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thank you for

Most Popular Articles. For male-to-female transsexuals MTF - transitioning is the period when you stop living your every-day life as man and begin living it as a woman. It sounds short and easy - what more can be said? Actually, a quick search of the Internet reveals that a lot of girls have a lot to say! For example, Calpernia Addams : "I did feel like I went through puberty at age Learning to wear a bra, makeup, date boys, all that - everything other girls learn at age And we're alone.

No word about the hormonal upheavals though. Fantastic article! Girl, it was so great to meet you at the last A-Camp. I loved this article. It gave me a great point of view on male privilege. It gave me a great perspective. I also want to apologize for staring at you during A-Camp in September. I distinctly remember an occasion when you were walking my way and I could help but stare at you, but it was because you were so beautiful. It just gave me a lot of feels. You are a beautiful person Annika and I enjoyed your stories.

Best of luck in life. Take care! You will be greatly missed. Best of luck in your future endeavours :. Thank you for being vulnerable for and to us. Sharing is hard.

I hope that you get the best of everything.

final, sorry

I will truly miss you and your articles, they have truly inspired me and made me really think about gender in new ways. Annika, your first article for Autostraddle was my last straw. You essentially helped me come out as a trans girl and start my own transition, in Aprilbecause I wanted to be like you.

Dating while transitioning mtf

I will always appreciate your inspiration and support, both online and offline. Hi darlings! Wonderful article, but I feel it important to point out that people perceived as straight white cis men experience microaggressions too, and they can be just as hurtful.

Check your privilege. Just tired of being erased. I apologize if my comment offended and thank you for your reply. His original comment was about straight white cis men and relatively minor and not particularly gender-related problems they might face that are not at all comparable to the sorts of experiences Annika is writing about. As I said in one of my other comments, just because someone like him needs a safe space does not mean that this place needs to be it.

I did want to thank you for disagreeing respectfully, though. I feel like I have a tendency to get defensive in these situations, and I did want to say that I appreciated your comment in this thread. I think you have an interesting story to share.

I agree with you by the way about safe spaces for queer women. Rant over. Anyway, Rose, class-based microaggressions are real and are also intertwined with gender, gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc. Jesus Christ, where was I dismissive of class issues? Not every article needs to address every social justice issue all the time.

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Beautifully written. I really related to the first thing on the list. Thank you so much for sharing this, and best of luck to you :. You are a beautiful writer and a beautiful person, and I wish you the best and hope to maybe run into you on the web one day in the future.

Dawww, you are going to be missed! Stay excellent, Annika and thank you for all your marvellous writing! Annika, this was amazing. But of course, once I finally sat down and got myself deal with it, it kinda took over my life for the next couple of years or longer, really. It makes me sad to think that there was a lot of time and energy that just got lost in that, and I can never get that back and a big part of that was spent just trying to cope with the garbage directed at me by some people around me.

More than anything, I wish before I started transition I would have just understood how to take better care of myself, physically and especially emotionally to keep myself strong against all those things I just never saw coming.

Thank so much, Annika! You are an amazing activist, writer, and person, and you really helped this trans boy feel empowered, and come into his own. My fiancee is trans and had to deal with everything on this list when she came out to the world. Currently I think the things she struggles with most are:. Patience is not her best virtue. Feeling unwomanly because she did not grow up learning how to use her body as many ciswomen do.

She has found it difficult to pick some of these characteristics up during her transition, causing her lots of anxiety and self-doubt. With 2, though, I have tried to help her as much as possible, but as someone who grew up learning all of these things so that now they are second nature, I cannot teach her as well as I would like. This brings me to my question for you, Annika: what resources would you recommend for a transwoman to help her feminize her posture and movement? I actually had to police my movements when I was still presenting as a boy because I was terrified that someone would suspect the truth about my gender!

The best advice I can give your fiancee is to relax and not try to force things. I experienced the same sort of policing, as to my movements, manner of speaking and actions. I went through a stage where I was over doing it in on the femme areas of the spectrum too for a while.

Which is simple to say but takes a lot of self forgiveness. I had to hide or police as you said my mannerisms before I transitioned as well as my voice.

I lowered it as much as I could when living as a male. Yes that fear that someone would find out and back in my day it was possible electro shock treatments to cure me or getting beat up or killed. There is no magic mold that fits every situation or variations of people. Anything that helps is better than nothing as it pretty much was in my beginning. I guess everyone has simular stories or they could be complete different. Be true to yourself. You have been an inspiration for me as I started HRT about 5 months after you.

Thanks for being such a positive figure in the trans community online. Anywho, best of luck in your life and figuring out what you want to do in life!! Thanks for this article. Here is to hoping that under the affordable care act the cost of our transition will eventually be covered under insurance.

