarded as one of the most heartfelt chapters of the show. This would all snowball into Burnie entrusting Miles with near-complete creative control of the series, as he himself had had since its inception.

They are not married and do not have children together; they currently reside in Austin. Miles Luna is an immensely talented and hard-working writer, director and actor.

Miles Luna

He started his career while still in college, and has kept working ever since. He owns a Twitter account with nearlyfollowers, as well as an Instagram page on which he is followed by almostfans. Happy InternationalWomensDay!

She works so hard to try and put good things into the world, her talents never cease to astound me, and her kindness always inspires me. I also happen to love her a lot. Speaking about his appearance, Miles has a muscular build.

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He is very tall, standing at 6ft 2ins 1. Expect many chapters and a lot of reader interaction for this one!

Mar 31, † Who is Miles Luna? Miles Antony Luna was born on the 24 th April in Plano, Texas USA, of Irish and Mexican descent. He is a 28 year-old filmmaker, actor, voice actor, writer and online content creator, best recognized as one of the main content creators at the media and entertainment company "Rooster Teeth". Miles and Ellie. Extra Life. Shitfaced Miles going into almost sober "serious mode" for a few seconds telling someone to get him the puke bucket for Ellie "right fucking now thanks" was so sweet. Fiona looks awesome in the main page of the RT Store right now! . Miles is a half-Mexican half-American with his dad being a Mexican and his mom being a ginger. He also has a younger brother. He has ADHD. He is currently dating Rooster Teeth personality, Ellie Main. The two also frequently stream together on Twitch. Miles is a fan of the popular anime Kill la Kill. His favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop.

Join us today as we take a look at what lewd activities pet Ellie Main and her master Miles Luna get up to in a normal weekday! David Simkins is a regular guy.

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He has regular dreams but he seems to have more than the normal amount of threesomes. I wanted to take my favorite boys and make a story with them. When I was searching for ideas, I decided to incorporate a lot of other Rooster Teeth employees into the plot of the story. Now Ashley has to pretend to be dating the amnesia-suffering Barbara.

Always Open: Ep. 86 - Obviously Flirting with Barbara - Rooster Teeth

Will hidden feelings be revealed?

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