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As you may have noticed, men and women behave very differently when it comes to dating, sex and relationships. Women often behave so differently that some men become frustrated and assume that women are playing silly mind games, wasting time and being unnecessarily difficult. Yet, as you will discover from this post, there are very specific and valid reasons why women behave in the ways they do when it comes to sex, dating and relationships. While most men are willing to have sex with a woman simply based on her appearance, most women need to be warmed up to the idea of having sex with a guy by interacting with him and seeing how his personality makes her feel. Life would be so much easier if all women were completely open, friendly and keen to chat to any man who approached them. It would be even easier if a woman then simply accepted any guy who was interested in her, so they could then start a relationship and no longer be single.

Playing games with somebody who likes you, loves you, or just met you five minutes ago, only leads to one emotion. For them. Some people may confuse these two ideas and think an interesting person automatically equals a more challenging relationship. Just know that you deserve love and a healthy, supportive, relationship. Are you still getting over a previous relationship? Did you get out of an abusive relationship and still carrying the wounds?

The first step to finding love is loving who you are first, so take whatever steps necessary to like who you are.

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If you start a relationship with something toxic, the relationship will be toxic. It sets a poor precedent for being together and can only lead to worse situations. If playing a game works and you enter into a relationship, both you and your partner will think acting this way works.

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The farther into a toxic relationship like thisthe more miserable both of you will be. Not only will you have to break away from this relationship, but it will make getting into a new, healthy, relationship more difficult. The first week of impressions sets up how the rest of the relationship will go.

If you act aloof, prideful, manipulative, and insensitive, guess how your relationship will be? Is that really what you want in your dating experience?

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Even if two people are completely incompatible, a date can be fun if each person treats each other with kindness and respect. The people around you are taking note of how you act while dating.

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This includes how you interact with dates and what you say about them when they are away. This also includes how you look and act online.

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Social media has added another layer of confusion with mind games and dating. Ben Allen believes that everybody deserves love and a healthy relationship. He currently lives with his wife of four years and their one-year old daughter.

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When not spoiling his family, he spends his free time writing, playing video games, and snowmobiling. To read more of his writing, follow him on Twitter.

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As you may have noticed, men and women behave very differently when it comes to dating, sex and relationships. Women often behave so differently that some men become frustrated and assume that women are playing silly mind games, wasting time and being unnecessarily difficult. Reasons Why People Play Mind Games. I hear from many of you about how confusing and frustrating dating relationships can be. It is simply hard to understand the opposite sex, especially when the person you are interested in plays mind games. It can get in the way of a deep meaningful relationship. Dawn asked: Why do guys bother with the mind games?You know, when they say one thing and mean. Mar 04,   I recently dumped a guy I'd been dating for two months, as it seemed he was playing mind games with me, He only wanted to see me when it was convenient for him.

Once you've identified a game-playing strategy, it is time to take back control. Let him know that you will not tolerate a lack of respect for your time and other commitments, and that your dates will cease until he can make a reasonable effort to be consistent in his availability.

In general, be coutious of new relationships from the beginning, and don't give up your power by becoming too attached before you really know the other person. Choose whether to stay.

8 Signs a Guy is Playing Mind Games and How to Stop Them

Think about whether the man you are dating is simply fears commitment, or if his issues may run deeper. Signs that he might be a good catch and just require a bit of patience include a desire for a love relationship, a general positive regard for women, past long-term relationships and a willingness to grow and work on issues, writes Kirschner. On the other hand, if the man you are dating seems self-absorbed, lacks empathy, does not seem to want intimacy and flirts with other women, he may be narcissistic and view relationships as games to be won, according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and funded in part by the University of Georgia.

If you notice your guy playing any of these mind games, chances are he's manipulating you: He uses charm to get his own way. You know that charm is sometimes used by manipulators as a way to get what they want, but it can also be a tactic they turn to when they want to distract you from something. Recognize game playing. Signs of a man playing games include running hot and cold - showing interest and then withdrawing - as well as showing too much charm early on, making false promises and outright lying, writes psychologist Diana Kirschner in her article "Dating Games Men Play" on . Jun 19,   Really, the universal antidote to any man's mind games is simple: SELF WORTH! "Women are only victims of mind-games because they hit a low mood and become vulnerable when they doubt their own worth." - Carlos Cavallo. If you've got self-esteem or abandonment issues, you're a walking target for guys who use these games.

If the latter is true, you will probably want to consider severing ties with this man. Identify your challenges.

Why Do People Play Mind Games in Relationships?

Think about what made you vulnerable to a man who plays games. Narcissistic men tend to seek out partners who are easily dominated and controlled. Having poor personal boundaries or being a "people pleaser" may also make you more susceptible. You may even seek out men who avoid commitment because of your own fears about becoming close to someone. Becoming aware of any personal issues that may attract you to the wrong dating partners will help you find healthier relationships in the future.

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Arlin Cuncic has been writing about mental health sincespecializing in social anxiety disorder and depression topics. She served as the managing editor of the "Journal of Attention Disorders" and has worked in a variety of research settings. Cuncic holds an M.

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A man who plays games while dating may be keeping his options open. Meet Singles in your Area!

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Try Match.

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