The thing that hit me was the talk of transitioning. Transition is not only about male to female but female to male also. I know many Transmen friends and have met Chaz Bono and they have many of the same problems as I do just in reverse.

But of course its much more complex than that. I was speaking as most non-trans people see us. Most of us see ourselves as one gender or the other or even both. Most of us were born male or female no matter what our minds tell us and that was why I said what I said to that transman. Its up to each to know that we are but over my years I have seen all of this becoming more and more complex with more and more labels that are only confusing people of all walks of life.

The key is education and correct information throughout the complete human race with respect and acceptance of all. The other thing I have done is forgive those who hurt me and caused me to suffer many years ago because of their lack of knowledge about us.

I also demand nothing from anyone and their opinions and comments about my past gender or gender I identify as today. I understand many of you are transitioning at very young ages today. This was very rare and only happened for a couple of lucky people in the right place at the right time and met all qualifications in my day. I hear all voices and experiences from all walks of life. Its been a very long hard road for me and now because I lost everything and living on a fixed income I will more than likely never have the one surgery I dreamed of for close to 60 years.

Thank you Annika for all of you articles on Autostraddle! About a year and a half ago I tried OkCupid, having heard about it on Autostraddle. After a few months a woman messaged me, and we wrote back and forth for a bit. Then we decided to meet. Before I drove several hours to see her, she said she wanted me to know something, that she was trans. I quickly responded that of course I still wanted to meet her.

Now we are engaged and plan on going to the County Clerk in a few weeks to try to get a marriage license in our small town. Annika, I really want to thank you for sharing here on Autostraddle. I remember reading your first post; your explanation of yourself really hit home for me.

You'll definitely want to talk to your future partner about the changes you feel are best for you, transitioning wise. In my experience, there's people out there who don't really understand much about transgender people, so you might get a few harsh replies and people just wanting "sex with a tranny" or some other offensive shit. Transitioning is no walk in the park. Worse, some transgender people lack support when they come out. Even their friends and family members may offer them a cold shoulder. Therefore, it is important to support your transgender man. Transgender guys are constantly faced with the challenge of projecting a strong male image. The Transgender Dating Dilemma Trans women are taught to feel grateful for any scrap of affection we receive. I'm relegated to the role of teacher and therapist in my dating life - and too often.

So thank you very much. Love, Raven. NOoooooooooo Annika! It is with mixed emotion happy that you are moving on, sad that I will not see more of your writing that I wish you well on your continued adventures. Camp sounds like such a good deal I hope to send them both.

Your contribution to the community will make the path easier for those who follow. And aside from all the words on beauty - in any frame of reference you are beautiful both inside and out. Annika, I wish I could remember how I first found your blog. I think it was through your

Dating while trans *MTF* part 1

Something must have been reblogged somewhere. I began the slow process of self-education and you have been a huge part of that. So thank you for being part of our team. Your heart will go on and on. Hi Annika, I never commented on your articles before, but I just wanted to chime in and tell you thanks so much for your articles, here and before, which were always such a source of wisdom. Please come back to us when you are ready.

I was delightfully surprised to see your gorgeous face smiling at me.

Well deserved. Worthwhile read. This has made it on several blogs, and glad it did. Gee you brought up an issue I had forgotten about being careful not to out yourself and being correct in your birth gender. I would never go in my sisters rooms for fear that somebody would figure out who I was. Talk about building a stone fortress to hide in. Looking back I sure was neurotic but also fearful of being found out.

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Today I am neurtoic and dont give a rats ass what anybody thinks. My I have changesic. Have a wonderful time in your new adventures - public activism is a baton that multiplies in the hands of a skilled bearer like yourself, as it is passed on to new activists. You are personally irreplaceable, but the work of helping the world embrace the full diversity of gender and personal experience goes on.

Transition Guide for TS Females

I am 52 and for so many years I have felt immensely alone. I have lived most of my life in a lie because I thought I was a freak.

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I have known since I was five that I wanted to be a girl. I have had so much trouble trying to align my feelings for women with my often overwhelming desire to be a woman. I thought I was alone. I thought I was a freak. I thought I was an aberration, a mistake of creation. But finding your blog posts and finding others through them that share my feelings has helped. I am too old and too poor to become the woman I have always felt inside, but knowing that I am not alone has been an incredible lift to my soul.

Again thank you. I wish you all the luck and love and happiness, and just wanted you to know what a huge difference you have made in this one life. Whatever your body looks like, your soul is beautiful. I hope you have people in your life who can see that. Hey i really enjoyed reading this. This post has helped me more than I could have imagined. And then you summed me up: a trans-man who still enjoys things that sparkle - why wave goodbye to things I love?

So, thank you for your post here, it has helped settle a panicked mind. Just saw the re-publication of this on HuffPo. Great article with sound advice. Your description of micro-aggressions was absurd. These are people you knew, who knew you were transitioning. They were trying to make you feel good about your progress.

