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Everyone has a right to date including those who are mentally, emotionally and physically challenged but most of the dating sites seem to ignore them and do not consist of a separate dating niche for them. However, there is no need to worry now as times are changing and people do not mind to date disabled individuals if they are special in their way. Also, many dating sites have been launched in the world and prove to be an ideal bridge for those who are not able to initiate dating because of their physical or mental limitations. Instead of weakness, you can consider them as your strong points, and you can date those who are similar to you or even those who are not like you. Today we are revealing the details of top 20 best-disabled dating sites which will give you a fair idea about how these dating sites work and how the disabled people can benefit from these sites.

Able To Love You is a special dating site developed for the individuals who are facing with some mental or physical limitations in their lives. It is not a free website, but it provides some unique features which make it an interesting site. Registration is per cent free on this site.


Outsiders is a dating site and social site which inspires disabled people to live their lives to the fullest. This dating site is one of the rare dating sites that enable its members to participate in healthy debates and discussions of social media platforms like Facebook.

It is a free site. K based site which was launched only for the disabled people in the yearand its U. S version has too been launched. Therefore, it allows disabled individuals from these countries to connect and mingle with each other. However, it is not a free dating site and comes with three levels of service which includes VIP, gold and free trial.

Disability dating is a free dating site which assists disabled people in meeting like-minded individuals. They provide a safe and positive environment which helps people to get closer and mingle in a carefree manner. Meet Disabled Singles is an awesome dating site which provides a lot of options to the disabled individuals. There are a lot of lucrative features like sending digital flirts and providing methods to find the right matches.

Registration is completely free on this site, and you can also use many basic features in it before switching to a premium plan.

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With these dating sites, there is no need to have any complex because of your shortcomings. These are the top 20 best-disabled dating sites in the world today:. Top 10 best-disabled dating sites. Check price. My Special Match.

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Insert Image. No Longer Lonely. Disabled Passions. Dating 4 Disabled. Elite Singles. Estimated visits last month - Registration is completely free on this site. Special Bridge.

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Estimated visits last month - NA Special Bridge acts both as a social community and dating site for those who have a physical, emotional or mental disability. Whispers 4 U. Moreover, you can opt for both free and premium memberships.

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Estimated visits last month - NA My Special Match is a site which is catered towards the dating needs and requirements of the disabled people. It provides a secure platform for those who are seeking friendship and true love.

Estimated visits last month - NA Disabled Passions is one of the best dating sites for disabled individuals.

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This is completely free for chatting and provides a horde of other features as well. Estimated visits last month - NA Dating 4 Disabled is an interesting dating site which has lots of features such as blogs, forums and much more.

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It is a premium dating site which makes dating secure and safe for its members. The pricing of Match is related to the subscription plan you are choosing. Estimated visits last month - 6 million Mingle2 is an international dating site which has millions of registered members. Chat Handicap. This site is free and does not contain any hidden charges at all.

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Enable Dating. There is no need to worry about arriving at your first lunch. Sometimes, especially at the London lunch, discussion workshops are run to swap notes on matters troubling most disabled people looking for love. Newcomers come to the lunches to learn more about us and members from the past.

Our Jamboree and party later thus year is a big celebration with a day packed with exciting things to do. Our members enjoy a wide range of opportunities in the glamorous Clubhouse. You can put up a profile which can be as long as you like, and choose any picture to represent you.


We encourage members to present themselves well, and give support when asked. The sections of the profile form are based on research by Susan Quilliam, which shows more success when you reach out to invite a person into your life, rather than promote yourself.

We tell members that they can put photos of themself up or pictures which reflect their inner selves. Our discussions allow members to speak to those with whom they have things in common, and enjoy meaningful discussions which will help you on your journey.

And, once more people from abroad start joining, we will enjoy more geographical areas of activity and contact. Venturing into a relationship takes time, courage and self-acceptance, especially when you have a disability. Most disabled people say they need to build up confidence, and we are always here to support you. Outsiders has always attracted a magical mix of people, mostly people who are open and adventurous but also those who are very private and shy. Most are in their 30s and 40s but we are now attracting younger people, and some are in their 70s.


Most are simply delighted to belong to a club where they are truly accepted. We are proud that our members are honest about themselves and self-accepting. Many have had unhappy experiences of online dating: advertisers not turning out to be what they seem in their adverts, often failing to turn up because they are really quite frightened, and thus seeming disrespectful. Outsiders members have been carefully screened and are soon booted out if they behave disrespectfully. All have signed that they agree to the rules of Outsiders which clearly describe the level of respectful behaviour required this is not moralistic - members can enjoy any mutually consensual activity.

We welcome anyone over 16 years of age who is able to understand the concept of Outsiders and run their own affairs. We ask that members fill in our online application form themselves, or tell us why they are unable to do this. We can offer help if you get stuck. We also welcome members who support our ethos and have valuable skills or expertise to contribute.

When somebody applies who we feel ill-equipped to cope with, e. She continues to coordinate the club and run the Trust from her croft in the Highlands. She enjoys a mixture of the wilderness at home and the exotic style of London and devoted to Outsiders and its future. She runs Outsiders for free, as a volunteer. Today, the board of Trustees are responsible for the Outsiders and Tuppy attends all their meetings. Our team of Volunteers Most of our volunteers are Outsiders members who have gained experience, found happiness and want to support others.

Together, they have a wide range of wisdom, experience and practical know-how on disability and personal matters. Members wishing to volunteer need to have been in the Club for at least six months before starting work.

Outsiders has been lucky enough to have some very exceptional membership secretaries, most of whom came from the membership and fundraising events, and went on to successful careers elsewhere. Our volunteers work hard but some have health problems and experience fatigue, shyness, and stress, so please be respectful towards us. Membership Team The Membership Team coordinate the club.

They vet applicants, respond to emails and phone calls, send messages on forthcoming activities, and make phone calls to ensure everything is going well for members.

Top 20 Best Disabled Dating Sites - - (Reviews & Comparison)

She is one of our our helpline operator. She won Islington Volunteer of the Year in Els Payne Els runs the West Country lunches and is a trustee. She oversees and looks after the vollies, consults them on all decisions, and keeps them up to speed on the progress of programmes and funding.

What the Outsiders Club Offers We offer a free service run largely by disabled people, all of us on a voluntary basis. Outsiders is not like other dating club - not just a place to look for a partner and give up if nobody seems to live up to your dreams. We offer a warm [ ]. Outsiders is a social, peer support and dating club, run by and for socially and physically disabled people. Our members have a wide range of impairments, including visual and hearing impairment. They tell us only other disabled people really understand them, so make the best partners. All new members are vetted by experienced volunteers. We [ ].

We have written guidelines on running lunches and, inVictoria Mackenzie, who has run the London Lunch and helped at Sheffield, wrote down the model she used. West Country Events Run by Els.

Mar 31,   Outsiders is a dating site and social site which inspires disabled people to live their lives to the fullest. This dating site is one of the rare dating sites that enable its members to participate in healthy debates and discussions of social media platforms like Facebook. Outsiders is a social, peer support and dating club, run by and for disabled people. With a vetting policy, members can be sure that all profiles are genuine, thus allowing users freedom of expression in a safe and secure online Disability Horizons. Founder of members club, Outsiders, Dr Tuppy Owens hopes to bring a breath of fresh air to Disability Horizons' readers with her frank discussion on disability and sex. Some of you might know about Outsiders as we have, after all, been going for over 30 years. We are a nation-wide and even international members club offering a support network that aims to help disabled Author: Disability Horizons.

This is a time when we invite people from outside to join us and find out more. It is run by a small team of of the above plus some of our fundraising vollies. So, thank GOD we have something which is called Outsiders. I find it twisted that we are living in a world which is far from perfect. Still this imperfect world expects us to be perfect. I think Outsiders should be in every country. Through my new-found confidence, I now get on with my life in a positive way. Volunteering has helped because I feel that I am achieving something very important.

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I enjoy organising some social activities and answering the helpline. I work from the heart. I feel I have grown up and am learning all the time and making the most of what Outsiders has to offer.

Providing you are willing to get out there, you too can make the most of YOUR life.

Now I am in a relationship with a gorgeous guy who I met though Outsiders. I am infinitely less lonely and see to have lost that dreadfully painful feeling of isolation altogether. Now I have met and made friends with a huge variety of people. I am moving into my own flat, leaving home for the first time at

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