I constantly come back and re read this article. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. Little things like your writing keep me focused on preparation and self understanding and help me avoid the dark spiral that is fantasies and the waiting game.

Day 1 on hormones. Related: cissexism greatest hits personal essay trans trans issues trans women transgender transphobia. You May Also Like Good luck and have fun! Log in to Reply. Wishing you the best, hope to see you again someday!

Dec 10,   The pain was more acute because this was her first foray into dating after she'd fully transitioned. At the time, Chauvin was a transgender woman in her early 40s. The year was and the Author: Nneka Mcguire. Jun 28,   Learning about dressing to transition can be utterly overwhelming. And just because you find something cute doesn't mean it's something you should wear. We've talked a bit about body types before- but consider this the master post. Let's be clear, you can wear whatever you want. But if you are looking to present a "feminine" figure. The challenges involved with transitioning are immense, just one small example is that that girls practice their make-up from as young as age 2. By age 16, most girls will have spent a thousands of hours on this, a transitioning 40 year old male-to-female transsexual .

Great post. Thank you for sharing this! Wish you all the best! I wish you the best and I hope you take care of yourself. Enjoy your life! Best of luck and take care. If anyone is curious about my photo. I was 60 years old in this photo. Kate, I absolutely love your writing and will definitely take you up on that hug at some point! As always, a lovely and informative piece. Best of luck in all your future endeavors :. Stay in touch if you can. A v-neck draws the eyes down towards the chest and mid-section away from the shoulders.

And believe it or not- a v-neck can help slenderize the face as it draws the eye down. So, belts are a double edged sword.

The authoritative message

They can be wonderful tools for creating shape by defining a waist, but with the wrong body shape and wrong best- they can be horrid. Belts are great for pear, and inverted triangle, and especially column body shapes.

A solid-color wide belt can really cut into visually a mid-section and carve out visually a waist to create a curvier look. On an apple, a wide belt is going to looknot good. My advice is that you still need to create a line there to define a waist- so just go with a thinner belt.

They look better on wider mid-sections. Finding shoes that look good, feel good, and costgood are little marvelous unicorns.

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But there are things you should know. All you will do is mess up your feet and be miserable. Next, boots are tricky as well.

useful idea

So strange. However the problem is that I have larger more muscular calves. Okay, this one is a tough sell but hear me out. Pointy toes are not your friends.

words... Really strange

This is the secret women have learned over the years. Yes, pointed toes can look very elegant and feminine. But in order to accommodate your toes and still point- the shoes become much longer. This is going to make your feet look MUCH larger. Sandals, they are just a difficult thing to pull off. Larger feet just become exaggerated in sandals. With more skin available and toes showing- there is less hiding your feet.

So if you are trying to camouflage, this is not a good idea. Unfortunately, most of us hold remnants of our old life in our feet. They are usually larger, and not as well taken care of. So keep that in mind. That means, if you have large shoulders and chest, white or neon green is probably not your frand.

Should be a no-brainer, but I see it often. And I have been guilty too. When you are trying to build a closet you grab whatever you can. And often when first shopping in public you might be too scared to try something on. Sell it, return it, or donate it.

It will do you no favors. Remember, tight clothes emphasize a male figure and loose clothes just look sloppy and define nothing at all. And if you are bigger, buy your right size. Suck it up, and buy the right size. There is no shame in it. Women come in all sizes. For us that means getting clocked. There are plenty of ways to dress fashionably and keep a youthful look without going to cliches.

excellent idea

Believe me, it will boost your confidence. Ask yourself how many cis women you see dress that way. As a result I see, usually older, trans women often sticking to the era they wish they could have dressed or when they first felt feminine. You are going to stick out.

Body Types

The silk blouses, gaudy dresses, and ungodly shoulder pads are not a good luck and will get you stares. If you are uncomfortable, it will show. You will look uncomfortable, and your confidence will plummet. You may have always dreamed of wearing skyscraper heels. The fact is, these are just general fashion and clothing tips.

This information is gathered from years of experience, suggestions, and research. And I think if you give them a chance, you will find clothing less intimidating and have greater success creating the look you are going for. In the end, wear whatever you want that makes you feel good. These are just guidelines and suggestions that will help those that want to pass and not get unwanted attention. Frankly, I could care less if you want to go to the Piggly Wiggly in a Supergirl costume, moon boots, and a top hat.

Home Transition M2F Clothes. Body Types First you need to know the types of bodies we are dealing with. Apple Apple bodies have a larger waist and an average chest, usually with a wider back, flatter butt, and smaller arms and legs. Inverted Triangle This is another really common shape to see on transgender women, and a frustrating one for many. Column This is a slender shape with narrow shoulders, chest, and hips.

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